Why Mindset Is So Important For Success With An Online Business

When I started out online there was so much talk of ‘mindset’ and I was kind of more interested in getting going and ‘keeping busy’ instead. Or, at least I was interested in feeling productive. Whether or not I actually was, was another story. A few years down the line and I realised why mindset was so important for success with an online business.

I spent a lot of time procrastinating and thinking about what I should be doing, rather than getting on with things. I was uncertain of my direction many times and often lost focus. Needless to say this didn’t help me to build my online business. It not only served to ‘block’ me to being in the moment, but also served to stall progress a number of times.

How To Break Through

If you start an online business you’re inundated with a number of different possibilities. This presents one of the first hurdles. Which route do you take? If you have already chosen a business model to use, your next hurdle is to decide which kind of marketing strategy is the most suitable for you.

why is mindset so important for an online business

Everyone wants fast results but we’re not always in the position to use paid marketing strategies to give our business the ‘kick’ it really needs. If this is the case (as it was for me), you’re going to have to take another route.

Paid marketing is the best way to get a business going if you have a business to sell. But if you’re unsure how it works this can stand in the way of progress too. For example, if you don’t have experience of selling online, it’s very difficult to trust that your products will sell if you throw money at it. Sometimes they won’t of course. You need to get the education behind you so that you can put your foot down and move into a higher gear. If you’re burdened with indecision, it’s very difficult to change out of first gear.

why is mindset so important for an online business

If this is where you’re at, you need to put yourself in the company of people who have succeeded already. This is where an online education comes in. Without this, it’s going to be very difficult to get into the right mindset necessary for forward progress. You’ll keep stumbling over problems which you’re creating in your mind! These problems exist because you have incorrect information. Perhaps you think things should be easier, or you should have got better results by now. There is no should, there is only what is.

False Expectations

why is mindset so important for an online business

One of the main problems I faced with my online business was a false expectation that it was going to be easier than it really was. I made a couple of easy wins early on which kept me going. But to build a sustainable business online was much harder than I had expected. Once you realise that it’s a marathon and not a sprint, you’re better equipped mentally to expect the problems which will come up.

If you always look for the results after a tiny amount of work, you’ll soon be disappointed. Instead, get working on the things you can do each day. You need to get so busy with working on the money producing activities that you don’t even consider looking for results.

This was something I used to do. I would write a blog and start looking for sales. I’d get disappointed and disillusioned. This would lead to procrastination and inactivity. Generating the right mindset is difficult if you’ve not yet had any positive results with affiliate marketing. You don’t know what works and what doesn’t.

Your First Online Sale

Once you see some sales coming in, you can look at how you generated them and do more of those activities. But until you get to this point, it can be very difficult to get yourself fired up.

To help with this it’s a good idea to find some actions which you can do every day which will help build your business just by sticking at it for long enough. It will also train you to work on your business each day like clockwork. This is what is needed. If you’re half hearted and uncertain, it will lead to insecurity, procrastination and inactivity.

If you have a regular daily to do list, that you can focus on, it can help keep you focused and productive. At the start you won’t know whether these actions will yield results or not. Over time though, you’ll start to see some results, depending on what your actions are. Daily tasks could be:

  • Writing a blog and sharing it
  • Creating a video and uploading to YouTube
  • Running a paid advert on Adwords
  • Building some back links to your blogs
  • Building your social media following, etc.

Where Mindset Comes In

why is mindset so important for success with an online business

You will definitely get frustrated at times and disillusioned with your online business. How you deal with this is the biggest factor in whether you continue or not.

Success doesn’t come easily with anything worthwhile. With an online business it’s especially hard if you’re doing everything on trust. It’s much easier to quit! Unless you can get into a good mindset and develop some good habits early, you won’t have any evidence of what actually works with an online business. You’ll probably just assume that it doesn’t work. See why affiliate marketing doesn’t work.

Most affiliate marketers quit before they even get 1000 subscribers on their list. Around 90% drop out altogether. Keeping going is tough but you have to be determined to stay in it no matter what! Learn from your failures rather than quitting from them!

What Is A Good Mindset For An Online Business

So what is a good mindset for an online business?

“I will keep going no matter what. I won’t listen to the naysayers and will learn from my mistakes. I will never stop and I will eventually earn a full time living from the internet.”

An example of a bad mindset for an online business is:

“I’ll give this a try for a few months. If it doesn’t work out, I’ve got my safety net of my job”

You need a fair amount of determination and some ability to be introspective too with an online business. Unless you learn from your mistakes, no amount of hard work will be enough.

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