Who wants to be a millionaire?

Who wants to be a millionaire? There are many problems associated with having a million pounds. Things like not knowing whether your friends are there for you, or for your money. You have many more choices to make and it changes how you interface with the world. Many lottery winners lose all their money within only a few years of winning and it has been known to destroy many friendships along the way. After all, if you no longer have money worries, you have much less in common with your previous friends and acquaintances. You have a whole set of new problems instead!

That aside if you really want to be a millionaire, wouldn’t it be better to have the mindset of a millionaire, rather than just being given the money for doing nothing? Self sabotage kicks in in many winners of money as they don’t ‘feel’ they are worth it! They either lose their money or destroy themselves with it.

Having a millionaire mindset is surely something more worthwhile. After all, a millionaire who has earned his/her money knows how to earn it. They have learned skills, attitudes and behaviors which support their financial growth. Through this journey they have improved their self control and become a different person. They have a millionaire mindset. If their money was taken away from them, they would soon have it back. A lottery winner can easily lose their money by frittering it away. The will never recover it.

So which is worth more, a million pounds or a millionaire mindset? And how do you start developing a millionaire mindset?

Although I am far from being a millionaire I have spent some time learning how to understand how my behavior gets in the way of my financial growth. Not everyone is struggling and desperate for money. Some have it all figured out. I always wondered how, since I always seemed to be struggling.

Several years ago I was given this book which gave me a huge insight into my poor financial habits. Not just my lack of earning power but also my frivolous spending habits. The simple techniques in this book will, if you let them, make a huge difference in your life. It isn’t just what we earn, but what we spend, and justify spending which can ultimately determine where we end up financially in life.

Learning lifetime disciplines

We don’t know how long we are going to live for, but for most of us we have a good few years ahead of us. We forget this. When I was in my thirties, I didn’t think about the future. I lived for the now. Much of my decision process was only based on how I felt from one moment to the next. This can be quite detrimental to your financial health, as it was for mine! Just by learning a few disciplines from this book, and sticking to them over the long term, you can turn your life around. You may not be a millionaire overnight, but you will begin to understand the mindset of a millionaire.

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson has made an immediate and lasting difference to my life already. Another great book which teaches that it is the small almost invisible details of our lives, which, over years of habitual action, or inaction, will determine the state of our health, bank account, relationships or career. It isn’t the last minute win, the great once in a lifetime opportunity, which I once believed would ‘save me’; but it’s the small, daily activities which we make habitual, which eventually determines the outcome in our lives in so many ways.

Another great classic is Think and Grow rich by Napoleon Hill. This book is a must read for anyone wanting to improve their life, not just in terms of money but in any other way you can conceive of. This book covers a lot but the chapter which stands out is the one on autosuggestion: it is our constant thinking which determines what we eventually grow in our lives. Our thoughts are the ‘seeds’ of our future.

The millionaire mindset is disciplined

Napoleon Hill in his book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ talks about the ‘seeds’ of our thoughts manifesting things over many years. If we are not careful with the ‘rich garden of our minds’, weeds will grow in equal abundance, if we allow ‘seeds’ of negative thinking to overrun our subconscious minds.

Get a copy of this book here and make a habit of reading it as Bob Proctor has done. He read it daily over the course of many years and his life changed dramatically:

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