Why it’s not too late to start your own internet business

Many people wrongly think that they are too old to start their own internet business. There has literally never been a better time to start your own online business but many people put things in their way. Things which mostly come down to ideas about what they are capable of, excuses or what they genuinely believe as insurmountable problems:

  • “I’ve been in my business/career for too long. I’m trapped!” It is true that the longer you give your attention to something the harder it is to change direction, however, an internet business can be worked around other employment until the income from it surpasses that from your current or employment.
  • “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Age is just a number and although it can take a little longer to learn new things, if you can use the internet to send an email, technology and new software has made it much simpler to implement many online strategies needed for an online business. If you have the desire to learn these processes you can do so by following simple steps to create an online business of  your own.
  • “I don’t have time” This is a common excuse told by many no matter what their life is like. However those who have created their own successful online business knew the payoff to putting aside time to work on it. If you make the time you can have the life of your choosing.

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There are many other roadblocks people will put in the way of doing something which poses a threat to their current circumstances. They have to let go of the old and that means change. Most people resist change with a passion, but in order to make a positive change we have to embrace the idea that we must change for change to happen in our lives. Here are some benefits for the sacrifices you will inevitably have to suffer, if you want to create your own laptop lifestyle:

  • You can throw away your alarm clock! The idea of never having to set your alarm for some horrendous time in the morning is enough for many people to plough hours upon hours into their internet business.
  • Never have a boss again! Being your own boss and not having to answer to anyone is a huge draw. Being passionate about what you do really makes a difference in your life whether you have a boss or not. However, if you can be your own boss and be passionate about your business it’s a win win situation.
  • Choose your own working hours. Working the same hours day in day out doesn’t suit everyone. Being your own boss and having your own internet business means you can pick your working hours, take time away when you choose and fit your business around other events, jobs and circumstances. This amount of flexibility isn’t available in a normal job and your working hours, holidays and breaks all have to be run by the ‘boss’.
  • Work anywhere with a laptop and internet connection. This is a great bonus for anyone who can work from their laptops. If your income is independent of any geographical location, you can move country and live abroad, travel and work or work from coffee shops around your local city!
  • Your income isn’t time based, it is leveraged by your use of the internet. This is a great concept and if you are used to being paid by the hour for your work it really is a game changer. Systems and software now allow anyone to benefit from this amazing advantage. By setting up automatic systems which promote, sell and deliver products, tools and services, you can ‘leverage’ your time and work much more efficiently. Much of the work is done for you in this system and the internet offers a global reach to anyone on the planet using the internet. Time based earning power is based on your time ‘at the office’. If you are ill, unable to work or stop working for any reason, your income stops. With the systems available on the internet you can create multiple income streams from your laptop, with a little know-how.

Of course all these benefits aren’t won that easily and there is a steep learning curve when starting your own internet business. You will need the right training of course and to be consistent in putting in the work. If you don’t have time and money to put into a business then you are better off not doing it! However if you have even a couple of hours a day which you can consistently maintain over the long term, you can easily put your energy into to starting an internet business. The reasons to do so have been mentioned already and if you are looking to have more financial freedom in your life, together with the freedom to choose your own lifestyle, on all accounts, then it’s time to get started. Click here and enter your details to access the video series.

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