Who Is Stuart Ross

 Who Is Stuart Ross? SFM Co-founder  (Six Figure Mentors)

Stuart Ross SFM (Six Figure Mentor co-founder)

Stuart Ross is the co-founder of SFM (Six Figure Mentors) and he has created an online membership community of people learning to build businesses with the new tools, systems and technology which have enabled Stuart to live a dream lifestyle of his choosing. You can access the app and get started with your own internet business here.

In 2007 at 25 years old Stuart Ross was working in his job as an area manager for an estate agency having dropped out of college 8 years earlier. Close to a 6-figure salary he looked for an escape due to the long 70 hour working weeks, lack of time for personal life and hobbies and a general feeling of burn out and disillusionment with his lifestyle. Inspired by a book he found by Robert Kiyosaki – Rich Dad Poor Dad, in which Kiyosaki explains the difference between leveraging your time by having money work for you, and trading time for money – which most people do to earn a living. Kiyosaki explains that because your time is limited, there is a finite amount of money you can earn in this way. By leveraging your time in some way, you can exploit the idea of making money work for you, rather than always having to trade your time. Becoming a business owner allows you to leverage your time with staff and employees, for example. But being an employee, you always have to trade your time for money.

Inspired by Kiyosaki, Stuart Ross started to look at low start-up businesses and found a franchise opportunity which he took up. This opportunity took advantage of what Robert Kiyosaki mentions in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad – residual income. Income from monthly sales of memberships sites like the one Stuart joined provided him with a recurring income month after month. 

Although this business didn’t eventually work out for Stuart, what he took from it provided the basis of his current business venture. He decided he didn’t want to have to cold call customers, try and sell products and convince people of something, arrange meetings with people and most of all he didn’t want to buy himself another job – a perhaps cynical take on a business opportunity! After 6 months of this business Stuart went back to his job, leaving his business behind. He had lower pay and more debt in 2007 on his return.

His burning desire to change his lifestyle persisted and his current lifestyle of long hours, a lengthy commute and also now burdened by more debt, drove him to continue his search for another venture. Motivated from his previous business which he walked away from, Stuart looked at what he didn’t want from his previous business and what he ultimately wanted in terms of his lifestyle.

From here he looked for a business model which meant complete lifestyle freedom, working where and where he chose, no cold calling or persuading or selling face to face. Following a Google search for “businesses without selling” Stuart was led to purchase a training course which taught how to build a simple system selling products online without having to handle the products or talk to any customers. Thinking that being an entrepreneur he would have to be good at cold calling, selling and persuading, Stuart found with this system that almost anyone could sell products online in this way. Further more, they wouldn’t need any selling skills or ‘cheesy salesmanship’ because with the tools and technology now available through the internet, one-to-one selling wasn’t necessary.

In September 2007 Stuart developed his online skills learning from various online training courses. In 2008 Start applied some of this knowledge to list building – building a list of subscribers and offering them value in several different markets. He tested various online products and services though this method to find the best ways to sell and promote products online. In February 2008 Stuart made his first online sale while asleep! Although this was only a small amount it lit a spark and fired up Stuart’s belief which led to further testing and development. Later in 2008 Stuart made just over $480,000 in online sales by following a system and selling other people’s products online.

“Build the system, get good at that, then sell your own products”

Use the tools and systems which Stuart himself has used to build a completely flexible lifestyle around his passion.

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