Turnkey Website Business

Are you looking for a turnkey website business? A ‘turnkey’ website business can be run from a laptop from anywhere globally. Anyone can start an online business, even without any products to sell or previous knowledge. You can access  ready made affiliate websites with all the products, sales funnel and sales team already in place. But how does this work and what’s involved once it’s all set up?

Turnkey Website Business

turnkey website business

Affiliate marketing lets anyone promote and sell other people’s products and services online. A ‘turnkey’ website business is simply one where most of the work has already been done for you. You get:

  • A ‘push and play’ website which is pre-populated with your affiliate banners
  • Products are backed up with subscriptions, hight ticket items and up-sells for maximum profit potential
  • A built in sales team and online membership forum closes sales and runs automatically for you
  • Training and mentoring in how to build your online business
  • Modular step by step instructions which guide you through the setting up process
  • A sales funnel with automated emails
  • Your own personal consultant

Access here for a free video series to learn more.

Turnkey Website Business – What You Need To Do

Once you have started and set up your turnkey website business you will need to generate leads through your sales funnel. There are a few ways you can do this and most of them fall into these two categories:

  • Paid advertising
  • Content Generation

Paid Advertising

turnkey website business

Paid advertising lets you build your internet business in the quickest possible way. Simply set up paid adverts and send targeted website visitors down your sales funnel. As your list grows so will your sales. You must get targeted traffic to your website or landing pages, however. You can learn how to do this with the training you can access. See my ebook The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing for more information on paid advertising methods.

Content Generation

Content Generation is a slower way to generate targeted website traffic to your sales funnel. However, it is much cheaper than going down the paid for route. Content generation does take much longer though in order to generate the kind of results which paid advertisng can generate quickly. Doing both paid advertising and content generation is recommended for faster results. Grab my ebook Niche Blogging For Profit to learn more about writing articles for content generation.

Why Pay For A Turnkey Website Business?

turnkey website business

It’s worth paying for a turnkey website business for a number of reasons. As an affiliate marketer you can ‘go it alone’ of course and promote products from anywhere you choose. However, you still need to create a website and then create content or market your website.

This can take a lot of time to learn and then more time to implement that knowledge. All of this time you’re not earning money but spending time. When I started with affiliate marketing over 10 years ago, I did this too. I built many websites and followed various strategies. Even with a good product and traffic to my websites, sales were very sporadic. The key to online success is a good business model with which to base your efforts.

The Best Online Business Model For Success

turnkey website business


Before I learned about online subscription business ideas I really struggled to make an online business work. Subscriptions allow you to earn money even in the quiet periods. Once you have made a few sales, those sales keep earning. This means you don’t need to sell constantly.

With an internet business constant sales can and do happen but not initially. Initially there is a lot of work to do implementing everything to get started. Then you need to built traffic to your website. This come in dribs and drabs at first unless you pay for traffic. If you choose the paid traffic route you can be in profit much more quickly. However, even given paid traffic, memberships and subscription payments help to balance out your outgoings.

High Ticket Sales

Low value affiliate products can only earn you small commissions. You also don’t earn monthly commissions for more of these types of product. High ticket products, on the other hand allow you to earn substantially more for an initial sale.

In addition, high ticket items allow you to scale up to a higher income much more efficiently. If you only concentrate on selling a $100 product, for example, and you make 40% commission on the sale, you can earn $40 from a sale. For a $1000 product and $400 commission, you can do a similar amount of work for the much greater reward. It may be slighly more difficult to sell a $1000 product online. However it isn’t 10 times as difficult but you earn 10 times the commission. High ticket sales are therefore a much smarter way to build an online business than small value affiliate products.

Built In Sales Team

turnkey website business

For many people the thought of selling is out of their comfort zone. Affiliate marketing automates the selling process so you don’t have to personally sell anything. Landing pages, sales funnels and sales pages do the selling for you. You simply send website traffic to those pages. By choosing a program which also has a range of assistants and a built in sales team closing sales on your behalf, you can also benefit from sales closed for you.


Up-selling is the process of selling more products to exising customers. Selling single point of sale affiliate products only makes you a single commission. Most successful businesses work on repeat sales to existing customers and the lifetime value of a customer. Smart affiliates know this and choose programs which reward affliates for later sales made by the company.

Most affiliate programs don’t do this. They reward their affilates for the initial sale, but then ‘take’ the customer for themselves. The affiliate is only rewarded for the initial referral and the company makes a new cusotmer.  Lifetime sales to that customer can be huge and most affiliates have to constantly sell more products to make a living. Smart afiliates choose programs which keep rewarding them for previous sales they have made.

Access a turnkey website business which:

  • Rewards you for the lifetime of a customer
  • Offers subscription commissions
  • Has a built in sales team
  • Offers you high ticket product to promote

Access a free video series and learn more here.

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