Turnkey Online Business For Sale

I wasn’t looking for a turnkey online business for sale. I wanted to build my own online business from scratch. Little did I know how difficult it would be. I was inspired at first by an ebook I bought from ebay. It taught how to start a profitable ebay business.

It was a system I used for some time. The only problem was, it wasn’t scalable. The ebook I bought itself was a scalable model. You could sell it over and over again and all on autopilot too. That was a scalable model.

The ebay business was a time heavy model which required me to continue searching the auction giant for bargains, list them and then post them. The problem was I was in the’ loop’. This meant more profit tended to equal more stress.

What I was about to discover was an entirely different model. More or less I was about to find a turnkey online business for sale. Before I did, however, I was going waste an awful lot of time!

Turnkey Online Business For Sale

turnkey online business for sale

That’s time you can save with a turnkey online business for sale! A ‘turnkey’ online business can save you a lot of time and effort. I had to learn the hardway though! After a lot of buying and selling on ebay I decided this business model was never going to make any real money. I was making profits on my items but I seemed to be working all hours for it. I wanted a business model which was like the ebook I had bought.

The ebook was only £10 from ebay. Not a huge profit there! But the guy who had sold it to me had already created the ebook. To sell it he only had to create a single listing on ebay and then sell it over and over again. The UK rules have since changed for ebay. The last time I checked you needed to send out a physical copy of something in order to legitimately list it on the auction site. I’m not sure about the US.

Once he had created his listing, he didn’t have to do anything to sell his ebook. As people bought it after finding it on ebay, they paid via Paypal and the ebook was automatically sent or downloaded from a link sent to the customer. In short I had stumbled onto an autoilot money making system – of sorts anyway.

Effectively what I had bought when I purchased this ebook was a turnkey online business for sale – if only in principle. However, the idea of this simple automated purchase led me to pursue the online business concept.

After a poor attempt at trying to create my own products I found a business model known as affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

turnkey online business for sale

What is affilaite marketing? Affiliate marketing is a model which lets you refer people to other products around the internet. If your referal goes on to purchase something from your recommendation, you earn a commission. The referrals are tracked via affiliate links which credits your account for the sale. There are thousands of affiliate programs around the internet which allow you to benefit from the sale of their products. Amazon and Ebay are two of the largest affiliate programs.

What’s great about affiliate marketing is you don’t need to create your own products. You can promote products which already sell. Plus, digital products, like the ebook I bought originally, have become much more sophisticated. Digital products also reward affiliate marketers with much larger commissions, typically up to 40%.

Digital Products And Commissions

turnkey online business for sale

I still wasn’t looking for a turnkey online business for sale. I was just looking for a method to sell affiliate products at this point. I knew I wanted to sell digital products because their sale could be automated and scaled up! Of course this is also true of physical products. However, physical products typically pay affiliates much lower commissions.

The main problem I encountered was getting traffic to my websites. I took various online training courses to learn various different ways to generate traffic. Some of these were more successful than others.

Generating Website Traffic

Some of the courses I took taught building niche sites and getting ranked on Google. Back then it was much easier than it is now to rank a new site on Google. Even though this was true, I still struggled to both rank my websites and then sell my products. The main problem was I didn’t know how to sell products online! I had the enthusiasm, but not the knowledge. It took a lot of time and effort before I finally found a ‘turnkey online business for sale’. Before I did, I had tried almost every way of making money from the internet I could possibly find.

What I Didn’t Know

turnkey online business for sale

What I didn’t know was that the products I was promoting would only make me a single commission. Once I mastered traffic generation, I thought, this wouldn’t be such a problem. I would simply sell the same products again and again. But I was missing a trick. I later learned that the best way to earn from the internet is to choose affiliate products which have multiple streams of income attached:

  • High ticket items allow you to earn more per sale
  • Memberships (subscription products) let you earn again and again from the same sale
  • Up-sells give you another earning layer after the intial sale. (Many products don’t offer this to affilaites but simply take the customers ‘lifetime value’ after the initial sale).
  • Multi-tier sales – Sales generated my your team can also earn you commissions. (multi-level marketing).

These were the gems of information I had failed to learn early on while I was struggling. These are the affilaite marketing secrets of the top affiliates.

List Building

Although I had built some lists with some of the early websites I had made, I hadn’t realised the real potential of list building. Top affiliate marketing all have lists for a simple reason. That’s where the money is! I neglected list building in the early days because I didn’t understand how important it was to build your own list of subscribers. Without a list you are relying on either the organic search engines to bring you traffic or paid advertsing. Organic search can change overnight and paid search is expensive. Building a list and promoting a range of high ticket items to your list via a sales funnel is the best way to build an online business with affilaite marketing.

turnkey online business for sale

Turnkey Online Business For Sale

Access a turnkey online business which gives you:

  • A ‘plug and play’ website – set up in minutes
  • A ready made sales funnel with email series, easy to set up.
  • A range of ready to go products within your sales funnel
  • A team of sales people closing sales on your behalf.
  • A built in training and education platform giving you the knowledge needed to make your business a success.

Access the FREE video series here and download List Building For Profit.

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