Unskilled Opportunities

Finding yourself in a situation later in life of having to look for unskilled opportunities is not great. However, due to the information age, opportunities now exist where previously they were unheard of. The internet has opened doors for career changes and it is now a possibility for many to build their own internet business from scratch. Only a few years ago this was much harder than it is today. If you’re looking for unskilled opportunities, the internet offers one of the best strategies to earn from.

Software and technology has taken a lot of the difficulties out of building an online business. Only 10 years ago website building was a strategy for the computer programmer. Now anyone can get a website without any programming knowledge and with easy to use software.

Unskilled Opportunities – The Internet Age

If you can use an email then you can learn to build an internet business. The internet has opened opportunities to work from your laptop from anywhere in the world. You can also sell other people’s products through websites and emails. Earning commission from products around the internet has allowed thousands of people to live a life of flexibility and freedom. The model is called affiliate marketing.

Anyone can learn to sell products and services over the internet. But how easy is it?

How Easy Is It To Learn?

Anyone can learn affiliate marketing. You can get started today with this training platform. Training involves step by step instruction and videos which will lead you through the process of:

  • Building a website – Very simple now with ‘plug and play’ software
  • Setting up a pre-made email series
  • Accessing an auto-responder – This piece of software is used to communicate with multiple subscribers
  • Promoting your affiliate link

Once your products and pages are set up you simply promote your affiliate link online. There is training and a community of support to help you do this. Affiliate marketing is not a ‘get rich quick’ magic pill but a genuine business model, which if done right can give you an income for life. The training and software now available makes building an internet business easier than ever.

Unskilled Opportunities – Use The Right Business Model

unskilled opportunities
Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek founders of SFM

Many people struggle with affiliate marketing which is why Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek have set up an online platform to teach people how to build a long term affiliate business from scratch. Using a business model which uses:

  • high ticket sales,
  • membership commissions,
  • built in sales team,
  • a community of people,
  • a digital learning platform

There is no personal direct selling required with affiliate marketing which makes it a possibility for many people who want an opportunity but don’t want to personally sell things. Affiliate marketing also uses the power of leverage to sell other people’s products online. Rather than the traditional model of trading time for money, you can use technology to sell products 24/7 online on autopilot. This can allow you to work around other commitments and build your online business in a way the suits you.

Unskilled Opportunities – Selling Digital Products

I looked into buying and selling on ebay several years ago and came across the affiliate marketing model. See my article how to start a profitable ebay business. The idea of selling digital products became so attractive that I pursued it to become an affiliate marketer. By promoting and selling other people’s digital products you can create automatic income streams which can continue to work day and night, delivering products and selling largely on autopilot. Once the systems are set up the sales pages do the ‘selling’ and digital products are delivered automatically. There are no customers to deal with directly and there is no need for physical posting of items.

Why I Started Learning Affiliate Marketing

My work was very sporadic so I needed an opportunity where I could work for myself. I also wanted a very flexible income which I could pick up and drop at a moments notice. After working online looking at various business models I found affiliate marketing which fitted the bill perfectly. It took a while before I knew what I was doing though. I struggled for a long time learning the ropes and failing at various business models.

Ultimately I wanted a business which I could work from my laptop. After doing my ebay business for a while, I decided I didn’t want to have to deal with customers or stand waiting at the post office. I needed a ‘neater’ model. That model was affiliate marketing. I can work from my laptop from anywhere with affiliate marketing selling other people’s products online.

What’s Involved With Affiliate Marketing?

Affilaite marketing is a model which has evolved from the sale of good over the internet. It’s a referral marketing strategy. By linking to goods and services online you get credit for their sale. It means you can sell products and services without having to deal with any customers or touch a single product. But what does the average affiliate marketer do? Affiliates send people to goods and services online. They can do this in a number of different ways depending on their own personal preferences and finances.


unskilled opportunities

Blogging is a cheap method to get started with affiliate marketing. Bloggers write about their topic and send website visitors to related products. If you have a passion for something you can find related products to include on your blog. By building ‘traffic’ (website visitors) to your website you can earn money from your sales. Bloggers write and share their content online via the various social media platforms. As their traffic grows so do their sales.


Some affiliate marketers go straight for paying for advertising to send visitors directly to products. With this method you don’t even need a website. You can direct traffic from sites like Google search and Facebook straight to offers around the internet. People are already searching for products. You simply need to put your advert in between the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) and the product.

Other Content Generation

Affiliates also create content other than by blogging. Videos, ebooks and webinars are other ways to generate traffic and build interest in your brand and your products. Some affiliates stick to one source of content (YouTube, Article marketing) and other do a bit of everything. Once you have found a strategy which suits you and which generate the right kind of traffic, you can continue to improve your traffic numbers. Once you get the right amount of targeted traffic to your offers you can continue to generate sales – hands free in some situations.

Email List

The top affiliate marketers all build a list of subscribers. Building a list means you have a source of traffic which you control. You don’t need to rely on paying advertisers for generating more traffic when you have a list. List building takes time though and you need to employ the above strategies in order to build a list in the first place. Once you have a list, you can market directly to your list.

Learn More and Get Started

Affiliate marketing offers one of the best unskilled opportunities available. You can start your own online business training with this digital learning platform. Access here today for more information and a free trial.

 unskilled opportunities

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