Website Earning Methods

There’s several website earning methods you can use to make money online. Both methods require getting website traffic which can be the main sticking point for online entrepreneurs. More on traffic later. The two main strategies are:

  1. Write a blog and use Google Adsense to earn through clicks of your adverts.
  2. Build a website and sell affiliate products through it.

Before we go into detail about these two website earning methods, let’s take a look at how we can generate website traffic to our website. You can of course use both these methods in conjunction with each other.

Website Earning Methods – Building Traffic

website earning methods

There’s also two main methods of building traffic to your website:

  1. Create content and ‘rank it’ on Google
  2. Pay for ‘instant traffic’ with paid advertising.

Going back to the website earning methods, if you are making money with Google Adsense you will need to build your website up so it gets free traffic from the search engines. You will only make a tiny amount from each advert which is clicked so you can’t pay for traffic with this method. You also need to put in a lot of effort first before you see any financial reward because it takes a long time and a lot of content before you can earn even a small amount from Google’s Adsense program. Anyway, back to building traffic.

Creating Content

website earning methods

Creating content is the ‘free’ way to earn visits from Google’s search engine. There are also the Yahoo, Ask and Bing search engines but the main one is Google. Writing content takes time and you need to write good, quality content for Google to rate it high enough to rank on the first page of Google. Short and competitive keywords are mostly very difficult to compete for on the first page so it’s wise to look for long chain keyword phrases in your business niche.

I say this is a ‘free’ method because it takes a lot of time and effort before you will see any tangible results. Your content needs to be good and you need to aim for the long tail keywords rather than the short two and three work keywords which get all the traffic. More on creating content and ranking your articles in my ebook Niche Blogging For Profit.

Linking To Your Blog

website earning methods

There’s a lot more to building up your reputation online than simply blogging. You also should build connections with other websites in your industry. Having back links from good quality websites within your business niche denotes to Google that you are in good standing in your business community.

You can also pick up website traffic from building backlinks. You can comment on other people’s blogs, on website forums and even offer to do guest blogging for websites you like in exchange for a link back to your website.

Website Earning Methods – Paying For Traffic

Some website owners build up traffic by blogging first and only when they have a good amount of traffic do they start to pay for traffic. However, some successful affiliate marketers start out with only paid advertising and send traffic directly to landing pages. After people subscribe to the offer on the landing page they are then sent a series of emails with various affiliate products attached. With the right program and business model you can earn without even needing a website of your own. Simply sending the right traffic to landing pages and building an email list can be a good website earning method. But you do need the right products. Here’s why..

If you choose to go down the affiliate marketing route you will earn money for referring website traffic to other people’s products online.

Multiple Streams Of Income

website earning methods

Ideally you should choose affiliate products which allow you to earn multiple streams of income. Selling a single product will only give you a single commission. Choose to sell products which offer:

  • High Ticket Commissions – This gives you a greater markup and lets you recoup advertising costs more easily than small value products.
  • Memberships – Sell items with memberships because it lets you earn regular commissions from previous sales.
  • Up-sells – Up-sells or larger value items which are sold later to existing customers still pay you a comission – even though the sales are closed by:
  • A built in sales team –  An after sales team closes sales on your behalf and you can capitalise on high ticket items which value up to $20,000 earning up to 40% commission.
  • Multi-Tier sales – Earn commissions on sales made by your team. This again creates more leverage in your business and you can generate residual commissions even years after your initial referrals.

As you can see, having all this in place in your online business means that using paid advertising is much more viable. If you tried to make money solely from Adsense (adverts on your website) and paid advertising you wouldn’t be able to recoup your spending.

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