Ready Made Affiliate Websites

Looking for ready made affiliate websites? Not that long ago websites were the domain of the tech savvy. Now, anyone can grab their own affiliate website and have it up and running in a matter of hours. Software and technology has come a long way in the last 10 years. Push and click websites are now easily set up and can be pre-populated with your own affiliate links. Learn more and access an online digital platform for this here.

Ready Made Affiliate Websites

In the digital business lounge which you can access through this video series, you will find tools and software to build your affiliate business. As you can see in the image below you can easily add a WordPress website to your account. You can also get an up and running affiliate website, with affiliate banners and links, simply by following the modules in the SFM back office. The DBL (Digital Business Lounge) also has a number of other tools and accessories which help make building an affiliate business that bit easier:

  • Marketing tools – To market your affiliate website
  • Installers – To install your website
  • Simple Lead Capture – To Create landing pages
  • WordPress Themes – Choose the best theme for your site
  • Smart Media Library – PDF hosting, Image storage, cropping and hosting

ready made affiliate websites

Ready Made Affiliate Websites – What You Need To Do

Ready made affiliate websites are loaded up with your affiliate I.D, products and services which you can earn commissions from and a back-end range of high ticket products all backed up with a built in sales team. So given all this what is there to do once you have your ready made affiliate website all set up? Affiliate marketing – the clue is in the name! Your job as an affiliate is to market your website/affiliate banners.

However, you don’t actually need a website in order to have a successful affiliate business. Ready made landing pages are also available through this platform too. A website is a good cheap way to build an incoming source of traffic to your products and services by blogging. See Niche Blogging For Profit. Without a website you can simply promote landing pages with paid advertising. The two main ways affiliates use to promote their products are paid advertising and content marketing.

Ready made affiliate websites

Ready Made Affiliate Websites – Your Job As An Affiliate

Once you have a ready made affiliate website up and running (start here) you need to promote it. No one is going to see your website otherwise. You can do this with a blog and by sharing your content on social media and through various sites around the internet. You can also use paid advertising to promote your landing pages directly. The good news is that this can be done around existing employment and other commitments.

Paid Advertising Vs Content Creation

With paid advertising you can set up an advertising campaign and leave it running, bringing people to your content. Although this is obviously more expensive than content creation, it is a whole lot less time consuming. You can also scale up easily with a good strategy whereas with blogging and content creation this is much more difficult. If you’re on a limited budget however, content creation and blogging is a less expensive route, even though it will take longer.

Access your own ready made affiliate websites which are personalized and accessible by you. Follow this video series, sign up for a free month of training and you will be able to access the modules which will take you through the process step by step. Log in here.

ready made affiliate websites




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