Ultimate Selling Machine

The internet is the ultimate selling machine. You can reach a global audience with the internet and sell to anyone from anywhere. But what do you sell? How do you reach the right customers? The answers to these questions will enabale you to build the ultimate selling machine from your laptop from anywhere.

The Ultimate Selling Machine

So why is the internet the ultimate selling machine? Simply because the internet is everywhere. You can sell digital products over the internet and this means you can build a flexible income from anywhere. Not only a flexible income but you can also build multiple income streams from the internet.

What To Sell

ultimate selling machine

Sell membership products which bring in income for months and years to come. Sell digital products so you don’t have to store or handle any products. Sell high ticket products so you can make high commissions on sales. This also lets you use paid advertising and recoup your costs much more easily. You can also choose products which offer lifetime commissions on your referrals.

This means that any up-sells which come from your referrals are attributed to you. You earn commissions later on from the lifetime value of a customer. You can also choose products which offer multi-tier sales, leeting you earn from sales of your team. All these factors means you can earn from multiple sources if you choose the right products to sell online.

The Ultimate Selling Machine – How To Sell

Selling digital products online can be done through websites and emails by using a sales funnel. When a (website) visitor enters their details into a landing page, they then enter the sales funnel. A ‘sales funnel’ is simply a series of automated emails containing a range of products. Ideally you would have a range of products starting with some entry level item.

The ‘sales funnel’ acts as the ‘ultimate selling machine’ because you can send an unlimited number of people through it from websites and adverts around the internet. Initially you need some kind of giveaway product which you can offer in exchange for a subscribers email. Once you have a sales funnel set up (get one here) simply promote it. Let the sales funnel sell for you. All you need to do once it’s all set up is find qualified leads to send to it.

Advertising On The Internet

Sending people to your sales funnel can be done in a number of different ways. Either you can pay to advertise or create content to give your landing pages more prominance. Paid advertising can be used with platforms like Google Adsense and Facebook. With paid advertising you can pay per click. This makes it very affordable and you can set your budget each day to make it affordable.

The key to building The Ultimate Sales Machine is in both the products and in your advertising. Pay per click can be very lucrative if you do it right. Most people give it go once and then give up. This is a mistake. You need to test and measure until you have a profitable model. Once you do you can scale up when using paid advertising. Content markting can be a good way to attract visitors to your website too. You need to make sure you create the right content for your target audience. See why target market is important.

You can learn more about paida advertising and content marketing in my ebooks Niche Blogging For Profit and The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing. ultimate selling machineUltimate selling machine








The Ultimate Sales Machine Summary

The ultimate sales machine should include:

  • A sales funnel which includes multiple sources of income
  • Paid advertising to send people through the funnel

By using automated emails you can concentrate on sending the right targeted website traffic through the sales funnel from a landing page.

You can access all the software you need: a ready made sales funnel, landing pages, products and access to training and education programs here.

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