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Knowledge isn’t power without its application. Learn how to put Raymond Holliwell’s Working With The Law into action by accessing a proven online business model which is changing people’s lives around the globe.


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working with the law raymond holliwell pdf

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Working With The Law is a fantastic self help book which explains why it is our thinking processes which creates our lives, and how we can harness the power of thinking to change things for the better. If you have seen the film ‘The Secret’ and want a more in depth look into the workings of the law of attraction, you should read this book.

Does a person have the ability to control their own life? Are we victims of our circumstance or do we have the power to change it?

Millions are suffering from sickness, homelessness, unemployment and want. This can create the environment of a belief that we are destined to suffer or struggle. A fatalistic belief is contagious. If we align ourselves with the idea that our circumstances are controlled by the stars, our karma or our fate, we give up the notion that we are the masters and controllers or our own destiny.

Working With The Law Raymond Holliwell PDF – Download Here.

Working with the Law for success

How much can our thinking processes lead us towards or away from success? The defeated mind which is full of ideas of failure, limitation and cynicism will turn away from an opportunity, citing reasons like “I’m never that lucky”, “I don’t believe it’s possible”, “I always fail anyway or what’s the point in trying”. But the mind which is trained to notice opportunity (and believes it’s possible) will  act on those opportunities rather than dismiss them out of hand.

How Can You Train Your Mind For Success?

working with the law raymond holliwell pdf

The mind is constantly thinking. We have adopted many beliefs from those around us without always being consciously aware of them. These beliefs can hold us back and stop us from finding the life we truly want. Thoughts are like seeds which grow into ideas. By becoming aware of our thoughts, ideas and attitudes we can more consciously align ourselves with those thoughts which allow greater opportunity, and discard those which limit it. Limiting thoughts which bring about a fatalistic view remove the possibility for change, opportunity and growth.

“This is my lot in life”, “I’ll never be able to do that”, “I’m too old, weak, young…etc.”

See also the top 10 self limiting beliefs.

Thoughts Holding You Back From Opportunity

Many thoughts and beliefs which you hold are buried deep within your subconscious mind. You don’t always know the thoughts which are most entrenched within your consciousness. However, these ideas can still hold you back in life and prevent you from attaining the heights of achievement for which you may be striving for. Our self image is a huge part of this. How we see ourselves is often the hidden road block to success which is the final frontier to victory. Unless we can identify and change this, it can act as the hidden saboteur to success. See why you must change your self image to change your life.

Hidden Roadblocks To Success

working with the law raymond holliwell pdf

If you see yourself as a failure, it will be impossible for you to achieve ‘success’. If you see the ‘successful’ as somehow cruel, greedy people who are selfish and have no moral value, you will be unlikely to pursue ‘success’ if you have this idea of what it means. If  achieving something is somehow out of alignment with how you feel about it, you will sabotage your efforts or meet failure at the last leg. This is the power of your mind. Unless your learn how to harness this power, it can just as easily work against you.

Your Idea Of ‘Success’

You may feel that in order to be ‘successful’ you need to do something which you are unable or unwilling to do. Perhaps your success lies in finding your path and not in following someone else’s. There are many ideas of what is successful: living ‘off grid’ and growing your own food, having a busy career, owning lots of property, living a simple life, building a community or having a family. We are programmed to believe in a certain idea of ‘success’ and when we fall short we begin to see ourselves as ‘failures’. If this becomes our self image, we can forget what we truly want, and assume we have fallen short. Define your idea of success and get really clear on what it is. Not everyone wants the same things in life.

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