Upselling techniques

What are upselling techniques? Upselling is simply selling or attempting to sell the buyer more than they originally intended to buy. “Do you want fries with that” is a successful upselling technique which has been used by McDonalds and various other fast food chains to increase the amount the average customer intends on spending. By selling a burger and fries to someone who previously had no intention of buying fries, McD’s make an extra 75p on a £1.50 sale – a 50% increase.

Successful upselling is a method of marketing which is used extensively by online businesses too. Amazon, for example successfully uses this technique to promote other items which may be of interest when purchasing shopping online. If you have ever used Amazon you will see a list of related items when you purchase something listed as “customers who bought this item also bought”.

The practice of upselling is a hugely successful method in internet marketing of increasing your sales through an automated sales funnel – see what is a sales funnel. Many businesses only look to finding more customers and neglect to realize that people who have already decided to buy are much more likely to purchase something else, especially if they already have their credit card out! Even in physical businesses, your already existing customers are far more likely to purchase other items from you because you have already established trust and built a relationship.


Upselling techniques

The techniques of upselling are simple really and all based around the previous example – “do you want fries with that?”. With online businesses it is simply to offer another product or a ‘special bonus’ product which offers more value. Often these deals have a ‘limited time’ of availability, especially with some online businesses, to entice you to purchase immediately. These offers often appear straight after you have purchased an item.

Vistaprint are very good at this sales method and if you have ever purchased one of their deals you will see various other add-ons displayed before and after an online purchase. The ‘scarcity model’ is one of the techniques used in upselling. It is a method of limiting either availability or time to encourage a purchase: “This offer is only available in the next 10 minutes” or “There is only limited availability” or “Only 10 places left”. You can get a plugin which will do this for you here. (Only 10 left!).

Although up-selling can be particularly annoying to the customer, it is obviously a business model which works. Otherwise big companies wouldn’t employ it in their business models. Go to any McDonald’s in the world and they will always offer your the upsell. “Do you want fries?, do you want to go large? Do you want the meal deal? Etc, etc. Although some customers will say no, there are more that say yes who had only intended on buying the basic minimum.

The upsell technique works too by offering something for free. Give something away for free in exchange for your customers contact details. Then you up-sell the customer on a bottom of the range product. If they buy that offer then you show them the next model up – and so on and so on.

The free video course I offer here is an example. Check it out before I take it down in the next 10 days!! 😉

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