Why list building is so important for an online business

There are many ways to make money with an online business and I have tried many of them – some with success and some not! One of the courses I took was based on making money from Google’s adsense program and this is a rather long term strategy. It basically requires you to rank an authority type site on Google’s organic search results and make money from people clicking the adverts placed on your site. You need a lot of visitors to make money from this method and Google can change their algorithm at any time (and frequently does), and also they can close your account for any number of reasons at any time, (and frequently does!). If you are earning a living from this method and get closed down this can be potentially disastrous as you can lose your income overnight.

Then there is affiliate marketing – selling other people’s products or promoting products from ebay or Amazon, for example. This is a good method again and you can either find your customers through the organic traffic of Google or pay for advertising to get visitors to your products/services. The main factor really is finding enough customers or visitors through to your site. The organic search results are of course free but it takes time and effort to rank a website on Google and find customers. Advertising costs money and you need to make sure you are paying less than you are making to turn a profit.

Even if you have the best website in the world you still need customers and this is the major commodity when it comes to making money from an internet business – visitors.

List Building


You will have seen many email capture pages throughout the internet and maybe even entered your details in one or two of them in exchange for a free e-book or some other tit-bit of ‘free’ information. If so, you have subscribed to a bloggers/company’s email list. The reason why list building is so important in building a long term sustainable internet business is that you are building an audience and a relationship with your customers/visitors. Once you have built this list you are no longer relying on advertising and free search results for ‘passing trade’. You can then communicate with potentially thousands and hundreds of thousands of people by the click of a mouse.

Imagine that you sell a product from which you make a small commission. With a list you can sell thousands of items in one day with one email sent out to your list. This is without having to pay for advertising and without having to rely on Google ranking your site. You already have a list of subscribers who are hungry for you products or services. Without a list you are relying on the ‘passing trade’ through your business either from the organic searches or paid advertising. This is why list building is such a powerful strategy which has the potential to skyrocket your business.

When visitors come to your website they may click away and you have lost that customer forever. When you start building a list you can potentially connect with your customer for years to come, offering them valuable information and valuable products which they are really grateful for. List building turns a ‘flash-in-the-pan’, occasional sale online business into much more a sustainable and profitable business model.

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