Where Can I Advertise My Affiliate Link For Free?

Are you wondering “where can I advertise my affiliate link for free”? Then you’re in the right place! There are a number of untapped places around the internet where you can place your affiliate link. Plus you can do this at no cost to get more people to your website. Here are a few little hiding places online which I’ve found and capitalized on.

Where Can I Advertise My Affiliate Link For Free?

So where can I advertise my affiliate link for free? It’s a good question! Let’s have a look at some free options to place your affiliate link:

1. Ebay – About me page:

If you have an ebay account then you should fill in an ‘about me’ page. You can also place a link in your profile. Although it’s not a clickable link it still has the potential to get the occasional free visitor to your landing page – so why not use it. If your link is unmemorable – like many affiliate links are, you can either use a website instead or forward a more memorable domain name to your affiliate link. Here’s my about me page with a link to my website here. Think of other online profiles where you can attach your affiliate link. It’s a easy win and a passive source of traffic.

where can i advertise my affiliate link for free


2. Ebay – Create a free listing:

You can also use ebay to create a free listing which has your affiliate link in its description. Lots of affilaite use this tactic to send people to their landing page and/ or affiliate products. Create many of these for bigger results. See this video in which I have used a more memorable domain name to forward to my affiliate link.

3. E-bay

So, you have your link on ebay and one in your ‘about me’ page but how many people will actually see them? You can get more traffic to your about me page by writing guides on ebay. Here’s a guide on misspell ebay auctions. You can write guides in your niche to get found on Google and bring people through your ‘about me’ page.

4. Facebook and social media –

add your link on your Facebook profile where there is space for website links. You will also find this applies across the board on your social media platforms. Make sure to add your affiliate link, or a website which points to it, to your profile page on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and any other social media account you have. Also you can open accounts and connect with people to allow more people to find you and your affiliate link.

5. Facebook business page –

 Create a Facebook business page. A Facebook business page is a great place to create and share content and also advertise your affiliate link for free. You can of course also share your affiliate link on your normal Facebook page status but a business page is a good way to separate your friends and family from your potential customers.

6. YouTube channel

A YouTube channel and/or profile is another great place where you can advertise your affiliate link for free. To get more people to see your link you can create videos in your niche and also interact with other people in the YouTube community – ideally those who may be interested in your target niche. By commenting and offering value in your comments, you can get people to come to your profile and see your affiliate link.

7. Free Ads

Free advertising sites like Craigslist, FreeAds, Gumtree and of course Ebay, allow you to advertise for free and sometimes you are also allowed to place a link on these sites. I have already mentioned ebay. If you are clever when choosing a category with these sites you can list for free – some categories will require payment.  Some of them will require you to be contacted by email and won’t allow a link directly in your advert. You can always send your link to inquiries you get by email.

8. Discussion Forums - 

Depending on the forum you may or may not be allowed to place your link directly in the comments section. Check terms and conditions of the forums. If you are not allowed, you can often place the link in your profile when creating an account. Join in forum discussions to link people through to your profile once they see your comments.

9. Email Signature

Many people will miss an opportunity to link to their website or affiliate link in their email signature. In Googlemail, for example, you can set up an email signature which is included in all of your outgoing emails. If you’re worried about leaving a messy affiliate link in your emails, setup a website which you can build links out of, and which isn’t as ‘spammy’ as placing an affiliate link in all your emails.

10. Snip.ly –

where can i put my affiliate link for free

Snip.ly is a piece of software which can be accessed for free. It allows you to share content which either links back to your opt-in page (if you have one), or to a website of your choice. You can use this to share appropriate content with your potential customers and link through to affiliate products of your choice.

11. Buffer.com

This website allows you to share content over all you social media platforms with a single click. Buffer will syndicate your content (with affiliate link in) across your social media platforms at times throughout the day pre-determined by you. You can access Buffer for free but have a limited amount of shared available unless you upgrade.

12. Blogs and websites

Let’s not forget blogs and websites. If you have a website you can of course share whatever you want on it for free. You can build a free website at weebly.com and post your affiliate links there. Ideally you should have your own website as free websites are not going to get found as easily on Google as a proper website.

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13. Quora.com

Quora.com lets you answer and pose questions to be answered online. By answering questions you can place your links within your answers. It’s a great place to find other online bloggers and marketers within your business niche too.

14 Yahoo Answers

Yahoo answers does let you post links to articles supportive of you answer, however, they don’t allow tidyurl links or unrelated affiliate links. Make sure you do your research and check the latest policies before posting. If you have written an article and it is relative to answering a question, you can post link to your website. That gives you a way around the obviously spammy affiliate link posting, which is frowned upon on many forums too.

15. Guest Blogging

Where can I advertise my affiliate link for free? On a guest blog. Although not all guest blogs will allow you to place a direct affilaite link on their site, many will. If you can’t find one you can still send them back to your website, from which you can advertise your affiliate links. Guest blogging is a great way to build you online presence, find new traffic sources and give your website a boost on the search engines from inbound links.


So there you have it! So if you’ve been wondering “where can I advertise my affiliate link for free” you should no know! Plenty of places to place your affiliate link! If you know any more please comment below and share your ideas.

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