World No 1 Business Opportunity

Someone always claims that their business is the world no 1 business opportunity in the world! But who is right? Everyone is different so it can’t be the same for everyone. Some people are good at sales and like selling. For me this was always a sticking point. I’m not great at selling face to face.

I’ve tried various business opportunities where selling one on one is needed. For me, this wasn’t the world no 1 business opportunity! I looked at Amway and even worked with selling Kleeneze products for a while. Both these business models work, but you need to sell the business not the products, to make the real money with them. I was looking for something other than a ‘job’ which offered something more, something better, which was also aligned with my values.

world no 1 business opportunity

World No 1 Business Opportunity

“Choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” – Confucius

In 1995 eBay opened for business which meant anyone could now access a global marketplace and sell anything to almost anyone. It was a major turning point in history. People who had never dreamed of being entrepreneurial turned to the internet to earn an extra income.

At that time I learned how to sell things from my bedroom! It wasn’t until later I started finding out about other methods of making a profit on the site. I later learned of a clever business model which took advantage of poorly spelled items in order to pick them up super cheap! See my article how to start a profitable eBay business.

This seemed like a great little hack at the time. Find low priced items on eBay and then sell them again back on eBay! But it wasn’t to be the worlds no 1 business opportunity for me. It was just too time heavy and I knew there had to be something better out there.

world no 1 business opportunity

World’s No 1 Business Opportunity – There’s Always Something Better!

Coughlin’s Law; Anything else is always something better.’ – From the Movie Cocktail

From eBay I moved on looking for the next step. I had bought the system I share above on a ‘digital download’ via eBay. It struck me as a great business model to sell digital products like this over the internet. Some guy had simply made his own eBook and set up a listing on eBay, selling it over and over.

Buyers bought the product from eBay, paid via Paypal and could access the product instantly over the internet. Apart some some technical problems in the UK over needing to provide physical products only on eBay (which came in later), this was a winning idea! It seemed to me like I had found the world’s no 1 business opportunity – if only in concept.

world no 1 business opportunity

I set about building my own eBooks, writing about whatever I could and then attempting to sell them. I learned how to build websites and listed them on eBay too. The problem was I knew nothing of selling online. I failed miserably but the idea led me to another business model which actually did turn out to be the worlds no 1 business idea a little later on. Stay tuned!

Worlds no 1 Business Opportunity – Other People’s Products

I took several online courses which taught some basic ideas of selling online and choosing other people’s products to sell. Initially I was super excited by this idea. I thought I was going to make a tonne of money overnight. I had bought into the ‘shiny object’ syndrome and latched on to the craze of “making money online” – buying one course after another. All of them promising to make me money! The cold reality of the situation soon caught up on me, months and eventually years after my initial buzz!

world no 1 business opportunity

But I had some small successes and that taught me something. I learned from everything I did, especially the failures. I had studied various strategies for making money online; a business model called affiliate marketing (selling other people’s products), using adverts on my sites with Google’s Adsense program and even “trying” to sell my own products.

There was a missing piece to the puzzle though and I knew I was coming at this from the wrong angle. I had learned so much, but I was caught up in learning mode.

Other People’s Products And Advertising

world no 1 business opportunity

My main problem was that I wasn’t making any sales. I was interested in all aspects of online business. I liked learning. However, I was stuck and knew there was more to this than I could fathom alone! I found a advert on Facebook titled “Struggling with your affiliate business”.

That was some pretty good targeting right there! I signed up to this 7 day video series and joined a community of online entrepreneurs. It was exactly what I needed – it wasn’t that I wasn’t capable of building a online business, just that I had never done it, so I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

So is this the world no 1 business opportunity? I’ll let you decide! It certainly not for everyone, but I’ll tell you why it works for me!

Why An Online Business?

world no 1 business opportunity

An online business is the best kind of business in the world simply because of some major benefits which don’t exist elsewhere:

  • You can work from anywhere – all you need is a laptop and internet connection
  • Starting costs are relatively low compared to a normal ‘bricks and mortar’ business
  • You don’t need staff or business premises – work from your laptop
  • It’s a globally scalable business model
  • You don’t need previous knowledge or experience
  • You can work around existing employment
  • It doesn’t matter what age you are
  • It’s globally scalable
  • It’s a means to stop trading time for money

All these reasons and a few more are why I believe an internet based business is the world no 1 business opportunity. What other business models offer so much? Do you like your commute? Do you like your boss? So many people are struggling in life because they have no time and limited resources. An online business is an opportunity for growth, personal development and the means to be financially independent.

So What’s Involved? Is This Difficult?

earn a living on the internet

No business is “easy”. But much of the the groundwork has already been put in. 20 years ago building an online business was much more difficult. Now anyone can take advantage of cutting edge technology and a pre-built business system. It helps to learn from people who are already succeeding. My mistake was going it alone for so long. You will need to learn some simple business marketing strategies once you have set up your website and sales funnel. Then you need to test and measure it and learn from your results. Re-invest profits back into scaling up your business.

As an ‘affiliate marketer’ you can simply use someone else’s business system, promoting it only as a front end marketer. This means you can earn commissions by referring people via your own personal affiliate link. When a sale is made which comes from your affiliate link, you earn a commission. Affiliate sales vary according to what products you choose to promote. Digital products though, offer up to 40% commissions.

One of my first online sales came from an article I wrote promoting a product I had just bought. I used a free blogging website

Affiliate marketers use various tactics to promote products and services online:

  • Paid advertising
  • Content marketing (article writing, blogging, video marketing)
  • Link building
  • Social Media

For me, the internet definitely offers the world no 1 business opportunity, whatever route you take. Having a sales funnel with a range of high ticket products within it though, makes a massive difference.

Your Business System

world no 1 business opportunity

All affiliate products are not all equal. Digital products typically pay out $40 if you make a sale. You’ll need to sell a huge amount of these in order to make a good profit. Instead, it’s worth using high ticket products. These are products which are valued much higher. Products which sell for $2000- $20,000 can make you much larger commissions. Earn commissions of up to $8000 per sale!

You can earn 40% of the sale price on these items. As you can see, this means your business model will need far fewer sales in order to be in profit. In addition, this makes your business much easier to scale up into the larger income brackets and it enables you to use paid advertising and offset costs more easily.


world no 1 business opportunity

This was something I never understood in the early days. I chose the wrong products to sell. Subscription products are far better than products which only pay you once, as an affiliate. Subscriptions allow you to benefit from an ongoing relationship between the customer and the products you promote.

You can earn continual commissions on subscription products, forever! As long as your referral continues to use the product you promote (and continue their membership), you will continue to earn from your initial referral, potentially for years to come! Subscriptions, combined with affiliate marketing and the opportunity to grow and scale with automation, has to be the world no 1 business opportunity!

Automation And Scalability

world no 1 business opportunity

One of the biggest reasons why an online business is the world no 1 business opportunity, is its ability to scale to a global audience with paid advertising. Small, locally based businesses don’t even have this. With digital products anyone can access them from a laptop and given an internet connection. This makes digital products combined with an online business, the best opportunity for scale.

Online marketing platforms are now very sophisticated. Anyone can reach a global audience and specify who they want to deliver a message to. Targeting on advertising platforms like Facebook, Google Adwords and YouTube is very clever. You can target people by what they are searching for, their age, location and even interests and browsing data. Retargeting allows you to ‘follow’ people who have already visited your website. Data from your email list can be used to create ‘lookalike’ audiences to target with your advertising message.

It’s all very clever but it means one thing – online advertising is where it’s at! If you can learn how to use this amazing technology, you’ll be able to build a scale an online business which can set you free both financially and in terms of time. One of the greatest benefits of an online business is its ability to automate systems and strategies and scale up, without having to personally be there talking to customer or dealing with physical products.

So if you’re still in any doubt that an internet business is the world no 1 business opportunity, it might not be right for you. But either way you’ve nothing to lose by learning more by accessing this free video series.

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