Warning: Blogging Can Seriously Change Your Bank Balance

There’s a lot of bloggers out there and while some only make a pittance, those who stick at it long enough and do it right are earning a fortune. They get thousands of visits every day and those visitors are turning into customers. I wouldn’t say blogging is a quick fix and an instant income, far from it. However, blogging is a main income for thousands of bloggers now and once your income from blogging matches that of your main job, you can focus on the blogging wholeheartedly. This is around the time you discover what works and what doesn’t. You start spending more time on those activities which produce results, and less on the others.

warning: blogging can seriously change your bank balance

Blogging – The Tipping Point

There’s a lot of work involved in blogging, it’s true. You need to be passionate about what you’re doing or you won’t last. Remember there’s a lot of competition out there – millions of bloggers potentially blogging about the same thing as you. Some will give up and go back to the day job, others will stick at it and build a huge following in the months and years to come.

Many bloggers don’t start out with the intention to make money. They just want to blog because they enjoy blogging. Only when they start to gain a large following do the monetise their website. The tipping point with a blog is when it goes from a few hundred daily visitors to a few thousands. If your blog is already monetised at this point you can see your income rise very quickly. And the good thing is that your income is largely passive, if you have set up everything correctly.

A Passive Income From Blogging

warning: blogging can seriously change your bank balance

The two main ways to monetise your blog are from Google Adsense and affiliate marketing. The adsense program lets you put some code on your website which is turned into a suitable advert for your content. When people click on your adverts you earn a small commission. You need a lot of daily visitors to your blog to earn money in this way but if you have thousands of people following you this can be a real source of income for bloggers.

The other method is by using affiliate marketing. By joining an affilaite program you can promote other people’s products and services around the internet. The good thing is you don’t have to fulfill any customer requests or deal with any products personally. You simply place a banner, for example, on your site which sends people to various offers. When sales are closed by the product’s owners, or someone buys from their website, you are credited with a sale and you earn a commission. It’s completely ‘hands off’ once you have set it all up. You can then simply focus on your blogging to attract customers to your blog.

Blogging – Getting People To Your Website

warning: blogging can increase your bank balance

So how easy is it to get people to your website and earn money? There are a variety of topics to blog about and the one you choose will have a great deal to do with your ability to generate traffic, and make sales. Competitive topics are more difficult to rank on Google and get free traffic. However, you can still share your content on social media and even pay for advertising. To get your content on Google, and get free traffic to your website can take a bit of time. In my ebook Niche Blogging For Profit, I share some ideas on how to get free traffic by blogging. There are various strategies to get more people to your blog. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Keyword targeted articles – By researching your article titles you can find untapped niches with your blog area. By writing specifically for these you can increase your chances of ranking them on Google for your chosen keywords. If you manage to rank some main keywords you can have a free source of traffic to your website for potentially years to come.
  2. Enticing article titles – Writing your articles with interesting and intriguing titles can mean they will get more shares on social media. More shares also mean an article can rank better on Google too. If you get a piece of content to go viral and get shared all over the internet it can have a massive impact on your blog, and income.
  3. Advertising your website can be worth doing if you have the right products on it.  Many bloggers advise to build up a blog over time first by creating content. You can start small and set a low budget and build up your advertising spend once you see a good return on investment.
  4. YouTube Videos – Creating videos and uploading to YouTube is a good way to generate more traffic back to your blog.
  5. Social Media sharing – sharing content on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Monetising Your Blog With The Right Products

Obviously your products will depend on your blog topic. If you have a blog about learning the guitar, for example, it’s no good selling cruises through it, because you have the wrong audience. Your website visitors should be a good match for the products you choose to put on your site. However, you should also consider products which offer:

  • Memberships – Membership allow you to earn commissions every month from a single sale (providing your customer continues to use the service) See best recurring affiliate programs.
  • High Ticket Products – High ticket products allow you to offset advertising costs more easily meaning you can use paid advertising more quickly and scale up more easily.
  • Back end sales – Many affiliate products don’t offer further sales in their range, or if they do they don’t pay their affiliates for them.Choose products with back end sales which you can earn from and a built in sales team closing sales on your behalf.

Access a range of high ticket products which you can start to promote on your blog and learn more about blogging, advertising and affiliate marketing with this online education platform.

blogging can change your bank balance

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