Turnkey Online Business Opportunities

Looking for turnkey online business opportunities? A ‘turnkey’ online business should have a number of benefits for the owner. Much like a franchise business lets someone ‘buy into’ a business as an already successful, working business model.

However, even when a ‘franchisee’ purchases a franchise, sometimes it fails. Why is this so with a business model which has already proved itself successful many times over?

Turnkey Online Business Opportunities

turnkey online business opportunities

The answer lies in the owner and not the business model itself. That is why Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek have gone to great lengths to ensure that once onboard this digital business platform, anyone can make it work. The getting started modules and the orientation live workshop ensure you you are mentally prepared for success.

Such a big part of why many people fail is their lack of mental preparation, discipline and daily action habits. As an example, looking at your influences and environments determine 50% of the results you get. Who do you surround yourself with and who influences you the most? Answering these questions in module 2 will help you to understand your habits and patterns of behaviour.

turnkey online business opportunities

Show Me Your Past – I’ll Show You Your Future

We like to think we are capable of change but the truth is human behavior rarely changes. Unless you make significant changes to the trajectory of your life, in most cases nothing will change. How much do your friends earn? You can often tell someone’s income by dividing the income of their 10 best friends to find the average. The people you hang out with – you circle of friends, therefore has a massive impact on your financial future.

Your Financial Thermostat

turnkey online business opportunties

Your financial thermostat is an unconscious idea of how much things should cost and what you are prepared to spend on any given thing. Many online business owners spend thousands of dollars every day just on advertising. If you dream of being a millionaire but think small when it comes to spending, it might be a chance to look at your financial thermostat. Thoughts become things and if you have a spend thrifty nature to most spending, how will that transpire and change into a millionaire mindset?

Turnkey Online Business Opportunities – The Business

The business cannot grow beyond the mindset of the owner. If there’s a limitation in your business it’s usually because there’s one in you. Investing in self growth therefore is the best thing you can do as a business owner.

So, let’s get down to the ‘turnkey online business opportunities’ bit.

A turnkey online business should have the following:

  • A pre-made sales funnel (done for you sales funnel)
  • A built in sales team
  • A range of digital products automatically attached to your funnel
  • A training and education program
  • A step by step procedure to make it very user friendly.

There’s a few other things too which are just as important for a successful online business model. A good affiliate business model should include multiple income streams for the affiliate, not just the product vendor (owner). That means the affiliate can benefit from:

  • High Ticket sales
  • Up-sells (products to offer existing customers)
  • Subscription products

Having a business model which includes these factors gives you a much better chance of succeeding online.

Turnkey Online Business Opportunities – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the business model which this business works from. Affiliate marketing is basically a form of referral marketing. You can literally sell anything on the internet as an affilaite. Simply join an affilaite program, get your affilaite link, and start promoting it.

Promote through content

Top affilaites create useful content which acts as the ‘middle man’ between customer and product. Get good at creating content and you can build multiple streams of traffic to your affiliate offers. You can create video to upload with YouTube, create your own podcasts or even write articles like this one. As your content gains attention on the internet (and if it does well), you can have a source of customers straight to your products, potentially for years to come.

Promote Through Paid Advertising

turnkey online business opportunities

Other affiliate marketers concentrate on promoting their affilaite links/products through paid advertising. By using platforms like Adwords, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo and YouTube paid advertising lets you put your adverts in front of prospective customers. You don’t need to do all these. Just concentrate on one platform. Once your strategy is working the benefot of paid advertising is that you can scale up by increasing your budget to reach more people with no more effort. 

Learn these strategies through an online training community and access a ready made sales funnel and range of high ticket products. Get started here with a free video series.

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