The Ultimate Sales Machine PDF

The ultimate sales machine pdf can be downloaded here. What is the ultimate sales machine? I’m going out on a limb and saying that the ultimate sales machine is the internet. The internet is the ultimate sales machine. Why? Because anyone with a laptop and internet connection has access to a global audience through the internet. Why is that so great? For most people this doesn’t offer them any opportunity unless they know of a clever business model known as affiliate marketing.

For a long time I studied online marketing. What set me on this ‘quest’ was a simple idea.

The Ultimate Sales Machine PDF

the ultimate sales machine pdf

You can download this full article “The Ultimate Sales Machine PDF” here. So, back to my ‘quest’. I worked in the film industry and found that I was not working more than I was working. So I used this time to learn about online marketing. I wanted to make an income from the internet. I started out with ebay back in the day when you had a ‘dial up’ internet connection.

Before high speed internet connection you used to have to dial up to the internet, like dialing a phone number. This often cut out at the worst times – often when you were about to put a bid in on an ebay item which was seconds from finishing! I used ebay to sell items from my house at first and then moved on to second hand items which I found at charity shops and car boot sales.

This got tiring eventually but at first was a bit of a novelty. I progressed on to other methods of finding bargains to sell on. I share a successful method I used in my article how to start a profitable ebay business.

It wasn’t this business model which was to lead me to the ultimate sales machine. It was the method I found it which I found particularly exciting. I found this business strategy in an ebook I bought from ebay. It was the manner in which I bought the ebook which lit a ‘lightbulb’ moment in me which never went out!

I bought a ‘homemade’ product which could be instantly downloaded. This was an automated income for the seller. Once they had created the ebook, they simply sold it again and again digitally over the internet In this case it was ebay, but in fact they could sell it anywhere online.

The Ultimate Sales Machine PDF – So What?

So for several years I attempted to replicate this online selling strategy. I was sold (pun intended) on the idea of selling products over the internet on autopilot – see autopilot income system. However, before I could devise the ultimate sales machine I spent years attempting to do so and failing. I had nothing to sell so I started creating small ebooks about the film industry and basically anything I knew about – which wasn’t much!

I joined various online business programs and learned how to create sales pages, offer downloadable products and get them on the internet. The main problem was I didn’t know how to do marketing. So I went on a marketing course. I wrote another ebook based on what I had learned. Check it out here.

the ultimate sales machine pdf

I spent a long time creating content and trying to get website traffic for free – a very frustrating pursuit! My first success came from promoting someone else’s product. All I had to do was set up a website and use paid advertising to send website traffic directly to a landing page.

From there, I collected my subscribers emails and sent them a series of emails promoting this guy’s online business course. It worked! And it was a very simple strategy. Unfortunately, I got my Adwords account banned and I was shut down. But it was the first time I had seen online sales coming in on ‘autopilot’. Day after day sales came in and I was notified of them in my email inbox. The disappointment of having my account banned got to me though and I fell into a lull.

the ultimate sales machine pdf

The Ultimate Sales Machine PDF – Focus On What Works

My fastest success had been paid advertising. Why I didn’t stick with the strategy which worked I don’t know. I didn’t have much money so that was probably the main reason. Instead I got involved with another online course. Perhaps I just liked the learning and got ‘stuck’ in learning mode, but it was a long time before I picked myself up and started again.

When I did I started creating content for Google and attempted to rank my content on the search engines and get free traffic. This has some benefits and some problems. For starters, Google is pretty picky. You can rank long tail keyword articles sometimes, but not always. It depends on your content but also on how much competition is out there. But it’s a very hit and miss strategy. If you’re looking to start an online business I wouldn’t recommend it. It just takes too long. Unless you really enjoy creating content, I’d say avoid it like the plague!

I had some success with this method too. I sold the odd product online. Affiliate marketing lets anyone join an affiliate program and promote someone else’s product on the internet. What you really need to learn is marketing. Marketing is the bridge between customer and product. Unless you get customers to your affiliate products, you’ll never make any money on the internet.

The Ultimate Sales Machine PDF – The Right Products

After failure after failure online and jumping from one strategy to another, I thought of throwing the towel in several times. One strategy taught keyword research and used Google Adsense – placing adverts on your content and ranking on the search engines. Then another strategy would use paid advertising and affiliate marketing (other people’s products).

the ultimate sales machine pdf

I never stuck to anything long enough to really make any money for a while. Just as things started getting going, I was distracted by the next best thing. There was always another ‘shiny object’ which promised more than the last! I became disillusioned with the internet business idea and nearly gave up. Time after time I saw videos telling me how much money I could make online. I knew that it wasn’t the full story and stopped listening.

Another one of these ‘guru’s’ who was less salesy than the usual popped up and had an ‘ethos’ in the message. I jumped in again and decided to ’empty my cup’. I clicked the link to a video series and from there joined the program. It was to prove a good decision.

The Ultimate Sales Machine PDF – Products

Doing everything by yourself, as it turns out, isn’t a great strategy when it comes to success. Eventually you need some help. I was attempting to do something by myself which I knew nothing about. It’s not a surprise now that I was having so many problems.

Focus is probably the most important factor in making an online business work. Focusing on the right activities and knowing what they are! I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I was struggling in the dark for years and only stayed with the online business idea because I didn’t know what else I could do.

My initial idea of the automated ebook was just the tip of the iceberg, as I found out. Here I found a community of online entrepreneurs, doing things in a much more organised way that I had been!

An ebook only gives you a single sale. Even if you make the ebook yourself, you still only get a small profit. That’s because you can’t sell an ebook for more than the price of a few drinks at best. If you have a product range, including international meetings and trainings, you can earn a lot more – even if you only make a percentage as an affiliate.

A product suite and online paid-for advertising are the keys to online success. I was wasting so much time; trying to do everything by myself, trying to sell the wrong kinds of products, trying to rank on Google. I learned a lot about mindset and also how to use the right business model.

Subscriptions, High Ticket & Up-Sells

the ultimate sales machine pdf

What are the ‘right products’? If you have a nice untapped ‘niche’ online, you can make a good income in any area. You can rank a website on Google in an unknown and uncapitalised niche. The difficulty then comes with creating products which offer enough value to earn a living from.

If you are in a competitive niche, it’s much harder to rank content on Google. However, if you start out with a product range which builds on itself and has:

  • High ticket items
  • A range of up-sells – products to sell to existing customers
  • Subscription products

you have a much better business model to start ut with. This means you can focus solely on paid advertising. If you’re fed up with creating content which nobody sees, this is the strategy you should be focusing on! If you’ve not had any positive results in your online business, you need to see this business system and decide for yourself.

Having access to online business owners who are succeeding online makes all the difference. It’s a lot harder to fail when you are being held accountable for your actions and when others support you and help you. Going it alone is not recommended!

Access an online business community and join the various groups available to help you succeed online.

You can download this full article ” The Ultimate Sales Machine PDF” here.

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