Turnkey Ecommerce Websites For Sale

Are you looking for turnkey ecommerce websites for sale? Take a look at this video and you will see how easy it can be to set up a ready made ecommerce website pre-populated with your affiliate links and banners. Not all turnkey ecommerce websites for sale are equal. You also need to have a good business model which works.

turnkey ecommerce websites for sale

Turnkey Ecommerce Websites For Sale – Affiliate Marketing

With this model you can access a ready made ‘plug and play’ website. Your website will have pre-populated content and your own affiliate links built in. The site can be up and running in a matter of minutes. The affiliate marketing model allows you to automate sales made through your website. This is because affiliate marketing is a sales model based on referral marketing. By referring your website visitors to various products and services, you can earn up to 40% commissions based on sales you have referred.

This is not only a great autopilot method of generating sales but an imminently scalable one. See also autopilot website for sale.

An Automated Business Model

turnkey ecommerce business for sale

So what do turnkey ecommerce websites for sale give you? Don’t think you have an income generating opportunity without any work on your part. Although the business models of many turnkey ecommerce websites give you an opportunity, you still need to generate sales.

Even when the website you buy is offering a ready made sales funnel, pre-populated affiliate links and banners and a range of high ticket affiliate offers, you still need to drive traffic to them.

The automation of such a business model allows for the possibility of scaling up. This is possible because the business model is largely automated. This is true of both affiliate marketing and drop shipping business models. With both models, anyone can buy a website which is set up already prepared to make money. All you need to do is drive traffic to your website, the rest is take care of.

How Is The Business Model Automated?

With a bricks and mortar company, there is a lot to think about. When you scale up you have various issues because there are people in the business model. To grow your business you need to train staff, buy bigger premesis, change equipment and buy in more stock. With an online business none of this is needed. With affiliate marketing and drop shipping, all the delivery of products is taken care of already.

Affiliate products, especially digital products, can be delivered over the internet automatically. With drop shipping you are referring customers to the drop shipping company who handles all the delivery and customer service. You are simply referring people to products for a commission. This can all be automated and scaled up with online advertising email marketing and automated websites. With a bricks and mortar business, there’s a load of problems with scaling up, not to mention the added stress. With an ecommerce business, once you have the business setup, you only need to be concerned with marketing.

How Is An Automated Business Like This Scaled?

Because of the simplicity of the business model, turnkey ecommerce websites for sale are largely automated. As such, you can focus on the growth of website traffic. This is largely the domain of online advertising. Again, online advertising can be automated and scaled.

However, before you can scale up your advertising you need to set up a profitable advert which converts visitors to customers through your website. This can take some time and know how. See my ebook The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing for more on this.

ecommerce websites for sale

Turnkey Ecommerce Websites For Sale – Traffic Generation

Traffic can be generated by either paid advertising, content generation or both. Paid advertising is the fastest way to grow a business model like drop shipping or affilaite marketing. However, it pays to understand your business model before you go spending any money. For example, a range of high ticket products and up-sells can earn you more later on, after your initial sale. If you’re only selling items worth $100 for a $40 commission it will be much more difficult to build and scale.

You can also generate website traffic by creating content, (much like this article). Content generation is a much slower method of generating website traffic than paid advertising. But if your content is good and gets picked up by either Google, social media or both, you can build huge amounts of traffic from work you have done previously. This is obviously a great position to be in, particularly if that traffic starts converting into sales. See more about building content to generate traffic in my ebook Niche Blogging For Profit.

turnkey ecommerce websites for sale

Other Considerations

There are some other considerations when looking for turnkey ecommerce websites for sale. You might get a great business model, but if you don’t understand marketing, you can still have some problems making it profitable. Don’t expect a be buying a profitable business without doing anything to promote your website either.

With turnkey affiliate websites for sale, it’s the same deal. You get a ‘plug and play’ website which can sell products on your behalf. However, you must promote it and to do that you need the right training both in the ‘nuts and bolts’ of online advertising and for your own mindset in running your own online business.

The mindset of an online business owner can determine whether they either succeed of fail at their online business. With the same business model, one person can make a huge success wheras another can fail completely. The business model doesn’t change, so why does one person succeed when another fails?

Mindset Of An Entrepreneur

The answer lies in your own personal mindset. Unless you have a mindset which is focussed on growing your business, you can easily get stuck when trying to build an online business. This is particularly true of anyone moving from an employee role to that of an online business owner.

The mindset is usually very different. As an employee you get paid for turning up to work however well you perform. At least, that is, until you get rumbled! With a business it’s different. Unless you generate sales you don’t get paid at all! Your mindset therefore is very different when running a business to that of an employee. Shifting from the role of a ‘technician’ in a business to the business owner role is a similar task. An entrepreneur has to see th bigger picture and focus on sales. An employee or technician only focuses on their small daily activities within their role.

Access this business system and learn more about the mindset an entrepreneur here.

You will get:

  • Your own easy to publish website
  • A sales funnel with affiliate products to promote
  • Access software and training
  • Join a community of online entrepreneurs

Watch this video to see how easily you can set up your own turnkey ecommerce website.


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