Why is my website not on Google?

Again I found myself frustrated and asking “why is my website not on Google” just this week. I posted an article just the other week named recover from Google penalty. I had been writing several articles based on keyword research in the hope of attracting visitors to my website. After some consideration I decided to change some content which I thought may have been replicated on another site and also remove some affiliate links. With a couple of days my site had returned for my main keyword (Tim Halloran). I realise that this keyword is not a major one and that I won’t get many visitors through my name. However it is a good way to check that your site is ranking in the searches.

If you are wondering where your website is, try doing a search for some specific keyword which only your site will rank for. Often you won’t rank for competitive keywords which have too many competing websites but you should rank for your name, for example, assuming it is part of your content. If you don’t rank for your main keywords and your name, it could be you have received a penalty from Google for something which is not in line with their best practices. Check out their guidelines here.

why is my website not on google

There are one or two reasons for which your site may have received a penalty. You may have replicated content from another site, have a link profile which looks unnatural, have too much spammy content on your site, have too many affiliate links on a page of your site or you may have only just created your site and it has just to be picked up by the search engines and ranked. This can take some time of course and this list is by no means definitive. If your domain and main keyword is a competitive one, don’t expect it to rank simply because you have purchased a keyword domain. For your own name though, you should be finding it in the searches and if it isn’t coming up then that’s a sure sign that something is wrong.

My recovery was again a problem with affiliate links. My blog roll or page was set up as one rolling post so all my articles on my blog were set up to appear as one page. This was a major problem due to posting affiliate links on several of those pages which to Google would have appeared as one page full of affiliate links. By changing the layout of my website to have a static page, rather than a rolling blog, it removed this issue and within a day or so I was appearing back on the searches near the top for my name again. The previous time I removed a couple of links and this seemed to do the trick temporarily. It obviously isn’t due to just placing affiliate links in the copy but the number of them appearing on any one single page. If that one single page was buried in the depths of my site it may not have been an issue either. The fact that it was my main landing page of my website was perhaps a contributing issue which led to it being penalized.

Hopefully this problem can help me understand Google a little better and anyone else suffering from the same frustrating problem. If you are still wondering “why is my website not on Google” check the webmaster guidelines. Leave a comment if you are having problems. Many thanks

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