Buy Ready Made Affiliate Websites

An online business is much easier to start now that you can buy ready made affiliate websites. Just take a look at the video below to see how easily you can have an up and running affiliate website in minutes. Click on the image below:

buy ready made affiliate websites

As you can see, building websites is no longer a problem. Even technophobes can build an online business with the software in the Digital Business Lounge. Not only that, but the website (or websites) you build also have a lot more to offer.

Buy Ready Made Affiliate Websites

So what do you get when you buy ready made affiliate websites? Ready made affiliate websites can offer a fully functional business which can be scaled up with the use of online advertising methods. This is quite an exciting prospect when you realise just how vast the internet is.

It’s a global platform which puts anyone in touch with a global audience. With the right products and knowledge, anyone can buy ready made affiliate websites and turn them into online sales and profits. If this is done right, you can also scale up and build a profitable online business which gives you time and financial freedom.

However, owning an affiliate website doesn’t automatically guarantee online profits.

Turning Ready Made Affiliate Websites into Online Profits

So you’ve got your ready made affilaite website and it’s up and running. With this business model you will also get a number of other benefits. Not all affiliate business models are alike. Some are better than others. Typically digital affilaite products pay out 40% commissions. This is much better than their physical counterparts which pay much less. Physcial products have more limitations too.

They need to be manufactured, stored and posted. this is where much of your affiliate commission comes from with digital products. They don’t have all this limitation attached. Digital products can be sent over the internet and don’t take up any physical storage space. Once they are created the only cost is advertising – the job of the affiliate.

buy ready made affiliate websites

Once you buy ready made affiliates websites, you’re not entirely ‘done’. Opening the Champagne to start celebrating is a little pre-emptive!  You need to start making some online sales first. This is the point of an affilaite website after all! In order to make sales you need to advertise and promote your webiste. This doesn’t happen automatically once you have set up your website.

This is where many affiliate marketers fail and it’s because of their lack of knowledge. With the right knowledge, building an affiliate business is much more straight forward. Without it, it is super difficult. Trial and error with an online business can take forever. Getting the right education upfront will save you a fortune. Sticking with it will make you one too!

Why Is Education So Important With An Online Business?

Even when you buy ready made affilaite websites like this one, you still need to promote them to the right target audience. Even with a range of high ticket affiliate products built in to your website, and a built in sales funnel, without the right knowledge your business will never get going. It’s like having a Ferrari and not knowing how to drive. You might get excited at your new ‘Ferrari’ but if you take it out for a spin you’ll crash it into a tree!

Owning an affilaite business can be very much like this. A good business model has a range of products and services for you to sell. It offers:

  • Ready built websites with built in digital products
  • A built in sales funnel
  • Back end sales (up-sells) which you can earn from
  • Built in sales team
  • A range of high ticket products.

Why The Right Products Can ‘Make’ Your Business

buy ready made affiliate websites

Many affiliate businesses only offer a single product which you can profit from. You, as the affiliate, then need to sell this product over and over again. High ticket digital products with subscriptions and back end sales, offer the affiliate a different model which can be much more lucrative.

For example, lets say you sold a digital product worth $100 at 40% commission. You earn $40. To make just $10,000 online you would need to sell 250 of these items in order to hit your profit target. Now let’s look at high end products which sell for $1000. For each sale you earn $400.

Now you only need to sell 25 of these items in order to hit your profit target of $10,000. If you also choose to sell products which offer subscriptions, you will also make a monthly income from each sale. If you make $10 a month from each of your 25 sales that’s another $250 every month. In addition if you also offer up-sells (additional products to existing customers) you can earn from this too. So just by choosing the right products, you can make a dramatic difference to your online business. The same or a similar amount of work can have massively different results.

Access a business model which offers the ability to buy ready made affiliate websites through cutting edge software – the digital business lounge. You can also access your own ready made sales funnel, an online community and an education platform to give you all the help and training you need.

Access the full video series here.


Ready Made Affiliate Websites

Looking for ready made affiliate websites? Not that long ago websites were the domain of the tech savvy. Now, anyone can grab their own affiliate website and have it up and running in a matter of hours. Software and technology has come a long way in the last 10 years. Push and click websites are now easily set up and can be pre-populated with your own affiliate links. Learn more and access an online digital platform for this here.

Click on the image below to see how easy you can have a ready made affiliate website up and running..

ready made affiliate websites

Ready Made Affiliate Websites

In the digital business lounge which you can access through this video series, you will find tools and software to build your affiliate business. As you can see in the image below you can easily add a WordPress website to your account. You can also get an up and running affiliate website, with affiliate banners and links, simply by following the modules in the SFM back office. The DBL (Digital Business Lounge) also has a number of other tools and accessories which help make building an affiliate business that bit easier:

  • Marketing tools – To market your affiliate website
  • Installers – To install your website
  • Simple Lead Capture – To Create landing pages
  • WordPress Themes – Choose the best theme for your site
  • Smart Media Library – PDF hosting, Image storage, cropping and hosting

ready made affiliate websites

Ready Made Affiliate Websites – What You Need To Do

Ready made affiliate websites are loaded up with your affiliate I.D, products and services which you can earn commissions from and a back-end range of high ticket products all backed up with a built in sales team. So given all this what is there to do once you have your ready made affiliate website all set up? Affiliate marketing – the clue is in the name! Your job as an affiliate is to market your website/affiliate banners.

However, you don’t actually need a website in order to have a successful affiliate business. Ready made landing pages are also available through this platform too. A website is a good cheap way to build an incoming source of traffic to your products and services by blogging. See Niche Blogging For Profit. Without a website you can simply promote landing pages with paid advertising. The two main ways affiliates use to promote their products are paid advertising and content marketing.

Ready made affiliate websites

Ready Made Affiliate Websites – Your Job As An Affiliate

Once you have a ready made affiliate website up and running (start here) you need to promote it. No one is going to see your website otherwise. You can do this with a blog and by sharing your content on social media and through various sites around the internet. You can also use paid advertising to promote your landing pages directly. The good news is that this can be done around existing employment and other commitments.

Paid Advertising Vs Content Creation

With paid advertising you can set up an advertising campaign and leave it running, bringing people to your content. Although this is obviously more expensive than content creation, it is a whole lot less time consuming. You can also scale up easily with a good strategy whereas with blogging and content creation this is much more difficult. If you’re on a limited budget however, content creation and blogging is a less expensive route, even though it will take longer.

Access your own ready made affiliate websites which are personalized and accessible by you. Follow this video series, sign up for a free month of training and you will be able to access the modules which will take you through the process step by step. Log in here.

ready made affiliate websites

Ready Made Affiliate Websites

Getting a ready made affilaite website is all well and good. Making money from it is another story. Buying an affiliate website is no guarantee of maning money. You need to promote your affiliate website, and this takes time and skill. Unless you know what you are doing, you can easily end up spending a lot of time on pointless activities. After all there’s countless ways you can promote a website:

  • Paid advertising – Facebook, Adwords, Linkedin, Twitter, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
  • Content Generation – Article marketing, blogging, video creation etc.
  • Social media – you can share your content or build a page for your website and promote it.

Knowing the right actions to take can save you a lot of time and money. It’s not enough to simply buy  ready made affilaite website. You need to get the right education too. Otherwise your chances of success diminish dramatically.

Access a online education platform here.

Education isn’t sexy, but cash is! Getting educated about how to generate income through your affiliate website is well worth the time and energy.

The Right Business Model & Strategy

There’s a lot of different strategies to making money online. Some are more effective than others. When I started out online I learned from various different strategies. I tried everything. Blogging, keyword research, paid advertising, landing pages, the list goes on. Knowing the right strategy and business model from the outset will save you loads of wasted time and money.

Strategy 1

Organic Search traffic is probably one of the hardest nuts to crack. I’m still working on it but spend a long time getting it wrong. one of the first online “money making” courses I did taught to build websites with organic traffic in mind. I build several of them in a hurry! None of them worked. They all got penalised by Google. It wasn’t until later that I realised where I was going wrong. But it was after a lot of struggle. Getting a mentor or coach is a good way to avoid falling into this trap. Check oout my ebook Niche BloggingFor Profit to learn how I get free traffic every day from the search engines.

Strategy 2

Another stategy I learned was using paid advertising and sending visitors to a landing page. This worked well for a while and I was getting regular sales when my Adwords account got shut down! I use this strategy still to get targeted traffic to my landing pages. It’s probably the best and fastest way to generate an income from the internet. However you still need the right business model behind your landing page. Otherwise you can be spending money and not getting any back.

A ‘Geared’ Business Model

I know, you’re looking for ready made affiliate websites. You don’t need to know all this right? Sadly most ready made affilaite websites won’t make any money. Not for the person buying anyway! Unless they get the right education, they are more likely to fail than succeed with their ready made site.

Partly this is down to experience and knowledge but also it’s down to expectation. Buying a ready made affilaite website doesn’t guarantee an income. It’s just a website ‘geared’ to make money, with no traffic (in most cases). And no traffic means you have long road ahead to get traffic to your site. If you use paid advertising you must understand the long term business model. A geared business model should have:

  • High ticket products
  • Up-sells which pay you commissions
  • Built in sales team closing sales on your behalf
  • Multi-tier sales commissions (depending on your placement in a company)
  • Memberships (subscription) commissions

With all these in place you can have more confidence in your paid advertising. However that still doesn’t mean you have it all tied up. You can still pay money to advertise to the wrong demographic of people. You can still waste time writing content which noone will ever see! I’m not being all doom a gloom, just a realist! However, knowing these pitfalls puts you in a better place to overcome them and get the right education and training up front.