Top ways to generate website traffic for free

There are many paid sources of traffic available and I will include some here. However, what are the best ways to generate website traffic or landing page traffic which don’t require shelling out loads of cash from the outset? To start with if you are doing this website thing for a business you should have a dedicated landing page. A website offers its visitors too many choices. A dedicated landing page only has two – opt in (to an awesome email list which offers a tonne of value), or leave the page.

If you don’t already have an automated landing page, email responder and valuable products to sell, I would recommend taking a look at this course which will teach you and give you all the tools you need to start your very own internet business from scratch, or if you currently operate a business, supercharge it with cutting edge knowledge and internet advertising. Click here for details.

So here are my recommended ideas for free traffic generation to a dedicated landing page which is already set up for generating sales through an email responder. You can use these same tactics to generate website traffic too.

1. Facebook paid adverts of course are a very good way to target your niche audience. Make sure you first have narrowed down your audience to their specific demographics. You should know what toothpaste they use after you have done this! The more specific you can get the less money you will waste! Facebook advertising allows you to target by age, interests, likes and geographical location to name only a few demographics. This means you can go straight after those people who will be most likely to want whatever it is you are selling.

2. Ebay offers thousands of opportunities for many entrepreneurs to sell their goods or services. It is also a great place to advertise your website or online service. Take a look at the many people already doing this. They don’t ask for a bid, list at the lowest amount possible so as not to incur fees, and simply direct people to their websites. Ebay don’t seem to be stopping this practice although it may do in the future although it does bring people to their site. You can do this same thing too to generate a regular trickle of visitors. Simply create a listing for your business and direct visitors to your website. If you also have a physical product or business it’s a ‘no-brainer’ to find more customers through ebay.

3. Use free ads. There are thousands of free advertisement services available online which you can join and place ads for free. This is a great way to promote your website and again a free source of traffic. Although you won’t necessarily get floods of traffic from tiny free ads placed on these sites, create enough of them and you will notice a difference.

4. Twitter advertising is another great way to promote your site. You will need to open an account if you don’t already have one and then build a list of followers. You can do this by following other people in your market niche. Or find a market niche leader and follow their followers. Then you know they are interested in your particular product or service. Some of the people you follow will follow you back and therefore get your ‘tweets’ when you post them. Follow people in your niche on a regular basis and before long you will have a long list of followers to tweet at! If you offer something of interest and value, rather than just spamming your followers, they are much more likely to respond.

5. Writing articles like this one is a great way to promote your website and engage new and existing visitors. Write a good post and you may even get shared around the internet and go viral! This would be great news for your traffic generation. Posting your articles to social media sites like your Twitter and Facebook profiles ensures more people get to see it.

6. Boost posts on Facebook to reach a wider audience – (don’t forget to target via demographics – see 1). Once you have shared your posts on Facebook you can pay to have them ‘boosted’. This means your posts will reach a wider audience and if you target the audience well you can have a whole lot more people visiting your website.

7. Commenting on blogs is a good way to generate more traffic to your site, particularly if your comment is of interest and you are posting comments on popular blogs. Getting involved in a discussion on a blog or even video (you tube) is a good way to increase your visibility online. Make sure that you have a link to your site either in the comment itself or on your profile.

8. Placing videos on You tube is a great way to generate traffic to your blog/website or landing page. You tube is a huge source of traffic if you can gather visitors by regularly posting quality and useful videos.

9. Use paid messages on Facebook to reach potential customers. This is a relatively new concept whereby you can reach members you have targeted by interests and likes and communicate to them directly. You pay each time you write a message to someone who is not in your friend group so you will need to have a product or service which will cover these costs eventually. If you target well through demographics and start small you can scale up when you see the potential for return.

10. There are many sites which offer the possibility to write directly to other sellers on those sites. For example ebay, ‘freeads’ sites and gumtree offer this service. If you carefully approach people in the right way who are involved in something which relates to your service or business, you can generate some potentially good leads. For example if you are in the business of hair products you can target people who are selling similar products or have a hair/beauty related business. You may even connect with them to find new a opportunity through this method.

If you have any other free traffic generation methods I would be very grateful if you would share them here by commenting below. If you don’t have a landing page or website which is set up to generate affiliate sales, or you would like to learn more about starting your own online business please follow this link to learn how it is done.

I hope you have enjoyed ‘top ways to generate website traffic for free’ please comment below.


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