Up And Coming Franchises

Up and coming franchises in the lifestyle business sector offers the average person the option of an internet based business. Growth in e-commerce business shows that more people are turning to the internet for their shopping. It’s often cheaper, more convenient and is getting faster by the day to do your shopping online.

up and coming franchises

This in turn is allowing e-commerce businesses to thrive. People are increasingly looking for a viable business model which is based online. The internet can now offer anyone a flexible method of building a dependable living. This trend is set to continue and up and coming franchises which offer lifestyle businesses are delivering the most value.

What other business can offer such freedom and flexibility than an online business? Not many franchises can offer what an internet based business can, and at such a low cost. Traditional franchises have huge costs involved. Not only that but they also have many more running costs to consider than an online business does. The biggest cost involved with an online business is the training and education needed to do well at it.

up and coming franchises

Up And Coming Franchises

The SFM is an example of up and coming franchises which are available to help online entrepreneurs build lifestyle businesses. The SFM (Six Figure Mentors) offers a training and education platform which anyone can access and use to learn the skills needed to build and develop a profitable online business.

The internet can be used to leverage and scale the sale of digital products and services. The model is known as affilaite marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a referral based online business model. Anyone can refer website traffic to products and services over the internet. From the sale of these services ‘affiliates’ can earn commissions. With digital products these commissions can be up to and above 40% of their cost too.

Why Digital Products?

Digital products offer the ability to earn 40% of the cost of any given item on the internet. This is a massive opportunity for anyone to build a sustainable living from the internet. An internet based business can offer the kind of freedom and flexibility that most jobs and even bricks and mortar businesses can’t. A bricks and mortar franchise is much more costly to start with. An internet business is a lower cost option.

Digital products can be accessed online from anywhere with an internet connection and a laptop. This is what makes an online business so flexible. By promoting digital products you can use software, systems and technology which can give you a largely automated business model which can be operated from anywhere given an internet connection and laptop.

Digital products are able to pay out 40%+ to affiliates because of their inherent low costs. Physical products need to be physically sent out, stored and produced. Digital products, on the other hand can be accessed over the internet so there’s no delivery cost involved. They can be stored digitally and once they are produced, there are no further costs. This is why product owners can offer such high commissions to affilaites for their promotion and sale.

Why Lifestyle Businesses?

A lifestyle business can offer much more in terms of freedom and flexibility than a traditional business. For the many people who are seeking an alternative to working for a boss, a lifestyle business is the perfect answer. You can build it up around an existing job or career, automate much of the process and scale up when you have everything in place. In addition, costs are much lower than for many other businesses.

You’re not tied to a phyical location as with many other franchise opportunities. The best thing of all about a lifestyle type of business is it’s ability to be scaled. Products are available and can be sold internationally. This makes it a global industry. Using the internet you can reach a global population with online advertising. This is no longer just the domain or large multi-national corporations either.

The Main Problem + The Main Solution

Most people don’t even know about this potential yet. Many find it hard to believe too. For those who do believe in the possibility of a completely online business, they lack the knowhow. This is where an online education and training platform comes in. The best up and coming franchises are the education platforms which gives people the knowledge mindset and ability to turn their attention towards this opportunity.

The SFM  teaches not only the ‘nuts and bolts’ of how to build an online business from scratch, but also the much needed mindset training which is necessary to transition from ’employee’ mindset to that of an entrepreneur. As more people free themselves of the traditional working model of a 9 to 5 working week, there will be more who seek out this type of business model.

Access this Digital Business And Training Platform

Access a training and education platform which is also a digital business system. The SFM offers both training and education in building an online business and a clever business system too. The education which SFM offers can give anyone the mindset, tools, systems and strategies to build a profitable online business.

Their business system can also be used to promote and sell digital products as an affiliate and earn 40% of high ticket products through a ready made sales funnel.

The business system also allows affiliates to benefit from a number of clever tools. Autoresponders, landing pages, websites and various other tools allow online marketers to build an automated business system which can be scaled with online advertising.

You can also benefit from:

  • High ticket products
  • Subscription sales – earning you commissions on a regular basis
  • Built in sales team – Closing sales on your behalf
  • Up-sell products – After sales add-ons which you can earn from
  • Multi-tier sales – Benefit from multi-level commissions.

Learn more and access this business system to get started. You can sign up for a free video series here to learn more.

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