Where To Find Affiliate Marketers

Where to find affiliate marketers? Of course you can find them on the internet. Affiliates are everywhere – behind Blogs, YouTube videos, and even the adverts you see everywhere online. There’s often an affilaite marketer behind them. However, this doesn’t make it easy to meet affiliate marketers.

I worked online for years before I even met anyone connected to the affiliate marketing industry. Most of the courses I bought were over the internet and I never actually met the people behind them. That is until I found a different affiliate business model.

Where To Find Affiliate Marketers

where to find affilaite marketers

I had already tried several online business ideas when I found The SFM. The Six Figure Mentors is an online education program and business system co-founded by Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek. Of course I was skeptical, as with many of the other business strategies I had tried. I had come from a background of ebay and had used the aution giant to buy and sell. You can see my business strategy here.

It wasn’t until I had used this strategy for a while that I decided it wasn’t going to work long term. There was too much work involved for too little income. Of course had I stuck at it for longer, I would have made it work. However, I wanted something I could scale. I wanted some method which meant I could stop trading time for money.

This idea wouldn’t go away and it eventually led me to the business model known as affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Since you’re looking where to find affiliate marketers, you probably already know what affiliate marketing is. If you don’t, affiliate marketing is a business model which lets you get paid for referring people to products online. The most exciting part of this business model is that it can be automated and scaled. What was ‘wrong’ with my ebay business model was that I was in it. With affiliate marketing you can use systems and automated products to sell automatically and scale up your business.

Affiliate marketing lets you do this by referring customers to other people’s products. You can do this through websites and landing pages or even directly through online advertising. By sending people to sales pages and collecting their email addresses you can build a business through email marketing.

Where To Find Affiliate Marketers – My First Contact

Although I had been doing affiliate marketing for a few years before finding the SFM, it wasn’t until then that I actually met a real person. After I had joined the program I went on a training event and met a whole bunch of people. I’ve since been to various training seminars which are available worldwide at various times around the year. Before this, the affilaite marketing world seemed like a very small place.

Every sales person I had bought a product from was pretty illusive. I did have an email conversation with an affilaite marketer prior to joining the SFM. However, I never actually met or knew anyone.

Access A Comunity Of Online Entrepreneurs

where to find affiliate marketers

An online community is one of the best features of this online training program. Without someone to talk to and discuss your online business, it is much harder to build and overcome the obstacles both personally and financially to online success. Once you access this community you can join various Facebook groups, get in touch with a personal mentor and physically attend meetings and events around the world.

The modular step by step training platform will also help you both with building the platforms you need (website, landing pages, sales funnel etc) and with your mindset training. Mindset is something I didn’t understand before finding this community. When it came to building a business I really didn’t know what was involved. I was too concerned with the skills I needed rather than the final results and I got lost in building many websites and constantly learning. I became ‘stuck’ in learning mode.

Although I loved learning new skills I wasn’t moving forwards in my business. The tools are also available here to make your online progress very fast. You can have a website and sales funnel up and running very quickly. You don’t need any previous experience either.

Take a look at this business suite in which Stuart Ross shows just how quickly you can have a working website up and running.

where to find affiliate marketers

Access A Comunity And Get Started

Access a community of online entrepreneurs and get started with your affiliate marketing business here.

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