Trading Time For Money Trap

Are you stuck in the trading time for money trap? By the time you realise it’s a trap, you have invested a hefty proportion of your life in a career. Getting out of that trap of spending all your time just breaking even isn’t easy. Once you realise that trading time for money is a trap, you can start to look for alternatives, and do something about getting out.

Trading Time For Money Traptrading time for money trap

Your situation can always be made better by reducing your outgoings. This is usually easier than increasing your income. Building a portfoilio of investments which bring in money is another plan to eascape the trading time for money trap. But what if you don’t have any investments?

What if all your time is taken up from your job and your entire income is spoken for? You’re not only in the trading time for money trap but you’re also falling into a debt trap too. What if you’re spending money on interest on your debt and falling further and further behind? Check out this article wealth secrets of the affluent for some answers.

How To Stop Trading Time For Money

Trading time for money is a traditional working model. However, you never get to escape. Unless you build investments with the money you earn, you will always have to work to make money. A different model is to use leverage to make money from previous efforts. Actors, for example earn royalties from their previous work. Authors make money on continuous sales of a book, if it is successful. But if you don’t happen to be in a career which offers royalties what can you do?


trading time for money trap

Leverage is the concept of using a small force to lift a larger load. In investment terms it is used to describe using borrowed money to increase the return on investment, usually in property purchase, for example. However, there are other ways in which you can use leverage to increase your ability to earn.

Network Marketing

Network marketing is a business strategy in which you can earn money from the sales made by your team. Bill Gates said “If I would be given a chance to start all over again, I would choose network marketing”. Not everyone like the idea of network marketing but it is a business model which allows you to multiply your efforts and stop trading time for money.

Internet Marketing

The internet also enables anyone to use the concept of leverage to increase the results of your efforts by using technology. By selling digital products over the internet you can multiply your efforts using online marketing strategies: content creation, paid advertising, to reach a global audience. An internet based business is an example of using leverage. You can create content which works to generate sales, even years after you have done the work.

Build An Internet Business Around Existing Worktrading time for money trap

An internet business can also successfully combine network marketing and online automation. You can reach a global audience with digital products and scale your business up using automation. The automation which is now available to anyone can help you escape the trading time for money trap. Email autoresponders, websites, landing pages and online advertising are the tools which can allow you to work from anywhere from a laptop and scale the sales of digital products. Online software has made the process of building an online business much easier in recent years and anyone can learn how to do this regardless of age and experience.

You can learn how to do this here.

How Does This Work?

An online business works by selling digital products over the internet. You don’t need to create your own products and you can create ‘leverage’ in your income in several ways:

  • Automation – tools like autoresponders, websites and advertising platforms can operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on autopilot.
  • ‘Affiliate’ programs enable anyone to sell pre-made digital products over the internet. Set up a single page website to sell multiple items again and again
  • Products can reward you again and again for the lifetime of a customer with up-sells and membership products which pay you regular commissions.
  • Sales are closed by ‘in house’ sales team and there is no selling to do personally.

The automation in the system of an online business can enable you to scale up with several different avertising methods. This is the beauty of an internet based business. Build it up around existing work and eventually it can replace existing income. You can also scale up with mutltiple advertising methods to reach a global audience.

Get out of the trading time for money trap by starting your own profitable internet business learn how here.

trading time for money trap

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