Top 10 reasons why now is the best time to start your own internet business

For many the thought of starting down a new career path fills them with dread. Especially later in life when their path seems to have been set. Will it work? What is involved? Can I make it work? Will it support my family? Am I capable of doing it? These are just a few questions which might spring up when looking to the internet as a means of income.

The internet offers a relatively recent opportunity to work at your own pace, from a laptop, and build a long term viable income which can grow substantially as you develop your new skills. Almost anyone can learn how to turn their spare time into a solid income source, given the time necessary to learn and implement the techniques.

Here are my top 10 reasons why now is the best time for anyone to start building their own internet business from scratch and develop it into a solid income which continues to grow over time.

  1. Technology – Technology has made things easier. From emails to website building services, almost anyone can now build a website for themselves given a user friendly program. This same technology allows people to build blogs, automate emails, and advertise to a global audience. This opportunity was never available until a few years ago and now it is becoming much more user friendly and simple to implement. Anyone can learn how to use theses systems to sell digital products, even if they don’t themselves own the products or understand how to do it yet.
  2. Global reach - The internet allows anyone to have an instant global reach. Write a blog and anyone globally with an internet connection and a mobile phone can now access it. This doesn’t mean that they will access your blog of course but the technology exists to allow it to happen! Advertising platforms such as Google Adwords, Facebook and Youtube now also enable anyone with an advertising platform to target and advertise to a specific global audience.globe
  3. Instant downloadable information – People now spend much of their time on the internet and it has become a market leader in terms of where people spend their money. Information products can be instantly bought and received. Membership websites are a perfect example of this and the products can be bought and delivered instantly to an almost infinite amount of people and at the same time. Compare this with the limitations of the traditional ‘brick and mortar’ shops with a till and service point (and a queue) and you can see that this is the future. The ability to sell products online without even being present during the point of sale automates much of the online sales process.
  4. Leverage – The ability to sell products through an automated sales platform on virtual autopilot 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, throughout the year, gives you a huge amount of leverage. It leverages your time through automation unlike in a traditional job where you are paid hourly. You can also use advertising to run continuously and automatically, creating sales and making money.
  5. Flexibility - The automation with an internet business allows a greater amount of flexibility than a traditional job. You can work on your internet business wherever you are from anywhere in the world given an laptop and internet connection. You can choose your own hours and work around existing obligations or preferences. This makes an internet business viable for almost anyone who wants one. More flexibility allows you to: choose what size of business you want and work around another job part time, go full time once it is generating more income than your current job, use it to allow you to pursue other dreams and goals or spend more time with friends and family.
  6. The Growing Digital Economy - Statistics show that the amount of purchases made over the internet is growing. The graph below shows the Purchases made over the Internet in the last 12 months, % of 16+ population, Great Britain, economy statsSource: Office for National Statistics. This graph shows the growing trend in online spending over the last few years. If you have a physical store without a digital platform you may want to consider expanding your sales to include the growing trend of online shoppers. This trend is also likely to spell the slow demise of many jobs in retail industries and beyond. stats online shoppers
  7. Growing automation - Similarly to the growing trend in the digital economy, automation is taking over many industrial sectors. Just look at the automatic tills at supermarkets as an example.Less than 5 years ago there were a handful of cashiers to scan your goods on the way out. Now there is an army of automatic tills and far fewer staff.  Whatever can be automated to make industries work more efficiently (and of course more cheaply) will be done in the future. Owning an internet business based on this growing trend will help future-proof your career.
  8. The growing trend in ‘portfolio’ careers - There’s no such thing as a ‘job for life’ anymore and there’s a growing trend in ‘self-employed’ positions or multiple careers. This is great for employers who don’t have to offer holiday pay, sickness benefits, maternity or justify laying people off. It also means you are no longer reliant on one employer and must be slightly more self sufficient. The internet offers anyone with a laptop and internet connection the ability to make money outside of a job and without a boss. This is great news for anyone looking for a portfolio career.
  9. Accessible online training – Training courses now offer communities of like minded people who can help and encourage each other to learn and implement their new online skills. Recently companies like the SFM have allowed the learning of tools, systems and procedures to be available to anyone. Cutting edge one click websites, automated affiliate banners and other software which has made owning and operating an internet business much more viable for the ‘technophobe’, is now readily available. Before, learning how to operate an internet business was a much more difficult process.
  10. Improving your lifestyle - There’s nothing quite as rewarding as learning new skills and then being able to pass them on. But what if those skills can change your life for the better, allow you to change your circumstances and live a happier and more joy filled life? Improving your lifestyle is something most people aspire to do at some point in their lives. If you haven’t already decided that things are just set the way they are and this is just your ‘lot’ in life, there’s still time to make positive and lasting change for the better for you and those in your life.

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