Total Freedom Business

What does it take to run a total freedom business? My ideas of total freedom has changed over the years but I still consider time and money to be the most important factors. The ability to choose what you do, when to do it and who to do it with is my idea of a total freedom business.

But what’s involved with a total freedom business and how does it work? Read on.

Total Freedom Business

total freedom business

A total freedom business should give you both time and financial freedom. A typical job takes all of your time up and doesn’t set you free financially. It keeps you just over broke (j.o.b). This means you can’t escape it without it being a real hardship. The problem with normal careers is that they trade your time for money. You can’t get ahead because you are always limiting your income by the time you can physically spend at work. When you stop working, your income stops too.

A total freedom business shouldn’t be limited by time. Instead of selling your time for money, sell products over the internet. Selling other people’s digital products on the internet can allow you to scale up and completely replace your currecnt income.

The Power Of Leverage

With a normal job you trade your time for money. Even high paying careers still pay you for your time. A normal ‘bricks and mortar’ business can leverage the use of employees and a business to earn more money but starting a normal business has many inherant costs involved. You need to pay employees, rent a business premises and pay all your overheads just to get started. That’s before any profit has been made.

An internet based business is much cheaper to start and can give you huge leverage. The right internet based business is a total freedom business because it allows you to sell other people’s products and scale up. You can even do all this from a laptop from anywhere in the world. A normal bricks and mortar business ties you to your business. You can’t jet off and go on holiday in the middle of the busy season. With an internet busienss you can!

Why The Internet?

The internet connects you with a global audience. By selling digital products over the internet you can earn 40% commissions on products you don’t even own. Digital products can be accessed online or downloaded instantly. They are effectively free to store and free to deliver. Physical products on the other hand take up storage space and cost money to deliver. The added costs mean the commissions are smaller. The internet can be accessed from anywhere gloablly too. This makes an online business probably the best when it comes to being totally free.

Why Sell Digital Products Online?

total freedom business

Digital products are cheap to store and require no postage. Their low costs mean the product owners can pass more of the profit to their affilaites. Affiliate (marketers) basically promote and sell other people’s products over the internet. The online digital products model lets anyone built a total freedom business from their laptop. You can work it from anywhere so long as you have an internet connection and a laptop. There’s no products to store personally and no customers to deal with. All that is done ‘in house’ by the product owners.

Total Freedom Business?

So an internet business can be built up around existing work, worked from anywhere and is very flexible. But what about the money? It wouldn’t be a ‘freedom business’ without making money. One of the best things about an online business is the ability to scale a business up once in profit. This is more true of an international online business than of a local ‘physical’ business due to the reach of the internet. With a local business you can only reach a local audience. Your business is limited by the volume of potential customers who are prepared to travel to it. With an online business its reach is global and with the internet you can deliver globally too.

Scaling Up With Automation

total freedom business

As with any business, an online business takes time to build up. It’s not an overnight thing. However, with the tools now available on the internet, anyone can learn to target a specific audience with a number of suitable products and services. Online marketing platforms are now very sophisticated and a business can be built very quickly with the right knowledge and application.

Once a profitable marketing campaign has been created, it can be ‘turned up’ to reach more people. The automation of an online business means that products can be sold and delivered with systems online. This also means you can send larger numbers of people through an automated sales system.

Emails, Landing Pages and Sales Pages

With targeted online advertising you can send people directly to landing pages where you can collect their email address. The is the start of a sales funnel. Once inside they then receive a number of automated emails. Emails are linked through to other automatic web pages where they can purchase various digital products. This process means that you can keep in touch with your potential customers, sell and deliver products and even scale the whole system up with paid advertising. All this can be done from a laptop from anywhere in the world. This is the ‘crux’ of a total freedom business.

Run your business from home, the beach or anywhere globally and scale up to increase you sales.

The Right Business Model

total freedom business


A good model includes digital products which you can sell and deliver through an email autoresponder. Autoresponders allow you to set up and send out a series of automated emails to your subscribers. You can also collect emails completely on autopilot. However, a good business model allows you to earn through multiple sources of income. If your products also have memberships, for example, you can earn lifetime commissions for each customer, rather than one off payments. Other considerations include choosing digital products which also offer:

  • High ticket commissions – allowing you to earn more per sale
  • Built in sales team – closing sales on your behalf
  • Up-sells – A range of incrementally more valuable products which you can profit from

Access an online digital platform and a global community and learn how you can build your own total freedom business.


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