Why you need a ‘why’ to make a change.

You need a ‘why’ to make change strong enough to overcome mental laziness and the inertia built up from doing whatever it is you have been doing for such a long time. Your habits haven’t been created overnight and so won’t be changed overnight either. So what is your ‘why’ for making a change? Often a simple change like not taking sugar in your tea or switching to decaf coffee can have great benefits over a long period and it is the simple little things which you can change easily which will bring about the larger changes over time. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither has your life been. It is the incremental little habits and consistencies (or inconsistencies) which are the make-up of your life as it is today. What little thing can you do today and each day which over time will make the most significant change in the area which you would like the most improvement?

Don’t get bogged down with the small stuff

Whenever I come to look at goal setting, it is far too easy to wander off the reservation and set far too many goals in each and every area of my life. My mind becomes so distracted and disorganized that nothing is accomplished. However when I narrow down to the most important thing and concentrate only on that, everything falls into place and I can start gaining ground. What is the most important area of your life right now which, if improved upon, will mean that everything else is better as a result? 

Areas to be improved on

There are many areas of life which can be improved on but concentrating on one may mean others are neglected. Often when money is the soul focus of someones life their relationships suffer as a result. Many times the rich  attempt to buy back their health having neglected it when in search of financial wealth. It is often the things we have already which we take for granted until they are gone. However there can be much suffering from not having the financial means to live the life you truly deserve.  What one aspect of your life would you like to improve on most and what one step can you do today and every day which will improve that aspect of your life over the next few months? 

It could be health, finance, relationships, social activities, love life, family, possessions, spiritual life, contentment, or fun!

Write down the one area of your life which if improved upon will have the most dramatic affect on your life as a whole. _____________________________

Now write down a small task which you can do today which if it becomes a habit over the next few months will dramatically improve this aspect of your life________________________

Small steps make big changes.

Once you start making these changes and taking charge of your will power to improve your life in small ways, it will filter into other areas of your life and before you know it you will be making vast improvements in every area of your life. Start small, think big!

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