Vending Machine Franchise

Looking for a vending machine franchise? Have you thought about an online business? An online business lets you sell other people’s products and automate the process. Like a vending machine, an online business can be set up and left running, making sales while you sleep. The added benefit of an online vending machine is that you can tap into a global audience. You don’t need to refill or maintain any machines, because it’s all online.

vending machine franchise

Vending Machine Business – A Global ‘Vending Machine’

The internet can be made into a global vending machine. With the right products, know-how and attitude, anyone can learn how to build a virtual ‘vending machine’ and scale it up to make sales on near auto-pilot. See autopilot money making system.

So what’s involved, how does this work and how can you get started?

Other People’s Products

vending machine franchise

Anyone can now use the internet to sell other people’s products to a global audience. What’s even better is that some of these products offer commissions of 40%+. So you don’t need your own products to make money from the internet. But what products should you sell?

Many affiliate products offer the ability to sell over the internet for a commission. Amazon is the biggest affiliate website on the internet and lets anyone promote their products via a specific tracked link, and earn commissions.

What makes the internet similar to a vending machine is the ability to automate sales. The benefit is that you can reach a global audience and sell products over the internet. Digital products allow easy access instantly. You don’t need to post, store or manufacture products. Simply use existing digital products and promote them for commissions.

Vending Machine Franchise

vending machine franchise

An internet business which offers more than the average commissions, can be thought of very much like a vending machine franchise. An online business which lets you sell high ticket items and benefit from a back-end multi-level sales platform, has a lot of added benefits:

  • High ticket items – Allow you to earn higher level commissions and use aggressive marketing tactics to scale up into the higher level income brackets.
  • Multi-Tier sales – Let you earn commissions from second level sales (sales made by your referrals)
  • Built in sales system and team – After your initial referral, you can benefit from a sales team closing your sales on your behalf
  • Up-selling – Up sales come from a product range which is offered to existing customers. This is automated and a sales team will help close sales on your behalf.
  • Built in training platform and community of entrepreneurs

A fending machine franchise allows you to sell certain products within an established range. An online business franchise does the same. You can benefit from being able to sell online training and education programs. Promote a digital business platform and an online entrepreneurial community and learn the skills you need while you build your business. You can access the video series here for more information.

Vending Machine Franchise – My Story

I started out online looking for a business I could run alongside periodic work contracts. Initially I used eBay and bought and sold from the auction site. I found an eBook which taught a system to buy and sell from eBay. However, it was the eBook itself which fascinated me.

I could access it immediately over the internet by instant download. The whole sale was automated and no-one was in the ‘loop’ of the sale. The sale of a digital product also meant it could be sold over and over again through a single listing on eBay. The digital product was a repeatable business model.

I knew this was such a brilliant business model so I pursued the idea for a number of years. Initially I tried to copy it with my own products. After a while of struggle I started learning from online business courses. They taught me how to market a product online. This was the key ingredient which I was missing.

Over time I tried various online marketing and sales tactics. Digital products stood out to me because they could be sold anywhere globally. There was no postage difficulties getting in the way of a sale. I just needed the right products and to learn how to market them!

A Digital Business System – (Vending Machine Franchise)

I eventually found a clever business model and training and education platform which was co-founded by Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek (pictured with me above). These guys were way ahead of the game! What I was thinking about, they did on a much larger scale. They were internet millionaires! I started from the 7 day video series and quickly saw the potential of this business system and model.

You can access the 7 day video series here FREE and start your online “vending machine franchise” journey today!

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