The Ultimate Sales Machine

Looking for The Ultimate Sales Machine? The internet is the ultimate sales machine. Never before in history has such a technology been available to anyone. With the internet, anyone can now reach a global audience and sell digital products through automated platforms which can run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, on autopilot. See autopilot money making system.

Better still, the internet can be used to target people down to their postcode and interests. You can use re-targeting to ‘follow’ people on the internet who have already showed an interest in your website. You can create a sales machine which when you pay $1 it pays out $2. This is the position which most online marketers strive to be in.

Once you have created a paid for advert online which consistently pays out twice what you spend, you have The Ultimate Sales Machine. Simply turn up the daily budget on this advert for instant cash flow. Then add 5 more strategies which do the same!

The Ultimate Sales Machine PDF

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The Ultimate Sales Machine PDF


So how can you take advantage of the internet to make it work for you? The internet allows anyone to become an affiliate marketer. Affiliates basically sell other people’s products on the internet. Any product available online can often be sold by anyone else, providing it has an affiliate program.

One of the biggest affiliate websites on the internet is Amazon. Amazon allow affiliates to promote their products. In return, when a sales goes through from an affiliate, they earn a small commission. By setting up many online connections to various products and services, affiliates can eventually earn passively from multiple sources.

The Ultimate Sales Machine PDF

The Ultimate Sales Machine PDF

Affiliate marketing isn’t the only way people use the internet to make money. If you have a small business you can use the internet in order to grow your business. This can be done with direct response marketing. Direct response marketing is used by many businesses to grow their online presence. It is a very effective form of advertising if done right.

Direct Response.

Direct response marketing is exactly that. There is a direct response from each of your adverts. Either your potential customer clicks on your advert, or they don’t. They either ‘opt-in’ to your email list, or they don’t. Each response to an advert can be measured. Because of this you can create more and more effective advertising over time by testing and measuring.

Elements of Direct Response Advertising

A direct response advertising campaign starts with an advert. With pay per click advertising, you only pay for each click you receive. This means you can start your campaign targeting very specifically the people who you want to attract to your business, through the use of targeted keywords. When a customer types your keywords into a search engine (like Google), your advert shows up.

Geographical Location

You can also target specific areas if you have a local business. This is very useful as it means you won’t waste money advertising to people outside of your catchment area.

Age Range

With some advertising platforms you can also target people according to their age. Again, a useful tactic to getting more specific with your audience. The more specific you can get, the less money you will waste on those people who are less likely to buy from you.


Your advert is very important because it tells visitors and prospective customers what to expect when they land on your website. If you don’t get this right you could be paying for people to come to your website who don’t actually want your products or services.

Cross Testing

By cross testing multiple adverts with slightly different images, copy or headlines, you can choose the most effective advert over a certain number of clicks. One advert will clearly dominate over the other as the best performing advert. By cross testing your adverts with similar ones, over time you can get a good match for the best performing advert.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are similarly important. The keywords, advert copy and landing page should all match up well. If your visitors land on your website and don’t want your service, you have wasted money getting them there.

There are various other elements of creating an online advertising campaign. Ideally you should also capture your visitors email. This gives you more chances of communicating your business message to them. If they only land on your website, you only have a short time to sell them your product or service. If you capture their email, you can build a relationship over a longer time period.

The Ultimate Sales Machine - Scaling Up

Once you have a profitable advertising campaign, you can scale it up. Remember, getting people into your ‘sales funnel’ is more important than trying to sell from your website. If you do this each prospect remains a prospect for as long as they are on your email list. Visitors to your site might only spend a few minutes there, and they may never return.

You need to see the long term picture and your return on investment before you will know whether a campaign is profitable or not. Don’t assume because you don’t instantly make a sale that your campaign isn’t working.

Once this model is working you can simply increase your daily budget. After that there is very little to do. Simply let your advertising campaign run, ‘tweeking’ it over time to increase performance.

Now you can concentrate on another advertising method. There are many available online:

  • Adwords (Google pay per click)
  • Facebook
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • Retargeting

You can also use the same method for traditional offline advertising too. Test and measure until your campaign is proving itself profitable. Then scale up slowly.

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The Ultimate Sales Machine PDF

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