What is list building

So what is list building and why should you be interested? List building is the tactic used by thousands of business owners both offline and online in order to engage with more potential customers. Whether you have a ‘bricks and mortar’ business with an actual physical premises, or a solely online business, building a list of email subscribers, to whom you can offer something of value, is one of the best tactics you can employ to grow your business. List building is the building of a list of email subscribers to market your product/service to.

Why build an email list? 

For a business owner, their customers are their greatest assets. No customers = no sales. Building a list means you are tapping into a new potential customer base. It also allows a business owner to stay in touch with already existing customers and keep them up to date with new products, discounts and various other offers which you might have available to them. If someone has already bought from you, and had a good experience, they are much more likely to buy again. Getting them to join your email list means you can keep in touch and remind them of what you have to offer.

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Do I need a website to build a list?

You can build a list without a website by using advertising and landing pages. Here is a great tool which can help you to build landing pages. Ideally you should have a website too – especially if you already have a business. Having a website means you can place some code and allow visitors to opt-in to your email list. Once on your list you can send them emails of your latest offers and give value.

Capturing email addresses from your website

Placing a small piece of code on your website will allow you to capture email addresses from anyone who wants to subscribe to whatever it is you are offering. You can subscribe to companies offering this service through sites such as Aweber.com and Mailchimp.com.

What will list building do for me? 

Building a list of subscribers is the number one strategy of many internet marketers simply because it puts them in charge of their traffic. Relying on Google search and other methods for website traffic can be hit and miss. Having a list means you can communicate to your audience and build a relationship over time. Successful online business owners can build lists to over 100,000 subscribers. With one email promoting a digital product they can make hundreds or even thousands of sales at a time. With an internet business this also means a very flexible lifestyle is possible.

How do I get started with list building? 

You can start to build a list by subscribing to an auto-responder service like Aweber or Mail chimp. The videos will talk you through how to place code on your website. You will need a product or service to promote to your list and if you don’t already have one you can get one here (and a ready made list of email follow ups).

The sales funnel

Getting someone onto your list is just the beginning. Once they are on your list you should have a ‘sales funnel’ set up already to send them through. Your sales funnel will consist of a number of emails which offer products, services and value to them. Get a pre-made sales funnel here already populated with a series of proven emails.


How to build a list fast

There are many ways to build your list and I have made a number of videos explaining them. (Subscribe to my YouTube channel to see them). You need a few options on your website for your visitors to opt-in. You should see a drop down bar on my website with an opt-in option. You can get one of these for your website here. Once you have an opt-in option on your website you will need to drive traffic to it in order to get people to subscribe. You can do this in various ways but a simple strategy is to create a regular blog and promote it throughout the internet – through social media, to your list and through advertising. You can also create videos upload them to YouTube and share them on social media. See ‘what is a successful lead generation strategy‘ for more details.

What’s the fastest way to build an email list?

The fastest way to build a  list is to advertise and collect emails through either an advertising platform such as Facebook directly, or by sending the visitor to a landing page where you offer them a ‘legitimate bribe’ for their email address. Your ‘legitimate bribe’ should be something of value which is highly desirable to your visitor and also which relates to the service you are eventually going to offer them in your marketing campaign.

Will list building make a difference to my business?

On its own, list building is just a strategy like any other. Whether your business will succeed will depend on many other factors and will not just be about creating a list. Factors which will play a part in your success, and the success of your list might be:

  • How often you engage with your list
  • The content which you share with your list
  • How much value you give to your list
  • What your product or service is
  • How targeted your visitors and subscribers are
  • Whether your product is a match for what your subscribers want
  • The integrity of your messages and trust
  • Your relationship with your subscribers

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