TweetLead – An Awesome Lead Generation Tool

If you haven’t yet heard of TweetLead you will do shortly. It’s currently in beta testing phase and its creator Wilco de Kreij is currently allowing people to gain free access to the system here. If you are already a Twitter user you will know already how good the platform is for generating connections which can become leads. It is a useful tool which allows you to collect one click sign up buttons directly through your Twitter feed. You can connect to any lead generation system such as Aweber.

Lead generation is the number one method which leading online business leaders use to generate sales. Relying on Google organics, website visitors, or article marketing alone won’t generate the kind of results which top marketers can obtain simply by systematically and methodically building a list of subscribers and continually delivering value through regular emails. Delivering value and continuing to do so, is the reason people will sign up to your service, and not unsubscribe. Building a list of subscribers who you can market to, puts you in the driving seat of your business and allows you to promote valuable products and services. You can communicate directly with your subscribers and don’t then have to rely on website traffic and Google rankings. Focusing on building your list should be your main concern.

Two fast methods for building your email list.

1. TweetLead – get free access here

2. Using and Facebook you can promote other people’s articles and link in your own opt-in. This will save a huge amount of time on creating your own articles and content and the whole system can be managed with a program at Check out the video below to see how to implement this free method into your marketing system:

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