What Is A Lifestyle Entrepreneur?

So what is a lifestyle entrepreneur? The phrase “lifestyle entrepreneur” applies to entrepreneurs who have

created both time and financial freedom in their lives. Timothy Ferris wrote the 4 hr work week in 2007. It

was a book which broke new ground at the time. Today, more people have joined the digital economy and grown their own online businesses. Business models like affiliate marketing and drop shipping have allowed the anyone to sell products over the internet.  You don’t need any products of your own either. You can sell other people’s products with these business models.

What does this mean for online lifestyle entrepreneurs? They can automate online businesses and create both time and financial freedom.

What Is A Lifestyle Entrepreneur?

So what is a lifestyle entrepreneur? A lifestyle entrepreneur is someone who has ‘cracked the code’ of online marketing success. They no longer need to work for anyone else, because they have learned how to sell products over the internet for a commission. Of course anyone who has created a freedom lifestyle which means both time and money, can be said to be a lifestyle entrepreneur.

You don’t need to have used the internet for this. However, the term “lifestyle entrepreneur” tends to refer to internet entrepreneurs because they can achieve this kind of freedom much more easily than with other business models. That’s because of the technology available which means anyone can benefit from automation and the ability to scale up the sale of products and services online. Click the image below to watch a video of Stuart Ross, an online “lifestyle entrepreneur”.

what is a lifestyle entrepreneur


What Is A Lifestyle Entrepreneur? – The Business Model

There’s a millionaire of entrepreneurs who have created a lifestyle of freedom. But what many have done to create this is build businesses which they have had to work in. An internet business still needs to be worked on, but it allows a certain amount of freedom and flexibility which most other business models don’t.

What is a lifestyle entrepreneur
Timothy Ferris – Author of The 4 Hr Work Week

An online business can allow anyone to earn an income from sales of other people’s products. This means they simply get paid to refer customers to various products around the internet. If they make a sale they earn a commission. Because of the automation involved, and the ability to duplicate their efforts on the internet, lifestyle entrepreneurs can make multiple sales online, even when they aren’t working. 

Advertising campaigns can reach thousands of people at once and deliver products automatically and instantaneously. For the entrepreneur who achieves this it means both time and financial freedom. Automated systems which are used in an online business include:

  • Email auto-responders – automated email software which can collect information (emails) and deliver a continuous stream of follow up emails on autopilot. These auto-responders can send tens of thousands of emails at once, and deliver products and services to multiple people digitally.
  • Online advertising – Platforms like Google’s Adwords, YouTube video adverts and Facebook can deliver super targeted advertisements to a specific cross section of people, specified by the advertiser.
  • Content generation – content generated by online marketers (digital entrepreneurs), can generate sales long after the content has been created. Affiliate links in content can take customers directly to products and ‘track’ sales back to the content creator. They earn commissions based on the sales.

What Is A Lifestyle Entrepreneur? – Stu & Jay

Lifestyle entrepreneurs Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek have teamed up to build an online business community and lifestyle business system. I was lucky enough to find them a few years ago. Before that I was struggling to figure out the best way to operate an online business. After reading Timothy Ferris’s book The 4 hr Work Week, I was inspired. I set out to earn an income from the internet. However, I had great difficulty and struggled with a variety of online business systems and ideas.

I went from eBay to creating my own products, to Adsense to affiliate marketing. It was only after finding a business system which had the right structure, plus the community to help me learn, that things started to change. One of the main benefits to joining an online community like the one Stuart and Jay offer, is the ability to follow a structured learning program and watch others who are already successful.

How To Start A Lifestyle Website

Not everyone wants to become “lifestyle entrepreneurs”, as such. But there’s plenty of people who are unhappy in their work, live lives of difficulty and financial struggle, and who want to escape their current situation. Stuart and Jay’s business system offers a means to do this for many people.

The business system they offer allows anyone to use a digital product suite, and earn up to 40% commissions on sales they generate. Digital products can be sold globally, so this business system is one which can be both scaled up and automated. This makes for a ‘lifestyle business’. Anyone can learn how to do this by following a step by step process. The difficulty of building a website, or a sales funnel has been removed because most of this process has been done for you.

Checkout the video below which shows just how easily you can set up your own website. (Click image).

what is a lifestyle entrepreneur

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