Working on yourself and not just your business

If you are a business owner you can easily get caught up in the running of things without looking at the bigger picture. The limits of your business will be defined by your own limitations and vision. Chances are you are holding some limiting beliefs which keep your business where it is. So how can we step back and look at ourselves in order to make the most positive changes?

What are limiting beliefs?

We all have some limiting beliefs which can hold us back from achieving what we truly desire in our lives. Our beliefs might stem from our upbringing and those of the people closest to us. We all have them and they are inherited from our parents, our culture and our community. Our beliefs are what shapes our world and are the main blockages to our moving forwards towards an goal or desire.

How can we change them when we can’t see them?

Changing our beliefs takes time. First we should become aware of those limiting beliefs which hold us back. One simple way of doing this is to write down all of your most lofty goals. Go wild and really dream. Remember all of the things you believed you could do when you were a child. If your business could be unlimited what would you aim for? Make a list of 10 or more goals which you would like to achieve personally and professionally.

For example:

1. I would like to double my income in the next 6 months.

2. I would like to lose a stone in weight, become fitter, healthier and have a great figure in 3 months.

3. I would like to own a brand new car in a year.

And so on..

Next to each goal write down why you haven’t achieved this goal yet. Go to town with your reasons and explain why you haven’t achieved the success you really desire yet. You are probably used to saying these things and this is your inner reality or the ‘story’ you tell yourself. These are also your limiting beliefs about yourself which stand in the way of your success.

For example:

1. I am too busy to try something new, I don’t have any other skills, there is a limit to what I can earn, I’m too old, etc. etc.

2. I’m lazy and like my food too much, I don’t have time, I’m not that fussed really, there’s more important things to do with my time.

3. New cars are a waste of money, I would rather go on holiday, my current car is fine, I don’t need a new car, I can’t afford it.

How to change your limiting beliefs

Now you have a list of your limiting beliefs as your excuses for not getting what you want out of life! So how can we change them? Chances are you have been telling yourself these things for a long time so it might take some time to undo all that work! First of all you need to become aware that these thoughts are going to stop you moving towards your goals. Yes some of them might be true but you will find a lot of them are subjective and many of them can change given a change of circumstances, knowledge, motivation and/or direction.

Whenever you notice yourself talking in terms of your limitations, stop and become aware of it. Change your speech to include the possibility of change. For example you are chatting away to your neighbor when you catch yourself coming out with an excuse for not achieving something or doing something

“Well it hasn’t been easy and I struggle with learning new things, I just don’t have the time”.

Notice the limiting belief and replace it with something less definite such as: “But I can make time if I decide to, these are just excuses really”. By doing this and becoming aware that your thoughts and speech are programming your subconscious, you are shifting your limiting beliefs and then you can replace them with more positive thoughts and words.

If you have been telling yourself the same story for a while it will take longer to shift the belief as it will be a very ingrained way of thinking. The way you talk about, think about and perceive the world ultimately becomes your reality. Henry Ford said “Whether a man believes he can or he can’t he is right”.

Changing your thinking and becoming aware of your limitations is especially important when running your own internet business because you can be largely on your own with it. You can get ‘stuck’ mentally and continue doing things which don’t product the best results.

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