What’s the point in blogging then?

I’ve just read a post which inspired me to write this article. It’s a good question when you’re starting our as an internet marketer. Why blog? What’s the point? Does anyone actually want to read this drivel? What have I got to say anyway?

One of the main reasons people blog is to be heard and to have a voice in the world. It is often in order to make money though blogging which motivates people to do it. In my first blog ever, several years ago, money was the main motivator. One of my first ever blog posts was on blogger.com which is now  part of Google. I wrote several articles about various subjects in order to drive traffic to my website and hopefully make a few sales. I wrote and wrote but with very little results in the way of sales. Some of my articles were banned since they were too much about selling products and it was a very frustrating experience.


Now I write about things that help and motivate me. I write for myself. It helps me to iron out things in my mind and get clear about what I am doing and where I am going. I would say that I am still motivated to earn an income from my blogging since that is one of the main reasons I came to it in the first place. Some people blog just for the hell of it and because they are passionate about something. Passion is the best reason to blog however because people latch on to your passion and it can become contagious. I always try to write about something which I am interested in and stirs a passion. Otherwise it is very difficult to write.

I worked for an internet based airport parking company where I had to blog on a daily basis about pretty much anything to do with either airports, travel news or parking. I managed 6 months before I finally gave in and left. The main reason companies have a blog section on their website is for SEO – search engine optimisation. Google likes to see a website building regular content and rewards such websites with a higher ranking on the organic search engine. Websites will also gain more traffic by the writing of these blogs as the titles will be found on the search engines. So if you have a website it’s a good idea to change your permalink structure in settings to the name of your blog post rather than having it as the page number. (Technical tit-bit).

Blogging is good for your traffic then, and for the ranking of your website as a whole. If you have products to sell on your website, the more visitors you get the more likely you are to sell one of your products. However you also need to remember that people are reading your blogs and they need to be interested enough to read through to the end and hopefully buy one of your products. Here’s mine: get a free bootcamp training course and earn while you learn. (Subtle sales pitch!)

If not they will quickly click away from your site and look for something else. Completing a blog post can be quite rewarding as you can feel rather accomplished about it. I am participating in a 30 day blogging  challenge which will hopefully move my internet business forwards by leaps and bounds! And of course it will make me rich beyond my wildest dreams!! 😉

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