Top Paying Affiliate Programs

The top paying affiliate programs can pay their affiliates up to $8000 from a single sale. This is the kind of program which is much easier to scale up to large figures. Selling ten products like this would make you $80,000. Compare this to selling ten products for a small commission of, say, $100 which would make you only $1000. As an affiliate marketer it would take the same techniques and strategies to sell both the product for $100 and that for $8000 commission. Which would you rather do?

top paying affiliate programs


Top Paying Affiliate Programs – Scaling Up

Selling smaller value items may be easier on the internet, granted. There are more people wanting to purchase small value items for $50, than for larger ticket items which sell for $1000+. However, when it comes to scaling an online business into the tens of thousands, it is much better to start with high value items. Let’s say we have two items for sale. One at $200 giving a commission of $100. The other item is for sale at $2000 which gives the affiliate a commission of $1000. Assuming a 50% commission rate.

To make $10,000 you would either need to sell 1000 items at the lower price or 10 of the higher priced item. Selling the higher value item might be slightly more difficult. But it won’t be 100 times more difficult. In addition, scaling the smaller model will be much more difficult than scaling the high ticket items.


How to find top paying affiliate programs

I found this top paying program which offers commissions of up to $8000 in one sale. That’s 40% of an $20,000 product.

To learn more and to sell high ticket products click here for the free video series.

Top Paying Affiliate Programs – Built In Sales Team

The best affiliate programs to join have high ticket products but also have a few other things which make them more viable for the long term:

  • Membership products – Selling membership products means you can make monthly commissions rather than one-off sales
  • High Ticket products mean you can earn large commissions on single sales. As such a single sale of $2000 can make you as much as multiple sales of a smaller value item
  • Built in sales team – A built in sales team with an up-sell means you can benefit from later sales to existing customers. With many affiliate products your first sale is the only commission you will make. After that you have passed the customer to the vendor.
  • A series of better value products to cater for every customer. Some customer will want the basic version but by offering more value to those who want it you can give more value and earn greater commissions from existing customers.

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