Why trading time for money is a broken model

Most people are working a certain amount of time in order to earn a certain amount of money. This is the traditional model of an employed person. Business owners too, usually have to work a certain amount in order to make a profit from their business. Once they stop working they stop earning a profit from their business. To understand why trading time for money is a broken model we must look to the internet which offers a wealth of new opportunity which previously didn’t exist for the average ‘worker’. What if there was a way to leverage your time and make the internet work for you while you were enjoying your life?

The digital age has brought new opportunities faster than people can conceptualize and the main thing holding people back from living a life of financial freedom is not their income or their lack of opportunities but their own ‘dogma’ or limited beliefs about work and money. The industrial revolution brought a new kind of work mentality with it and the bosses of the large companies capitalized on their workers’ beliefs and ‘ethics’ around working a 9-5 work day. Even today those who don’t get on board with this mentality are shunned and ostracized from society. The effort the government put into shaming the benefits claimants far and above the tax cheats who are a far greater strain on the economy is evidence to this worker mentality which is enforced by those in power.

why trading time for money is a broken model

Even when we are given the opportunity to improve our lives, which we often are, many of us will distrust anything outside of our own consciousness, dismissing it as a ‘pipe dream’ or something which is ‘too good to be true’, or allowing some circumstance to prevent it. The circumstances of our lives are the key to our beliefs and awareness. Even though there are many people living with abundance and plenty, for many the possibility is far and above what their own consciousness will allow for them. Only by delving into our own limited beliefs and believing that change is possible can we improve our lives for the better. But we have to let go of things which we cling to as if they are our very selves. Things such as a ‘poor me’ mentality, or an ‘I can’t afford it’ mantra. A downtrodden persona or the ‘vibe’ you continually emit to others becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Even when our circumstances change, we can find a way to limit ourselves and create poverty, if it is in our consciousness.

By the same token we can train our consciousness to dwell on thoughts of wealth and abundance – to create these in our lives instead and in place of our previously limiting beliefs. It is our own self image, or how we think about ourselves, which continues to be reflected back to us with the circumstances of our lives. Of course we still need a vehicle to create success in our lives and it is not only a matter of thinking better thoughts but also of taking more appropriate action when the opportunity presents itself.

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