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Looking for a virtual business for sale? What exactly is a virtual business and how does it work? Well, unlike a traditional bricks and mortar business, a virtual business can operate completely over the internet. It can use virtual (digital) products and websites to automate most of the running of the business system. It also uses other software and systems like email marketing and online advertising.

This is how Wikipedia describes a virtual business: “A virtual business employs electronic means to transact business as opposed to a traditional brick and mortar business that relies on face-to-face transactions with physical documents and physical currency or credit.”

Virtual Business For Sale  – Virtual Online Business

virtual business for sale

So what can a virtual business do for you? A virtual business, or an internet based business can allow anyone to build an online business which means they can:

  • Work from anywhere with a laptop and internet connection
  • Build a business around their current employment
  • Use automation to run their online business
  • Scale up over time by reinvesting their profits

The automation of an online business makes it very scalable. By choosing products and services which are digital, you can sell to anyone on the planet, without ever needing to post anything or store anything. Affiliate marketing is the model which can allow anyone to sell someone else’s products and services over the internet.

Virtual Business For Sale – Virtual Goods

virtual business for sale

Anyone can choose to sell anything over the internet. you don’t have to personally own something in order to sell it over the internet. Amazon is the biggest affiliate marketing website on the internet. Anyone can join Amazon and sell their products for a small commission. These, though are physical goods mostly. Digital goods or virtual goods are different for a number of reasons.

You can access them immediately over the internet by immediate download. This removes postage and storage costs. Manufacturing costs are also much lower than for physical goods. Once virtual goods are made, they can be sold again and again without the need for any more manufacturing. An example of virtual goods might be an online training program, an eBook or a downloadable video course.

Because of the savings possible with virtual goods, affiliate marketers can earn considerably more by promoting them. Most digital products with affiliate programs let affiliate marketers sell their products and earn up to 40% commissions based on the sale price.

Virtual Business Opportunities

The internet has brought with it a rise in the available virtual business opportunities. Many so called lifestyle businesses have sprung up recently because of the ability to work from anywhere and scale up to a global audience. But how does this work and can anyone do it? Previously the technical barriers to this kind of business meant that many were excluded. Now, anyone can take advantage of this opportunity because of the software and technology which has made many of the virtual business opportunities more accessible.

Checkout the video below which shows just how easy it can be to get a website up and running. Compare this to just a few years ago when it was the sole domain of the tech savvy programmer.

virtual business for sale

What Is Virtual Sales? – A Virtual Online Business

Virtual sales are sales of digital products over the internet. Because the sale of digital products can be automated, it means a virtual business can be operated from anywhere and scaled up to a global audience. With the right business model, this can mean a lot more financial and time freedom to whoever uses this system.

The business system described in the video can allow anyone to use the ‘virtual’ sales funnel, generate sales and earn commissions from pre-made digital products and services. Not a sales person? Don’t worry. With a virtual business, you can earn commissions simply by sending people through a fully automated sales funnel.

virtual business for sale

You don’t need to do any face to face selling, and you only need to learn some basic online marketing skills. Once you know how to do this, you can rinse and repeat over the many online advertising platforms to generate more traction.

Virtual Sales Training – Virtual Business

Access an online training and education platform and learn how to market your own sales funnel. This will also give you access to an online community. Access a free 7 day video series to learn more and get started.

The training involves putting together your own virtual sales funnel which has a range of products within it from which you can earn commissions. Once up and running you will ned to promote this sales funnel by advertising in a number of different ways:

  • Online advertising
  • Offline advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • Paid advertising

virtual business for sale

By sending targeted traffic directly to your own specific affiliate link, you’ll be sending people through your virtual sales funnel. As they pass through the funnel they can purchase various products and services. The ‘back-end’ of the virtual business is running already with a built in sales team, a range of high ticket virtual products and multiple back-end products. You can also benefit from:

  • Up-sells – commissions on sales made to existing customers
  • Subscription products – Ongoing memberships and software which allows you to benefit from subscription commissions
  • Multi-tier sales – Sales made by your team can earn you commissions * Depending on your placement in the business structure.

Virtual Business Ideas

I started looking for a virtual business for sale several years ago after downloading an eBook. It struck me as the perfect business model for automation and scalability. I later found this business model which lets anyone use a pre-existing sales funnel and benefit from multiple earning methods.

Don’t waste time trying to use low valued products and/or build your own products to sell on the internet. Use a sales funnel which has a range of high ticket items, subscriptions and a built in sales team.

Access a 7 day video series here and access a virtual business for sale.

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