Unorthodox Jobs That Pay Well

Are you looking for unorthodox jobs that pay well? Despite the digital revolution many people still don’t realise the huge potential which lies on the internet. Internet based careers are abound today and the money which people spend online is growing at a fast rate. Even through the downfall of physical stores due to their online counterparts, people are missing the big picture as far as opportunities go. Unorthodox though it may be, the internet can allow anyone to build a lifestyle business from a laptop from anywhere globally.

Unorthodox Jobs That Pay Well

unorthodox jobs that pay well

So how does an internet business work? How do you get paid and how do you get started? Well let’s start with the business model which allows many online entrepreneurs to work from their laptop from anywhere globally. This is called affiliate marketing. See what is affiliate marketing. In short, affiliate marketing lets you the affiliate, sell digital and physical products on the internet and earn a commission. Because you pass the customer on to the product owner, through a website, you don’t need to personally own any product or service to start a business.

Affiliate marketing can allow anyone to start selling products online and earn commissions. All you need is a website, the right training and you are good to go! However, there are a few things to consider before setting up shop. Depending on your particular situation you might choose one method over another.

What Is Involved With Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is definitely one of those unorthodox jobs that pay well. However, depending on how you approach your own particular affiliate business will largely determine how successful you become. Business models vary in affiliate marketing and you can build your business on content or on advertising. You must however use a model which has proved itself. Selling individual items over and over can present some problems. The affiliate model will include:

unorthodox jobs that pay well

Membership sales

Selling membership products gives you a recurring income from a single sale. This is one key to making an affiliate business more profitable. Rather than selling item after item, which can be difficult, sell products which offer ongoing service and value.

High ticket items

High ticket products allow you to offset more expenditure on advertising and are much more easy to scale upwards to create higher incomes. Imagine you have two products. One is sold for $10 and the other is sold for $1000. Given you make a 50% commission on each, how easy do you think it will be to make $500? Which product will be easier to scale up and how many of each would you need to make a living? Selling 100 of the $10 product will give you the same income as selling a single product for $1000.

Up-selling to existing customers

This is an important business point. Many businesses look to acquire more customers and ignore their existing customers as a means to earn more income. By providing more products and giving more value, you can earn more from existing customers, and much more easily, than you can from continually looking to get more customers. Of course you should do both, but having a business model which lets you capitalize on the lifetime value of existing customers lets you earn more for the same or less work.

Unorthodox Jobs – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliates can create content and provide value in their own way using the internet. However, affiliates get paid by selling products and services. You can sell physical products or digital products and services. With digital products which don’t require any storage or expense to post out (since they can be accessed immediately), you can earn up to 50% and above of the sale price of any given item. Affiliate marketing is basically referral marketing. By referring customers to various products online you earn a commission.

Let’s say you recommend a restaurant to a friend because you have a good experience there. Your friend might go to the restaurant because of your recommendation. However, you don’t earn anything from that recommendation. On the internet if you refer someone to a product or service and they go ahead an purchase something, you earn a commission based on the sale.

Why Does Affiliate Marketing Pay So Well?

unorthodox jobs that pay well

Since the title of this article is unorthodox jobs that pay well, let’s have a look at why affiliate marketing fits this bill. For starters, not all affiliates make a success of affiliate marketing. That’s because pretty much anyone can have a stab at affiliate marketing. It is a low cost business to start. Anyone can put an affiliate banner on their website and call themselves an affiliate marketer. It doesn’t take much more effort than that. So don’t think an affiliate marketing business is easy.

However, what an affiliate business can offer is a certain amount of automation and with this can come the ability to scale up easily using automated systems and tools. A regular business is always limited by the amount of people nearby and its ability to scale upwards. With an online business, all systems, sales and advertising can be automated. This is one reason why affiliate marketing can create a great profit for those who ‘crack’ the system.

Also, the ability to earn an income from work done previously means you can earn an income from content you have created years previously. As you create more and more content, you ability to make sales increases over time. If each piece of content brings in a new customer to your products you can create passive sales over time. The more content you have out there, the greater your chances of success become.

Scaling Automated Systems

The ability to scale a sales system up once it is in place allows an affiliate to earn more for the same amount of work. The main work involved is in setting up sales funnels, websites, landing pages and creating products and services which are of benefit and will help people. Once this is all in place the main job of an affiliate marketer is advertising.

Since advertising is automated and can reach a global audience, once the strategy is in place which works, it can be scaled up simply by increasing the daily budget. Once you are in this position you can easily scale your business to reach huge amounts of people very quickly. Although it takes time and effort to test and measure advertising systems, once it is working, scaling up takes very little effort. I hope you have enjoyed this article “unorthodox jobs that pay well”.

Can you think of any other unorthodox jobs that pay well? Please leave a comment below or sign up for the free video series to start your own online business.

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