What Is Bitbounce?

What is Bitbounce? I’ve been getting a few emails from Bitbounce asking me to pay in Cryptocurrency to send my emails. Since my list is growing daily, I send quite a few emails out through my autoresponder for my internet business. Bitbounce appears to be some kind of email filtering service which charges people to send you an email.

If someone isn’t on your list of email contacts, they get an auto response from Bitbounce asking for a small fee to be paid in order to send the email. Alternatively, you can click on a link which says “I know you” and supposedly get your email sent for free!

Here’s what the email looks like:

what is bit bounce

What Is Bitbounce?

The problem is, if you’re going to offer a link which says “I know you – Add me to your whitelist”, surely, every marketer is going to click on that link, rather than pay a fee! I certainly do. Trouble is, it doesn’t work! Or there’s some internal filtering going on as well! I initially took the filtering service in good faith. I assumed, perhaps wrongly, that people were genuinely wanting to join my list to get my awesome emails!

After clicking on “I know you, add me to your while list”, and also emailing the recipients of my emails directly, I thought maybe they didn’t actually want my emails in the first place, just some Cryptocurrency!

Perhaps, as I suspect, people are joining Bitbounce and then signing up to every marketer’s email list they can find, in the hope they will earn some easy money!

Is Bitbounce Going To Take Off?

On the Bitbounce website here’s the summary of their pitch:

“As BitBounce grows, and more users sign up, the relationship between email senders and receivers will change too. Being paid to receive email may seem novel now, but in time it will become standard practice.

Not only will outright spam be reduced, but it will be possible for individuals to reach people they would never have reached before. By paying a fee and respecting the fact that someone’s time has value, we will have access to the right people when it really counts.”

what is bitbounce

Of course Spam is a problem for many. But how much of a problem is different for everyone. I’m surprised at how many emails I’m getting from Bitbounce. The thought of paying to send emails which are currently free to send is a tough one, especially for marketers. I value the services I offer in my emails and I think if you’re signing up to my email list, you should too! If not, there’s no reason to subscribe.

The problem with an email filtering service which charges to send emails is that it is going to stop people wanting to communicate with you. What about if an opportunity comes in, or a job? Employers aren’t going to chase you down with Cryptocurrency to get an email to you when others are more communicative.

Email Filtering By Bitbouce

Here’s another quote on the official website:

“You will still have access to emails that get blocked. They won’t go into your inbox, but they will be available in a separate folder. So, if you are expecting an email from a contact who is not on your whitelist, you will know where to look for it.”

what is bitbounce

Ok so here’s the crux of it. Gmail and Hotmail already provide a similar service for free. Simply change your filter settings and you can ‘whitelist’ people you know, and the rest will go into your junk folder or some other folder of your choice. Change your filter settings in your dashboard to suit your needs.

Bitbounce has introduced the element of money making into the email party. For a long time, it’s been completely free to send and receive emails. The real question is, “will anyone pay to send an email”? Will this idea take off? With millions of emails being sent every minute, I’m really not sure whether it will. There’s an expectation that emails are free at the moment. Perhaps over time this will change.

Bitbounce And Online Marketers

If someone signs up to my list, with the hope of charging me to send emails, I will definitely be removing them. If I thought these were legitimate people who genuinely wanted to get my emails, and learn how to build an internet business, I would gladly pay! However, why would they deliberately put a barrier between receiving the information they have signed up to receive? If it’s money focused, they are hardly likely to be genuinely signing up for the information. And, they are much less likely to actually want the products and services I’m recommending. 

Whether or not people will some day be paying to send emails is anybody’s guess. It’s obviously the goal of the Bitbounce company since they stand to make money from it. I’m not sure this will take off but you never know. If you’re inundated with Spam which you don’t want, maybe it makes sense? But your email filtering service should be able to do this for you anyway. If companies start paying Cryptocurrency to send emails, it could be a nice little earner! Just sign up to as many marketers’ emails as possible once you’ve installed it. And then hope they pay. It’s a vulnerable business model though and I wouldn’t rely on it! Better to start an internet business!

Have you had any experience of Bitbounce? Please comment below if you have any thoughts.


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