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Are you looking for things to sell from home? There is a growing trend of work from home businesses as people are taking the initiative and looking for alternate means of income and a more flexible lifestyle. Several years ago I began selling items from my bedroom on the auction site e-bay. This is something everyone with an account can do and earn a little extra money from home. I progressed to finding bargains at car boot sales, pound shops and then charity shops and listing them on e-bay in the hope of making a profit.

This worked for part of the time, however it was when I was spending time trawling the shops looking for bargains and waiting in line at the post office in order to weigh my items, I realized that there should be a more efficient way to find things to sell from home. If I could sell items over and over again which could be accessed online, I wouldn’t need to do all the running about. I looked into a few money online businesses and bought a few from e-bay.

I became interested in membership websites and affiliate products. These kind of items were easily accessible from the internet and could be accessed anywhere, at any time. I purchased a few memberships to ‘earn online’ business opportunities and learned the basics of what they taught. In short, affiliate marketing is simply selling other people’s products for a commission. I liked the idea of being able to just work on my laptop and not have to do any face-to-face selling. I didn’t want my front room to be a store room for my left over e-bay bargains which didn’t sell.

I had some small successes with my affiliate marketing and learned a lot, however time was passing me by and so was life! I wasn’t earning the sort of money I really thought was possible with an internet business. I had done several online courses which promised a lot but delivered very little. I kept jumping from one ‘opportunity’ to the next – like a magpie looking for the next shiny thing. I came to realize that this was part of the problem. Setting a plan and focusing on simple achievable goals was what I had to do. The internet is a wash with all these programs promising instant push button money. The truth is very different. It takes time and perseverance.

In 2014 I joined a company called the Six Figure Mentors and shortly after I made two £500 commissions – the most I had ever made at one sitting with my internet efforts. I am not saying this came easy. I certainly didn’t. I had to work and learn and struggle for a while. But the feeling that came with these online sales was amazing! I had proof that it could be done. Making money didn’t have to be a struggle – which is what my ‘programming’ had always professed.

With Jay Kubassek on Momentum day
Me with Jay Kubassek at an SFM meeting


It wasn’t plain sailing after that of course either. This is a business, and like any business it takes time and perseverance to make it work. If you have a entrepreneurial streak and are willing to work hard and persevere with an online business, Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek my mentors are the people who can make it happen for you. They have created a community of like minded entrepreneurs who are all willing to help each other succeed in this marketplace.

stu and jay
Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek


If you are looking for things to sell from home I couldn’t recommend enough selling digital products because they are already made and waiting for buyers to find them. What you must do as an affiliate is put yourself between the buyers and the product. Jay and Stuart will show you exactly how you can do this in a systematic way which has a proven success story and a number of successful entrepreneurs in their wake. Will you be the next one?

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