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Wilco De Kreij has put together some game changing software called connect leads which allows advertisers to place lead capture pages directly into Facebook adverts. I immediately saw the value in this having been experimenting with lead capture pages and Facebook adverts for some time before I stumbled upon his software. What it allows is a two click lead capture directly from Facebook. Not two clicks and then type in your information; literally two clicks and you are subscribed into an email list – this is groundbreaking software.

Facebook advertising

Of course you still need a carrot and stick – something to offer people which they want, and a well targeted advertising campaign. However, one of the problems with getting people to sign up is that by the time they have clicked through to a landing page, watched a video and had time to deliberate, they still need to type in their email and name in the email capture to subscribe to whatever it is you are offering them. They have to physically type in their details which means many will simply click away because it’s too much trouble.

connectleads wilko de kreij

Making subscription simpler

With this new software created by Wilco De Kreij called connectleads, much of this process is shortened. Instead of clicking through to a completely new website, and then entering your details to submit the form, you simply click the advert and your details will automatically be entered into the capture form. This is possible because whoever is receiving the advert must already be signed in with their Facebook email and name. They are therefore already verified and this eliminates the necessity for a verification email, which again lengthens the sign up process.

My experience so far

So far I have had some great success with this software after testing several campaigns with it. I run a small martial arts school and have already signed up several people to my mailing list with the adverts I have created. I have also signed up several people to my internet marketing training course with some early testing and will continue testing.

User friendly

The platform is very user friendly and Wilco De Kreij has done his utmost to make a series of videos which explains every element of the platform and how to implement it. It connects through Facebook power editor and you can create a lead capture form for each advert you create so you can track opt-ins through your connect leads dashboard.


The future of email opt-inconnect leads Wilko image

 This is definitely a game changer for email opt-in and Facebook adverts so if you are either already using email opt-in or have an interest in building your own online (or offline business) in the future, I would highly recommend getting this software before the price goes up – which it inevitably will!

Wilco De Kreij connect leads – Facebook 2 click opt-ins

Take a look at this video created by Wilko Deo Kreij which explains the power of Connectleads more fully. Get access to this cutting edge software today and start taking advantage of it to grow your email list fast.

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