Top Earning Home Businesses

What are the top earning home businesses? Top earning home businesses include businesses which can be scaled. Not only that, but it’s important to look at the business model too. Scalable business models such as drop shipping and affiliate marketing have a global audience. They can be outsourced and require no customer service or product handling. Thees are the top earning home businesses.

Top Earning Home Businesses

Many businesses have a human factor which stands in the way of this potential. Automation lets you scale up simply by increasing your advertising budget. Affiliate marketing, for example, lets anyone sell products and services from around the internet.

They don’t have to personally fulfil any orders or deal with any customers. The job of an affilaite marketer is simply to send qualified website ‘traffic’ (or customers) to products around the internet. They can do this in a number of ways but the easiest and most scalable is through paid advertising.

Once you have a website up and running, simply send paid advertising to it to promote your products. You can access a fully functional website and sales funnel with this online business system.

What Is A Sales Funnel?

top earning home businesses

A sales funnel is a tool which is used in affiliate marketing. It lets you automate communication and promotion of products and services. You do this via an email list. By collecting email subscribers and having a ready made sales funnel prepared, you can offer value and build trust while promoting various products and services.

You can automate your sales funnel with pre-made emails. Once this is all set up (set one up in a few simple steps with this program) your main task is to send targeted website traffic to your landing page. A landing page is a webpage set up deliberately with a single purpose – to collect email subscribers.

To send relevant visitors to your landing page you can use a number of strategies. The most scalable of these is paid advertising. Top earning home businesses tend to use paid advertising simply because it’s fast. Other methods include building content (like this article, for example).

Top Earning Home Businesses & Paid Advertising

top earning home businesses

Having the right business model in place means you can focus all your efforts on building traffic. Whatever business model you choose you should think about how you will earn money from it. Ideally if you choose affiliate marketing you should have several ways to earn from any given strategy. By selling digital products you can earn 40% commission on each sale. However, by choosing carefully you can also earn from subscription products, high ticket commissions, up-sells and from multi-tier sales.

Subscription Products

top earning home businesses

Top earning home businesses, particularly affiliate marketing ones, often promote subscription products. The reason is simple. With single products you only earn single commissions. With memberships (with subscriptions), you earn again and again from each individual sale. That means you make an income from each referal, rather than a single commission.

High Ticket Commissions

top earning home businesses

High ticket commissions let you earn more per sale than a standard product. If you choose to sell items valued at $100, for example at a 40% commission rate you will earn $40 per sale. If you choose to sell items for $1000 on the other hand you can earn $400 per sale for the same commission rate. Often the same or a similar amount of work is involved too. In addition, high ticket products let you offset advertising costs more easily and make it easier to scale up to the higher salaries. Top earning home businesses use high ticket products for this reason.


In addition to selling high ticket and subscription products, by choosing products which pay affilaites for later sales, you can earn again on previous sales. Up-selling is the ‘art’ of selling to existing customers. “Do you want fries with that?” “Do you want to ‘supersize’ that”? Two of the largest chains in the fast food industry know the value of the ‘upsell’. Up-selling means you can offer more value to existing customers.

Much like with subscriptions, up-selling also capitalizes on the lifetime calue of a customer. Instead of forever looking for new customers, having repeat custom from loyal customers can save you thousands in advertising. Most stores (especially locally) value their customers because of their lifetime value. By using the right strategy, top earning home businesses can earn from repeat custom aswell as growing a larger customer base.

Multi-Tier Sales

Top earning home businesses also pay you for the results you create over the long term. Depending on your position in a business model, by building a team you can earn another income stream from their sales. Multi-tier sales works much like multi-level marketing. In multi-level marketing you build a huge team and benefit from the sales made by your team. Even years after building your team you can still earn income from sales they make. Multi-tier sales is another way to earn from affiliate marketing with the right model. Top earning businesses position themselves at the top of a sales system in order to benefit from this kind of commission.

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Top Earning Home Businesses – Scaling Up

top earning home businesses

Just by joining a top earning home business doesn’t guarantee you will be a success. You still need to learn the correct strategies and mindsets. A proven system won’t work for everyone because not everyone is equipped to be self employed and not everyone is entrepreneurial. However this business system breaks down all the steps required to build a successful online business from scratch.

Included is a step by step modular based system with a push and play website, built in ready made sales funnel and a range of high ticket products you can sell for high ticket commissions. You can also access a community of online entrepreneurs who are accessible should you need any assistance.

Once your system is set up you need to advertise and then scale up. You can access my free ebook The Ultimate Guide To Online Marketing which I have written deliberately to help with this process. Setting up a single advert is no guarantee of a sale. You must test and measure your advertising. Once you have found a successful strategy you can scale up by increasing your daily budget. This is how top earning businesses make large profits. They scale up their advertising once it has proved itself to be profitable. The ‘work’ is in the testing and measuring before hand.

Get started with your own online business here by following this free video series.

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