How to keep writing quality, inspiring blogs

If you’re a blogger writing about your chosen topic, it can be a challenge to keep coming up with inspiring and inspirational material for your readers. Here are a few tips to keep you moving your online business forwards:

1. Keep learning. You can’t keep creating fresh and inspiring content unless you are fresh and inspiring yourself and the way to do this is to keep up with your own personal and professional development within your field.

2. Subscribe to other experts in your field. If you find a number of professionals in your field and subscribe to their email list, you will keep getting their news, information and inspiring emails to your inbox. This then can be used to generate enthusiasm and give you ideas for your own blogs. I subscribe to a number of interesting blogs and ‘experts’.


3. Keep reading. Read other posts and blogs on your topic and follow other bloggers. You will often find book recommendations by doing this and purchasing the books is just click  away on Amazon!! If you can keep up with your reading list you will have an endless supply of blogging ideas constantly flowing.

4. Know your target audience and write as if you are addressing them personally. If you can niche down and get very specific about your best target audience, you will be better equipped to write to that specific group of individuals. Try and find the exact demographics, interests, age, hobbies and specific niche that your target market might fall into. Know how they think!

5. Write about things you are passionate about. There is nothing worse than reading a ‘dry’ lifeless post which has just been thrown out there without much thought or interest. You readers want to feel your passion. If you’re not passionate then they won’t be either!

6. Read through your posts a couple of times after completing it. This is a ‘must do’ which allows you to make sense of your post, change any problems in it and of course correct any spelling mistakes. Nothing looks quite as bad as an article which is full of spelling errors. I get a daily email from an entrepreneur whose content is awesome but it is always littered with bad punctuation and spelling errors. I know this isn’t a major deal for most people but it looks amateurish and better punctuation and spelling builds a better customer experience and more credibility in your ‘brand’.

7. Encourage comments with your writing and try to build discussion into your posts. This is something I never used to do but it again builds more credibility into your blog and also shows Google that you are engaging others in your blog which helps to make you more of an authority in their eyes. (Thoughts on this below please!).

8. Keep offering value. Give your readers something they can use themselves which adds value to their lives. As bloggers we write content to bring people to our blogs and than as a pay-off we can offer our products and services. However don’t put the cart before the horse. Give people more in use value than you are asking in return. I bought one of my first online products after I had received much more value from a series of instructional videos which helped me to get started online. After having built trust by giving value, people are much more likely to buy from you knowing that they already have had their moneys worth!

This free video course in building an online business is a perfect example of this. Check it out here.


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