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Are you looking for a turnkey internet business? One that you can get on board straight away? A turnkey product is one which can be sold as a completed product so, as far as internet businesses go, this is something which is quite attractive. It would be great to buy such a business which needs no or little work doing for it to start bringing in profit month after month. In reality this is unlikely since the very nature of a business requires work to be done, even an internet business. See a turnkey website setup here.

However, you can use a turnkey internet business which removes a lot of the problems you would find if starting out on your own. It can save you from having to develop your own products and sales materials and can teach you the most important elements of building a lasting, sustainable and genuine internet business. Such a business would save a heap of wasted time and effort and get straight to the point of an internet business – making money.

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Turnkey Internet Business – Ebay

turnkey internet business

I started out several years ago looking for information on how to generate income from e-bay. There were several downloadable products available from e-bay which could be automatically downloaded once you paid through the checkout process. It struck me as a brilliant process – if you could be on the other side of it!

If you could be on the side offering the products, you could list multiple items through a single listing, sell them and deliver them without even being logged into your computer. It was an online vending machine working perfectly! It worked great for buyers too of course. You get instant access to your product and there’s no need to wait for postage! But, I was interested in the being on the other side of the process!

Before I could get on the selling side of the equation, e-bay changed their policies and made it impossible to sell downloadable products on their site. You had to send out a physical product in order for it to be allowed on their auction website.

Turnkey Internet Business – Affiliate Marketing

Although I didn’t manage to sell any downloadable products through e-bay, the idea stuck in my head and wouldn’t go away! This eventually led me to affiliate marketing which is effectively the same thing. With affiliate marketing you set up automated income streams from your laptop by linking people through to products. These products don’t belong to you but you can earn a good commission from them – up to 40% of their value if someone buys them through your links. This model is effectively the same one as I had spotted on e-bay.

Affiliate marketing isn’t a turnkey internet business, it’s simply a business model. Anyone can sell someone’s product online and earn a commission. You can head over to Clickbank right now and start to promote any one of thousands of products on your website or blog. However, that doesn’t mean you have a ‘business’. Even if you sell something, it doesn’t mean you have a ‘business’. A turnkey internet business is something different.

turnkey internet business

Here’s what a turnkey internet business should offer you:

  • Training and education in both internet strategies and techniques for selling affiliate products
  • Training and education in mindset and time/self management to run a real online ‘business’
  • Products which offer value and which have already be proven to sell
  • Landing pages, sales funnel, sales pages and automated checkout already built
  • A built in sales team managing ‘up-sell’
  • A built in ‘up’ selling program

Turnkey Online Business – A Sustainable Internet Business

In addition your affiliate marketing tactic will be much more successful if you use an effective affiliate marketing strategy and model which is sustainable for the long term. (see internet business models ideas and strategies)

This can be done by:

  • Promoting and selling affiliate products with a monthly membership – this means each sale makes monthly commissions
  • Selling High Ticket Products – More sustainable long term, greater reward to effort ratio and helps offset advertising costs.
  • Using products which offer lifetime value – Maintaining subscriber’s interests for the long term
  • Choosing products which build community – A community helps to support it’s own infrastructure and is more sustainable for the long term

Turnkey Online Business – What it Isn’t

A turnkey internet business isn’t a magic box of tricks which requires no effort on your part. There’s plenty of ‘guru’s’ trying to push this idea but it simply isn’t true. A genuine internet business doesn’t make such claims, and if it did there wouldn’t be much value in it. A genuine internet business takes time to learn. You will need to be hard working and persistent for it to pay off. And you will need to keep working hard on your business for it to give you the lifestyle you want from it.

So if this sounds like you:

  • Are you genuinely seeking an opportunity which can enrich your life?
  • You are hard working and have a good work ethic
  • Expectations are built on work you do in your business – not an ‘entitlement’ attitude
  • You are open minded enough to know you don’t have all the answers
  • You want to change your current lifestyle or improve it

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