Turnkey Business For Sale

Looking for a turnkey business for sale? A turnkey business is one which you can easily jump on board by using someone else’s business model. It’s much like a franchise. There’s a few advantages to having an online business franchise though, compared to a physical ‘bricks and mortar’ franchise business:

  • An online business is global
  • You don’t need staff, premises, machinery or stock to hold
  • It’s relatively cheap to start
  • You can work from anywhere globally from a laptop

turnkey business for sale

Turnkey Business For Sale – Training

A turnkey business for sale has a different meaning since the business world moved online. Anyone can now use a repeatable business model to sell other people’s products and services over the internet. The model is known as affiliate marketing.

Now anyone can use the business model of affiliate marketing. Simply sign up to any affiliate program on the internet and start selling other people’s products from your own website. But what if you don’t know how to do this?

A turnkey business for sale allows you to shortcut all the difficulties and problems associated with starting a business by yourself. With an online business the first problem is knowing what you’re doing for most people. Getting the right training and education is probably the most important factor with an online business. Unless this is right your chances of success are far lower.

Turnkey Business For Sale – The Right Business Model

turnkey business for sale

A ‘turnkey’ business is one which is already working. Much like a franchise, you expect to be able to use a business model like McDonald’s and already have a winning formula for success. That doesn’t mean it’s not going to be hard work, it just means you already have a business model which works. Using the right methods and business model will have a massive impact on whether your business is successful or not.

When I started with affiliate marketing several years ago. I tried many different ways of making money online. I used various products. What I have learned from this experience is that a ‘turnkey business for sale’ is worth its weight in gold! Knowing the right strategies and business models to use for success will massively shorten your online learning curve.

For example, I started out promoting products for $100 online. With digital products you can earn 40% commissions. So I would make $40 on a sale. However, that was all I would make after all the work I did to get a customer to a product. Then the product owner would take that customer and sell other products to them. They then had the lifetime value of a customer for $40!

I later learned to choose products which rewarded me for the lifetime value of a customer with products which offer:

  • Up-Sells
  • Memberships (subscriptions)
  • Multi-tier sales

That way I could continue benefiting from my previous referrals to a business. This is a major key to online success offered with a turnkey business for sale.

Turnkey Business for Sale – The Right Strategies

turnkey business for sale

Knowing the right strategies to implement with an online business are vital for success too. With the best product range in the world, you won’t make any sales if you’re using a strategy which is flawed. This took me a long time to learn too. A good business like this one, will teach you the right strategy and business model from the get go, so you can make the most of your time and energy.

For example, there are various online marketing strategies. With a good sales funnel, you can use paid advertising strategies and automate the selling process of a product range. Choosing the right products means you are able to spend more on the front end of your business, knowing that the business model will deliver a good return on investment.

With low valued products this isn’t the case. You’ll be stuck with long term and slow marketing techniques which take a long time to learn and master. A sales funnel which contains:

  • High ticket products
  • subscription products (memberships, software etc.)
  • Up-sells
  • Multi-tier sales

offers the online marketer the ability to earn in multiple ways for each customer that they refer to a business. This makes the opportunity to automate online marketing techniques much more varied. Smaller products which don’t offer ongoing sales, repeat custom and subscription items, don’t give such a good return on investment and limit your ability to advertise with all possible means.

Access A Turnkey Business For Sale


The Six Figure Mentors offer an all in one turnkey business model, training platform and online business community. You can use the online education to market your own products, an existing business, or a digital product suite containing:

  • High ticket items
  • Up-sell products (offering commissions for the lifetime value of a customer)
  • Multi-tier sales – Earn commissions from sales made by your team
  • Residual commissions (subscriptions, memberships etc.)
  • Built in sales team

Learn more and access this program through this free video series.

Check out the video below to see how you can quickly get your website and sales funnel up and running:

turnkey business for sale

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