Autopilot Affiliate Marketing

To autopilot affiliate marketing you first need to set up systems which sell affiliate products online. This blog, for example is such a system, but it’s not the only method of selling affiliate products. Affiliates use all kinds of methods and strategies to sell other people’s products online. Here’s just a few of them:

  • Blogging – Writing web based content
  • Video blogging – e.g. uploading videos to YouTube/TikTok for example.
  • Social media methods – both paid and unpaid social media marketing can be used.
  • PPC – pay per click advertising
  • Email marketing – collecting emails from a website/landing page and sending automated messages.
  • SEO – search engine optimisation – free traffic from the search engines
  • Link building – building back links to websites is part of SEO and means to gain more direct traffic

To “autopilot” these methods takes some initial setup but once certain strategies are organised, they can be scaled up to a larger audience simply by turning up the marketing budget. These strategies are the best ones to use if you want an affiliate business to pay out quickly. If you don’t have the budget to run paid advertising campaigns, there’s other ways which are typically slower to gain traction with. Blogging is an example.

Autopilot Affiliate Marketing – Blogging

Blogging is a notoriously slow method of getting people to your website in order to sell affiliate products. There’s many strategies which bloggers can use to get the most out of their content. But they still will need to work hard at creating the content in the first place. Once they create content, they typically will promote it using various methods such as:

autopilot affiliate marketing
  • Sharing to social media sites
  • Link building
  • SEO optimisation – this can be done with certain plugins.
  • Promotion through email marketing
  • Paid advertising can also be used to get more eyes on organic content

Over time as a blog gains traction, you should find more and more visitors finding your content. This will depend on many factors such as your blog topic, the relative competition and the promotion methods you use, to name only a few. Over time if your content gets indexed on Google (and other search engines) you should find that your traffic increases exponentially. This may take weeks, months or even years depending on how competitive your topic is. With over 600 million blogs on the internet (and climbing), you should expect competition in most fields, whatever your topic.

The downside of blogging is that it takes a long time to generate traction with it. The benefit is that you can ultimately earn a passive income from content you’ve created previously.

Autopilot Affiliate Marketing – Paid Marketing

Paid marketing on the other hand is much faster method of building a lucrative affiliate business. One of the main benefits of using paid marketing is that you can run an advert and almost immediately see whether it works. Whereas with content creation you can spend a lot of time and see nothing! Not only that but you can also very quickly scale up a campaign which is working if you’re using paid marketing methods.

autopilot affiliate marketing

The downside of paid marketing methods for affiliate marketing is obviously the cost. Paid marketing platforms can quickly take your money and give you nothing in return, except perhaps data! So you need to be careful because most of your advertising campaigns won’t work, at least not straight away. You’ll likely need to run several campaigns and test them out to see which performs the best. Only after a lot of research do many affiliates find a paid marketing strategy which is consistently profitable.

Because of this it’s also well worth using a high ticket affiliate program which pays recurring income. With such a program, your return on investment is going to be much higher than a standard affiliate program. Recurring income can benefit you a lot when it comes to using paid marketing so it’s worth at least promoting a recurring income affiliate program.

Autopilot Affiliate Marketing – Products & Strategies

Your choice of product is one of the most important decisions you can make as an affiliate marketer. With a good product, you can find it a much easier journey than if you choose to promote something which is harder to sell. Plus, the commissions you make from your product choice can vary wildly. Low value physical products may seem like a good bet, but they typically pay much less in commission than their digital counterparts.

Physical products pay from 1% to 20% commission but most of them pay around 5-10%. Digital products on the other hand pay much more. Typically they pay from 20-40% commission. By using high ticket affiliate marketing products and recurring income products you’ve giving yourself a much better chance at making it as an affiliate.

There’s many ways to promote affiliate products too and you need to choose a strategy which works well with you and your marketing budget. If you don’t have a marketing budget, expect it to take much longer to make earnings from an affiliate business. See also organic vs PPC marketing.


You can make an autopilot affiliate marketing business work if you put the effort in upfront. By choosing scalable methods this will happen much faster than if you choose organic methods which are not easily scalable.

Your product choice is important too. Ideally find products which are super valuable to their users. Subscription and high ticket products will pay out much larger commissions and therefore you need to sell less of them to be profitable.

Ultimately as an affiliate your job is to sell other people’s products and services online which can be done in many ways. If you don’t sell anything, you don’t earn anything and it can take a while of hard work to even generate your first sale online. If you’re ready to get started you can do that here.

Promote Products Online And Earn Commissions

Anyone can promote products online and earn commissions, even if they don’t own the products themselves. A clever business model known as affiliate marketing is being used all over the world. It’s a model which pays third party referrers commissions for sales they make of other people’s products and services online.

If you’ve only just heard of this, it’s time to join the party! Affiliates work from anywhere and so long as they have an internet connection and a laptop, they are in business! To make money through promoting affiliate products you need to join an affiliate program. Once inside you’ll get access to a unique affiliate link which tracks sales back to you. You’re then rewarded for generating sales through your link and are paid a commission based on the sale value.

promote products online and earn commissions

To make sales as an affiliate marketer you need to learn a strategy which places you between the customer and the products. There’s various strategies which affiliates use. The tactics they use depend on marketing budget, available time and the product they choose to promote.

Affiliate marketing is incredibly flexible and you can build an affiliate business around a full time job until your income surpasses your employment income. At this point it can give you a huge amount of freedom and flexibility. You can also automate the process of selling online to let systems and software do the work. This can be scaled up globally since you can sell affiliate products worldwide, regardless of the country you live in.

Promote Products Online And Earn Commissions – Marketing Methods

There’s a variety of marketing strategies which affiliates use and not all affiliates do the same things. Some affiliates will use paid marketing platforms to drive traffic, while others will use cheaper methods of marketing such as blogging and/or video blogging or v’logging.

niche blogging for profit

Depending on your marketing budget, you can also implement a combination of strategies to suit your particular needs. Blogging is a much slower marketing method than paid advertising though, and it will take much longer to gain traction through blogging. Paid marketing is the fastest method and can be used to send people to websites or to a marketing list through a landing page. Here’s some other strategies which are used by affiliates to sell their products and services:

  • Email marketing
  • PPC – Pay per click advertising
  • Retargeting – showing ads for people who have already landing on your website/marketing materials
  • Social media marketing – both paid and unpaid social media marketing methods
  • Blogging & Video blogging
  • Offline advertising – traditional advertising methods (e.g. newspapers, marketing banners etc)

Promote Products Online And Earn Commissions – Which Products?

There’s a huge variety of affiliate products to choose from as an affiliate marketer. Many new affiliates will head directly for Amazon, because it’s such a well known site and has thousands of products to choose from. Most people have also used Amazon personally and bought something from the site, which they can obviously recommend as an affiliate! However, Amazon affiliate marketing commission rates are some of the lowest around. They pay from 1% to 10% commission on most of their products to affiliates. Compare this to most digital products for instance which pay from 20%-40% commission to affiliates.

If you go the Amazon route you’ll need to sell a lot of products to make it a viable business option. There’s other products you can find on sites such as too. Clickbank is a marketplace for affiliate marketers to find digital products in all kinds of topics. There’s several alternatives to Clickbank too which offer similar types of products.

promote products online and earn commissions

Some of the best products to promote as an affiliate are those which offer the highest and recurring commissions. Recurring commission affiliate programs are typically training programs or software products which are used by businesses. These are great to promote because businesses need them to survive, and so the customer is very likely to maintain their membership, often for a lifetime. So if you have referred multiple recurring income affiliate programs to the customer, you’ll get recurring commissions potentially for years!

High ticket affiliate marketing products are something to consider too. These are products which typically sell for a much higher price than most. So the commissions are typically much larger – over $500 in most cases.


Anyone can learn how to promote products online and earn commissions. The key to doing so is to stick with a particular strategy for long enough to break through and start making sales. Depending on your strategy it can take anywhere between a few weeks and several months just to make your first sale, although it’s different for everyone.

Once you’ve made your first sale online, congratulations you should pat yourself on the back! This can be the hardest part but when you’ve achieved it once, you can do it again many times. Ultimately you can be making sales every day and in your sleep as you improve your marketing strategy over time. With a scalable marketing method affiliate marketing can be completely life changing.

Affiliate marketing can be a little tricky in the beginning, especially if you’re unsure of how to go about it. So it’s well worth getting some training and help with learning your marketing strategy. You can access a free series of training videos here to get started.

Is The 4 Hour Work Week Possible?

Is the 4 hour work week possible? It absolutely is yes, but there’s some work involved in making it a reality. It was a few years ago when I first read the Timothy Ferris book the four hour work week. I wanted to create the same kind of freedom he talks about in his book. I looked for a solution online and initially tried Forex marketing. Forex marketing is a way of jumping on big market shifts and profiting from moves by placing trades either based on a shift up or down of the market. After two years of studying it, I dropped it. I simply didn’t have the trading bank needed to make it profitable. Plus, it wasn’t the business model I was looking for. Traders spend a huge amount of time looking at charts and sitting on the sidelines, waiting for the good trades to come up.

is the 4 hour work week possible

I wasn’t able to do this because I didn’t have the time or the money to simply wait. So I changed plans and found an eBay business model after purchasing a “how to” guide on eBay in downloadable format. I bought and sold items for a profit. You can read about the strategy I used in my article here. But eventually I realised that this wasn’t going to set me free either! I was stuck in my flat with a tonne of eBay stuff that hadn’t sold. Despite making some profit on items, I was spending all my time sourcing products and listing them on eBay.

The money I was making just wasn’t worth it. So I looked back to the initial eBay “ebook” I had purchased. This was such a simple business idea I knew it was the future; a simple downloadable item which could be repeatedly sold over and over to a global audience.

Is The 4 Hour Work Week Possible? Downloadable Items

After trying for months to sell my own ebook, I realised I didn’t know what I was doing. I was able to create a website and even link the sales page to a PayPal button to sell it on my site. But traffic was the major flaw! See how to sell an ebook from your website.

I needed to get traffic to my site in order to sell my ebook. So I put myself on a marketing course and learned traffic generation. I also realised at this point that there was a better business model than selling my own digital downloadable products. It was called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a business model which allows anyone to sell other people’s products and services online.

Access videos here

The products I found allowed me to make sales globally and not even own the products. Plus I could make much more than my own ebooks through their sale.

After several months of trying, I failed several times. I struggled with traffic to my niche websites and got my Adwords account banned for spamming! Back to the drawing board!

Is The 4 Hour Work Week Possible? Affiliate Business Models

In 2014 I found an online business mentorship program which allowed me to follow other coaches and mentors who had already succeeded online. This was the breakthrough I needed and I made my first online high ticket sale. Before that, I was struggling with sales and traffic. I had made a few low value commissions from sales online, but it wasn’t really working for me. I certainly hadn’t achieved the 4 hour work week yet anyway!

Having found high ticket affiliate marketing, I realised I had been wasting my time selling low value products from the likes of Amazon. Amazon is one of the first places affiliate marketers go because there’s so much choice of what to sell. Anyone can join Amazon and sell products from the massive site. Since most people trust Amazon with online purchases, it seemed to make sense. Only Amazon pays peanuts to affiliates! See Amazon affiliate marketing commission rates.

What I learned was to use a different business model: using both high ticket products and subscription products to make money through online sales. With high ticket products, you make a lot higher commissions and through subscription products you make recurring commissions. By using both in a single business model, I was able to start generating passive income from the internet. The four hour work week seemed less like a pipe dream once the sales started dropping in in my sleep!

is the 4 hour work week possible

The Four Hour Work Week

Even with a high ticket sales funnel and a nice sized marketing budget, it can take some work before you see regular sales coming in. If you don’t have a large marketing budget, it can take even longer. Since I didn’t have a huge marketing budget, or even a regular income when I started out with affiliate marketing, I had to choose the much longer route of content marketing. Content marketing includes building content online; usually either in the form of blogging or video blogging (v’logging).

Blogging takes some perseverance and you’re definitely going to need to work harder than a 4 hour work week. But over time you can benefit from the passive income a blog can give you. For me, writing a few blogs posts on a daily basis was definitely a better option than finding a full time job and paying for ads. I was working as a stuntman in the UK and work was sporadic but well paid. So juggling jobs had become my life and I was pretty fed up of it by the time I hit my late 30’s. So I desperately needed a change of lifestyle.

With affiliate marketing, you need to have a big enough reason in order to pursue it for long enough to get results. Many affiliate’s quit when they don’t get the results they want immediately. Something like 95% of affiliate marketers quit.


The four hour work week is definitely possible through creating an online business which sells products and services on autopilot. If you continue trading your time for money, you’ll always need to do that in order to earn money. Since your daily time is always limited, there’s always going to be a cap on whatever you can earn – even in a well paying job.

By selling products and services online, you can create complete time and financial freedom through using automation to build an online income. However, it does take a considerable amount of effort and time to make this a reality. If you’re up for the challenge, you can get started here.

How To Earn Money With A Laptop And Internet

For a long time I wanted to learn how to earn money with a laptop and internet connection. It took me a long time to eventually make it a reality. Before I found the business model I now use, I tried all sorts of other strategies including Forex marketing, blogging, buying and selling (using eBay) and affiliate marketing. Nothing seemed to work for me and I was always struggling.

In 2014 I found an online business community and got help and support building an affiliate business. It was still tough but I learned a few things which massively helped me with my online journey. Before this happened I was a struggling affiliate and I had already made a few online sales as an affiliate. But the sales were sporadic and nothing to write home about. I made a little pocket change and nothing more; despite my best efforts.

But I was making some massive errors in what I was doing which with the benefit of hindsight are now really obvious. I was working really hard and getting nowhere fast.

How To Earn Money With A Laptop And Internet

What was I doing wrong? Well a few things spring to mind. I had no money to invest so everything I was doing online was free. I paid for a few online courses which gave me some idea of what I should do, but not much more. Then I just threw myself into building websites and blogging, but without much guidance other than the videos I had watched.

I thought I could throw a few spammy websites up and they would instantly gain traction. I was able to join a couple of affiliate programs using Clickbank, and promote them on the sites. The strategy I learned first was to build websites around certain keywords. Then, I would rank at the top of Google and get free traffic which would be diverted towards the Clickbank products! At least that was the plan.

how to earn money with a laptop and internet

Despite building many sites and doing this, none of them really worked. One site called did actually rank on Google and started getting traffic. I think I sold one product from the organic (free) traffic that I managed to get! But $40 was hardly going to set me free from the day jobs!

Another course I took taught a different strategy and I was making some fast progress with paid marketing when my Adwords account got shut down. Back then (this was early 2000’s) this was pretty fatal and it was years before I got another account, despite trying to reinstate it. So I abandoned the paid marketing tactics and focused on organic marketing again, building websites and blogging!

How To Earn Money With A Laptop And Internet Connection

This went on for a while and I lost hope a number of times while juggling employment of many types. But I was determined to master the art of making money from selling other people’s products online – affiliate marketing. In 2014 I saw another “guru” in a video and decided I like what he was saying. I had struggled and struggled but I knew that if I didn’t persevere that I would be right where I was – juggling crap jobs and broke!

I joined the community and paid another fee, although with some reservation since I’d already shelled out for many other courses by this point! But I had actually found an online community and got help and support. This was something I’d never found before and I actually met people in person. Since all the previous “guru’s” had been in the US, I was pleased to find coaches and other affiliates in my country (in the UK).

how to earn money with a laptop and internet

I also learned that the products I was previously promoting weren’t the best! I had joined Amazon’s and eBay’s affiliate programs but these only pay tiny commissions. So when I made a sporadic sale, (mine were only sporadic back then), I only made a tiny amount! But by using high ticket affiliate marketing products, I was able to make my first high ticket commission of $1000!

When you’re used to making $40 a sale, this was really quite something! I was finally getting somewhere!

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

If you’re still not sure about what affiliate marketing really is, let me explain. Affiliate marketing is the business model where third parties can promote other people’s products online. When someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link, you earn a commission based on the sale.

how to earn money with a laptop and internet

Affiliates do all kinds of things to promote their affiliate links such as blogging, niche website building, paid marketing and email marketing. Some affiliates find customers through using social media platforms, others build large lists of subscribers and promote products to their lists.

Because there’s many ways to do affiliate marketing, you can pick a strategy which suits both your available time and budget. I started out as a blogger because I had a lot of free time in between work obligations. But I didn’t have a lot of money, so blogging fitted the bill! If you have less time, you can use paid marketing and automation so that your business is building up even when you can’t physically be at the laptop!

Subscription Products and Affiliate Marketing

Things really changed for me when I started using subscription products as an affiliate. Most products will only pay you once. So when you sell something you make a flat commission. But subscription products are much, much better. They pay you a recurring income month after month. This is really how to make money on the internet. To think I was wasting my time building websites which never got any traffic, hoping to make it selling $10 books on Amazon – for which I would earn almost nothing even when I made a sale!

No, subscription affiliate programs is where it’s at if you want to make money from the laptop. You still need to learn the skill of selling online, but it’s far better to use that knowledge to sell recurring income items and high ticket items because you’ll earn much more from the same amount of work!

Who pays for subscription items? Lots of people do. Particularly good are business tools for which a subscription fee is paid. Business tools such as email autoresponders are good because businesses need them to operate. I pay for an autoresponder myself to run the online business and many other people do too. You can access a free autoresponder for affiliate marketing here.


Of course there’s several ways to earn money with a laptop and internet connection. It’s just that for me, affiliate marketing showed the most promise right from the start. Affiliate marketing is a pretty cheap option too if you’re looking for ways to earn online. There’s many alternatives to affiliate marketing from which you can earn online through:

  • Forex marketing – requires training and investment
  • Blogging & Adsense – using ads to monetise content instead of affiliate marketing
  • Freelancing – sell your skills using or
  • Buying and selling – see my article on an eBay strategy I used to use
  • Import export business – use a wholesalers such as
  • Drop shipping – Drop shipping is similar to affiliate marketing see drop shipping vs affiliate marketing.

I tried a couple of other methods before finding affiliate marketing including Forex marketing. But it requires a lot of training and investment, and I wasn’t in the position to carry on what with having not much money. I also used Adsense and tried to monetise some free blog platforms with it such as But you need tonnes of website traffic to make a tiny amount using this strategy. Affiliate marketing gave me much larger commissions when I made a sale than the tiny amounts from advertising clicks which Adsense paid.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, you can access a free video series here and join an online business community which will give you all the tools and strategies to get going.

How To Sell Ebooks On Your Own Website

When I first looked to the internet as a means to make an income, I wanted to know how to sell ebooks on your own website. I wrote an ebook about becoming a stuntman and attempted to sell it. Unfortunately it didn’t sell but it did pave the way for me to learn affiliate marketing. I’ll come back to affiliate marketing because if you’re wondering how to sell ebooks on your own website, it’s another income stream you can use.

But back to ebooks. After purchasing an ebook which taught me a clever eBay business strategy, I later realised that the ebook itself was an automated business model. After learning how to start a profitable ebay business, (from the ebook), I realised I didn’t want to be tied to my laptop, shifting physical products all the time. So I thought about the ebook purchase I had made. It was so simple; a downloadable product which could be sold automatically without me having to speak to customers or handle products. I thought the ebook was the perfect business – automated sales and deliveries!

How To Sell Ebooks On Your Own Website – Setup

First you’ll need to create your ebook of course and put it in pdf format. Then create a book cover which you can do if you have the right software. Alternatively you can use and pay someone to create a great ebook cover for you. If you don’t have any pdf conversion software on your computer, you can use one of the many pdf converters for free which you can find with a quick Google search. Freepdfconvert is one of them, but there’s many other which are free.

How To Sell Ebooks On Your Own Website

So now you have your ebook in pdf format and a nice cover. So on to how to sell ebooks on your own website. Upload your pdf document to your website and take a note of the url where you can find it. Here’s the url of one of my ebooks as an example. You’ll need this later for the setup of your payment portal.

How To Sell Ebooks On Your Own Website

Next you’ll need to create a page where you can sell your ebook from. There’s two main options for this and you can either create a landing page and give away a portion of your book for free, or create a sales page and just sell your book. The benefit of creating a landing page is that you can collect your visitor’s email address and follow up with them via email.

Here’s an example of a basic sales page. Click here to look at one I’ve created (on or the image below).

building your sales page

How To Sell Ebooks On Your Own Website – Using Paypal

Paypal is a good payment platform to use because it’s easy to create an account and set up a payment button. Once you’ve set up an account with Paypal (with API access), you’ll need to go to Click on “Buy Now” button shown below.

How To Sell Ebooks On Your Own Website paypal

You should get the following screen where you can access and design your own payment button:

paypal buttons

Setting Up Checkout Pages

Once you’ve set up your prices and ebook title in the fields, click on step 3 (customise advanced features) as shown below:

How To Sell Ebooks On Your Own Website

Click on the drop down menu and fill in two fields which you customers will land on when they cancel checkout or purchase your ebook.

customising your paypal button

You’ll need to create two pages on your website which you can put in these fields. Ideally, create another landing page to lead customers to your ebook. You can of course link them directly to your ebook url. However, it can be helpful to offer some instructions about downloading the ebook on this page.

How To Sell Ebooks On Your Own Website

Get Your Paypal Button Code

Once you’re done select create code at the bottom and you’ll go to the last page where you can select your code to paste onto your website.

grab your paypal code

If you’ve created a landing page, make sure you link your ebook image (or another link) to your ebook url. Like below (click to test).

How To Sell Ebooks On Your Own Website


So if you’ve got this far well done. You’ve set up your “digital storefront” and are ready for business. Selling things automatically is quite exciting, especially if you can get it all to work for you! Here’s a quick summary of what you should have done so far:

  • Written your ebook and turned it into a pdf format
  • Created a ebook cover – or paid someone on to do it for you
  • Built a cancelled checkout page on your website
  • Created a success page on your website to lead buyers to their new book
  • Built a payment button on Paypal and grabbed the code
  • Pasted your code on your sales page
  • Oh yes, built a sales page where you can “showcase” your book and do a little selling too!

Here’s a quick recap of one of my sales pages for the ebook I’ve been using as an example:

How To Sell Ebooks On Your Own Website

How To Sell Ebooks On Your Website – Next Steps

So now you’ve hopefully built your online digital store. The next step is to get people to your landing/sales page where they are desperate for your ebook.

One of the main problems with ebooks is that people all over the internet are giving them away for free. So why would anyone purchase your ebook when they can find them for free elsewhere? Your book needs to offer something which no-one else’s does. Ideally write a list of benefits on your sales page. Don’t get caught up in listing features. All your visitors want to know is WIIFM – “What’s in it for me?” Focus on that in your sales copy.

To market your sales page takes time and effort. The main problem I found when I came to sell my own ebooks was getting people to see it. This takes time and a lot of effort. It’s definitely worth building an email list of subscribers and getting your website visitors to opt in. Once you have an email list, you can build relationships with your subscribers. This makes selling much easier because you can get your subscribers to know, like and trust you.

Traffic To Your Website

Getting people to your website is what beginners always struggle with. I struggled for a long time with this too. One of my favourite strategies is blogging. Take this article for example. This piece of content is one of many. Each one by itself doesn’t have a massive impact. But many pieces of content will bring in people to your site over time. Ideally write a blog post daily and put it on your website. Create content which is useful and aimed at people who would want to purchase your ebook.

How To Sell Ebooks On Your Own Website

Alternate Income Sources

I mentioned earlier about affiliate marketing which is a business model which lets you sell other people’s products over the internet.

After I tried selling my own ebooks online, I found affiliate marketing and realised that it offered a far better opportunity than selling my own ebooks. After all, an ebook offers a small reward and a small amount of value. Some affiliate products offer much more value and continue to pay out long after you make the sale. Recurring commission affiliate programs are a good example of this.

With a recurring commission program, you keep earning from membership programs or software. So if you’re going to put a lot of effort into blogging to sell your ebook, it’s a good idea to also sell and promote these kinds of products too. One sale of an ebook can make you $10. But one sale of a recurring membership program can make you $10 a month, potentially for life!

High ticket affiliate programs also offer a huge value to the customer and the affiliate. With a high ticket program you can earn over $500 on a single sale. Would you rather work your ass off for $10 or $500? What is often the same amount of effort can be far more rewarding if you choose the right kind of products to sell.

Marketing And Advertising Your Ebook

An ebook which only makes $10 can be more difficult to sell than an high ticket program too. If you only make $10 for a sale, you can’t afford to spend a lot paying for advertising. With a product which sells for $10,000 and gives you a 40% commission ($4000), you can afford to learn how to use paid marketing – and even fail many times in the process!

To advertise an ebook and be profitable, you’ll need to focus on free marketing strategies such as blogging or video marketing (YouTube). This takes a long time before you see any tangible results. Most people will give up before they see a reasonable return for their efforts too!

How To Sell Ebooks On Your Own Website

Access An Online Business Mentorship Program

If you’re interested in earning more from the internet in ways other than selling your ebook on your own website, through affiliate marketing, you can access a free video series from two of my online mentors who have built an online mentorship program with thousands of members worldwide.

Access by clicking the image below.

How To Sell Ebooks On Your Own Website