Why Join the Six Figure Mentors?

The Six Figure Mentors are a training company like no other. They offer a community of like minded entrepreneurs who are helping each other learn how to implement the tools, systems and programs which are available to anyone with an laptop and internet connection. These tools and systems allow the user to create multiple income streams through online websites, and platforms which is done through the concept of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing has been around for a while and it is the tool which many people now use to make a full time income from the internet. In basic terms affiliate marketing is simply receiving income from recommending someone else’s product, through an online platform or website. The referral is tracked to the website where it came from, and the owner of the website (or the affiliate) earns a commission from the sale.

stu and jay
Stuart Ross and jay Kubassek (Founders of the SFM)


Why not just become an affiliate on my own?

Of course you can do this and you can join many affiliate programs and promote thousands of items throughout the internet. What the Six Figure Mentors offer is the fast track option, if you like, to becoming a full time affiliate marketer. The tools, systems and procedures which will produce the fastest results in the shortest possible time have been packaged and set out in a very unique format through the SFM training modules. Becoming a successful affiliate marketer is not as straight forward as it may seem. I have spent many hours, months and years struggling to make an online business really work. The SFM have made it work faster and better for me, than in all the years previously when I struggled on my own.

High ticket products

Yes high ticket products are a larger part of this. Before I joined the Six Figure Mentors I had made a few online sales of low value items making me the odd affiliate commission of around $50 per sale of a $150 item. After joining the SFM I made a couple of sales which earned me $500 each. This is the power of a high ticket product. It takes a long time to make an income reliable from selling low value affiliate products. Selling the higher ticket products is a real game changer.

With Jay Kubassek on Momentum day
Me and Jay and the London training course



The SFM has taught me to concentrate on the most important factors of affiliate marketing: spending time on money producing activities, building a list of subscribers, and building a relationship with this list. The odd quick sale was all I used to be concerned with before I learned that for long term success, you need to build relationships and offer value.

The money is in the list

Building a list puts you in charge of your traffic. For years I spent all my time creating content and trying to rank websites on Google. Many of my websites simply failed and never ranked. All that time taught me a valuable lesson but I can never get it back! Learning the trade of affiliate marketing from successful entrepreneurs like Stuart and Jay who have already trodden the path I was struggling with for years, is a huge factor in growing my awareness of how an online business works successfully. Building my list of subscribers and having an automatic sales funnel done for me has been another huge benefit to my online business. Knowing these things are in place have halved the work I have previously had to do for myself.

A community of support

The community within SFM has been amazing to say the least. Previously I had no support and even with other online courses I took part in there was no physical training available or anyone to contact. Through social media and physical meetings I have had a huge support from other SFM members, not to mention the numerous training calls, webinars and video training available through the back office.

If you’re serious

If you’re serious about creating an online business, or taking your existing online business to the next level, don’t hesitate and sign up for the video series with the link below. However, this isn’t ‘a get rick quick scheme’ and if you think it is an ‘easy buck’, think again. This is a legitimate business and like any other requires hard work, persistence and plenty of it. Don’t think it’s an easy ride or for the faint of heart. If you have the will to succeed with an online business and are determined to make it work for you, you can have more flexibility in your life, greater freedom and multiple sources of income.

Take action by clicking this link, watch the video and sign up for the daily video series. If you think you have what it takes you can sign up for the app for $29.95. This comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee.

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