Why Build An Email List ?

Are you’re asking “why build an email list“? You may already have a product to sell or a service to offer. If this is the case then building a list of subscribers is a good way to connect with potential customers. It can also help you create new leads for your business. Don’t have a product or service to offer? You can still benefit from building a list of subscribers. More on this later.

If you already have a business/service

Building an email list allows any business to connect with a potential customer. It can provide them with more information about your company and what you do. It also allows you to build relationships with those potential customers and those relationships can eventually become paying customers.

Cold List

A cold list is a list of completely ‘fresh’ potential customers. They may or may not be interested in your company, service or product. ‘Cold calls’ are made to people at random from a directory or list in order to build a customer base. Most of the calls are rejected. This is because the person who is being called has no interest in the product or service being sold. More likely, they are annoyed at the intrusion!

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Warm List

A warm list is a list of potential customers who already know about your company, service or products. They are more approachable and more likely to show an interest in what you have to offer.

Hot List

A hot list is a list of customers who have their wallet and credit card in their hand. They are just waiting for an opportunity to purchase your amazing product!

The Purpose Of A List

A list allows you to find customers who are already ‘warm’. They have landed on your website and are interested in your service or products. By communicating with your list through regular emails you can turn your “cold” list into a warm list. You can do this by communicating your business message and offering help and advice. You are also showing them that you are reliable, trustworthy and approachable – (according the the nature of your business).

No Website?

If you don’t have a website but do have a business you should definitely get a website. That’s if you want your business to succeed. If you don’t have a business/service or product to sell you can still build an email list. Email lists are used by affiliate marketers to sell other people’s products and services for a commission. In fact building an email list is probably the most important thing cited by the most successful internet entrepreneurs. By building a list of subscribers, business owners can send one email to a list of thousands of subscribers. They can also sell thousands of products from a single email. You can start your own online business using this same principle. Learn how here.

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Why Use List Building?

For many businesses a list is a useful way to communicate with would-be customers. They can promote discounts or latest offers and build relationships. For an internet based business which is built on affiliate products, building a list is more important. This is because there is no physical side to the business. Customers are found through the internet because it is a global business. Advertising is the most important thing for an affiliate. Without customers there are no sales, and without advertising there are no customers. This is true of a physical business too, of course.

List Building – A Form Of Advertising

Building a lost of subscribers means you are in control of that list. You can send out frequent messages and build a relationship. With a website your visitor only has once chance to decide whether to buy from you or not. Once they are gone they may never return. A list is built by offering something of value. In exchange for their email address, the subscriber gets access to your course or promotional offer.

List Building Trumps The Search Engines

Getting to the first page of Google is a tactic which is becoming more and more difficult. With new websites being created all the time and constant algorithm changes, this will only continue. List building puts you in charge of your customer base. With a list you are not as reliant on Google for your sales. Major algorithm changes won’t affect your business if you ‘future proof’ you business by creating a list.

How Do I Build A List?

If you already have a website it is just a matter of placing some code on your website. You can use programs like Mailchimp.com and Aweber.com to create your opt-in forms and automate your messages. See ‘What is a successful lead generation strategy‘ to learn more about capturing leads. See also ‘capturing email addresses from your website‘.

No Business Or Product To Sell?

Start by selling other people’s products online. This can be done with advertising, blogging and social media marketing. An email list will allow you to communicate with people on a regular basis. You can promote various products and services over a longer time period once you have someone’s email. Learn how to start your own digital marketing business with this training course.

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