Turnkey Affiliate Websites

The best turnkey affiliate websites have pre-populated sales banners and a range of products and services. They also have your affiliate links and an email series containing a pre-formatted series of proven emails. Ideally turnkey affiliate websites should also have a range of products for you to promote. See this video which shows just how easily you can set up your own turnkey affiliate website through the Digital Business Lounge: watch here.

Turnkey Affiliate Websites – Best Products To Promote

turnkey affiliate websites
Turnkey Affiliate Websites

Get your turnkey affiliate website up and running today. Start with this email series which will explain how to start.

The best products for affiliates offer a lifetime value of commissions for each customer. This means that should a customer buy another product later on from the range of products you offer, you earn a commission for it – even if this is months or years down the road.

High Ticket Products & Built In Sales Team

Choosing high ticket products and with a company which offers built in sales team, also has its benefits. You earn for each sale made even after your initial sale. You still earn commissions for sales closes months of years after your initial sale by a built in sales team.

Turnkey Affiliate Websites – Email Marketing

Turnkey affiliate websites should also have an email marketing campaign which goes with them. Most people don’t buy directly from websites. If they do it’s because they have go to know the owner. Having a series of emails which builds a relationship with your potential customers and visitors lets you earn their trust. You can also communicate with your visitors on an ongoing basis. A visitor to your website only has a small window in which to purchase an affiliate product. Once you have their email address you can promote and sell products to your list in the months, years and even decades to come.

Turnkey Affiliate Websites – Profit Generating

The point of a turnkey affiliate website is to generate profit of course. Finding the best affiliate model before you start is a good way to maximize on your website’s potential. A good business model for affiliates to follow is one which contains:

  • High Ticket Products – Giving you a better margin for profit and enabling more flexibility for paid advertising
  • Monthly commissions – Giving you a monthly income from each customer you refer
  • A range of products, seminars, events and high ticket offerings all of which you, the affiliate, earns commissions from
  • A built in sales team – After the initial sale up-selling is done on your behalf and you earn commissions on further sales closed by a built in sales team

Turnkey Affiliate Websites – Training

turnkey affiliate websites

A stand alone affiliate website doesn’t necessarily generate income by itself. You need to advertise. Many affiliates start out with the intention of building a profitable internet based business. Not all manage it. The reason is they simply don’t know what is involved and what is needed to turn a profit. Even with the best products and a snazzy looking website, it wont matter unless you find the right customers. Unless you have the right training for an online business this can be difficult. Access a community based training platform, a plug and play website which is pre-populated with affiliate banners and all the tools needed to turn a turnkey affiliate business into a profitable one.

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